The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Vol 7 (MTL) – Chapter 1

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Translated by deepl (MTL)

Episode 01 “Parenthood

The Academy in the Republic of Althea is entering its third term.

It is still the cold season, so it gets dark after school.

After school, there are no club activities so the students leave the classrooms and go home. All that remained were the classrooms and some of the students.

There, I took Marië to the room in the student guidance room of the college.

Waiting for us there was Mr. Kleiman.

He was a huge, muscular, Nice guy with a sisterly accent and a tight shirt.

He might have a thick beard, even if he shaved it off he still had a bit of a blue tint.

If you don’t look at him, he’s a gentle teacher.

Excuse me. Is it just Clayman-sensei? Is it just Clayman-sensei?

I greeted Mr. Clayman without fear and walked into the room, while Marië gave a disgusted look because she didn’t see the person she was looking for.

Kleiman sat in his chair with his arms crossed.

“Lelia-sama isn’t here yet, yo

The stern teacher was using a sisterly accent, someone with a deep personality.

Mariël and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and sat down on the chairs we had prepared.

We had nothing to do but talk to Ms. Kleinman to pass the time.

I didn’t know you were a Knight of the House of Respinas,” I said.

I sparked a conversation that made Clayman-sensei look nostalgic.

Lord Noelle may have forgotten. It’s a shame, but we were both five years old when we parted. It can’t be helped.

Mariël slumped down on the table and went limp.

After all, you’re a very individual person, so it’s not surprising that you don’t remember. So, what will you do next, Miss Kleinman?

Mr. Kleinman did not hesitate in his assertion.

I’ll take care of Lelia. Noelle-sama – I’m sure I’ll be fine with Lyon, right? Why you? You’re the guardian of the sacred tree.

Guardian is the title given by the sacred tree to the highest ranking herald.

It gives the sacred tree the judgement of the person who is fit to guard it.

What was the reason for choosing me for the sapling I received?

Originally, it would have been one of the second part of the raid that would have been chosen as a guardian – a link to Noelle.

Thanks to this, my plans had gone awry.

When I looked at the clock in the room, it was already past the appointed time.

Lelia Beltré – no, nowadays it was [Lelia Gil Respinas] – who was supposed to discuss future matters.

It was supposed to be to talk to the fellow woman who had been reborn to the Republic.

“That Lelia guy is late?

Seeing me look unsettled, Ms. Kleiman felt very sorry.

I’m sorry. Lelia-sama is also very busy. A lot has happened in the Republic, too, and she’s been recognized as an orphan of Lesbinas. It’s hard to make time for a conversation like this between two people.

Lelia, who was reborn as Noelle’s twin sister, was once a survivor of Respinas, a great nobleman. As this was known, she seemed to be very busy nowadays.

Mariël got impatient.

“I’m busy too! I have to prepare dinner! If this goes on, Julius will take it upon himself to prepare kebabs again. I’ve had kebabs before, and I’m getting tired of them!

As soon as he had the chance, Julius went about preparing the barbecue under the guise of preparing dinner.

Not once or twice.

The guy was already a picky eater who wanted to eat kebabs every day, which Marië and I found bothersome.

He would prepare dinner and clean up after himself.

Rather, touching Urius’ props without permission would rather piss him off.

Compared to the old days when he didn’t do anything around the house, he’s very sensible.

But – I don’t like eating kebabs every day either.

Mr. Kleiman thanked Marië, even though it bothered him too.

“I’m very sorry. Lately, because of Emile, Lelia has been going out more.

As soon as Emile’s name was mentioned, Mariël sighed.

“Emile again? No, it can’t be helped since he’s the fiance after all~

Emil – [Emil Raz Pleafon], is Lelia’s fiancé. The game’s ending will not be over if Emil is chosen, even if the game fails.

Therefore, Emil is called “An” by the players.

What a cruel pair.

As he waited while talking to Mr. Clayman, footsteps came.

The door was opened slightly roughly and there stood Lelia, whose breathing was slightly disordered.

Her hair was in a side ponytail like Noelle’s, and her hair was loosely straight.

Her hair colour is a deep pink and she has sharp eyes unlike Noelle, who has a softer vibe.

Since they are twin sisters, they look very similar – but Lelia is slightly different (?). Compared to Noelle, her breasts are smaller. Accordingly, Lelia’s body type is much slimmer.

Beside Lelia floats a sphere of a different colour to Luxion. With a blue sphere body and red single eye, Ethiar.

Upon seeing this side, the red single eye swung vertically, looking as if it were greeting.

Lelia held our gaze for a moment before turning her attention to Miss Clayman.

“I’m sorry, but the conversation is going to be cancelled, oh. Clayman, Emile’s car is at the door, it’s coming to pick me up, so come too.

“Lord Lelia? I don’t think there are any plans for today, are there?

Miss Kleinman, who seemed to be Lelia’s secretary, managed the daily schedule. Is there a schedule that even Miss Kleinman doesn’t know about?

Mariël got up from her chair and pointed at Lélia.

“Don’t ignore us! We have a lot to talk to you about!

I should say there was a lot to talk about.

About the future of the Republic of Althea, the stage for the second part.

Then there was the matter of Noael, the matter of the men who were the object of the raid.

–And now, most importantly, about Serge, one of the men whose whereabouts are unknown.

The House of Laurut, one of the six noble houses.

The whereabouts of Serge, once his first son, are unknown.

There was clearly a lot to discuss about the future, but Lelia seemed to have made plans and stopped.

Probably because her own plans had been disrupted, she looked very upset.

We have things to do, too! Because Emile wanted me to attend anyway please I-

Lelia’s eyes, who was looking for an excuse, looked at Ethial.

Ethial looked at me. No – looked at Luxion who was hiding near me.

‘I am very sorry. In order to protect Lelia-sama’s social status, this time I could not shirk it in any way. Can you understand that?’

Lelia’s social status. That means that it is necessary to protect her position in this world, and I can’t argue strongly with that.

After all, everyone has to live.

Sacrifice for the peace of the world! –There are very few people who can accept being told that.

Also, Mariël and I are mostly like that.

We couldn’t blame Lelia, so we had no choice but to accept it.

“Next time we’ll find a place where we can talk it over.

I barked, “A must! I was sure of it.

“Next time we’ll find a suitable place. –Well, Lelia. Lord Emil is still waiting.

Itrial said so, and Lelia reluctantly obeyed.

It did not seem to be Lelia’s intention to see that look, either.

Her eyes looked outside and she made a long story short.

“I’m leaving, so you guys have a good time finding Serge, too.

With her left arm crossed, Marië raised her right hand in a gesture of hurrying away.

“I know, go to Emile’s.

After Lelia left, Mr. Kleiman apologized to us.

That was it, we couldn’t talk to Lelia today.

We lived a non-negotiable day at this pace.

In order to return to the house, I took a train with Marië.

We were the only two passengers, and because it was dark outside, the car was lit up.

It was already evening.

Mari Ai was sulking because of what happened to Lelia. There was a part of her that had to be accepted, but she still showed her displeasure with it.

“Why do we have to be ordered around by her! After all, it’s Lelia who wants to be with Serge, isn’t it? We’re not maids!

It can’t be helped. It’s all about saving face over there, isn’t it?

“I understand that.

Face is something that should not be underestimated, and although there are many things that are underestimated in the story, they are important.

The main characters in the story aside, it’s hard for ordinary dragons like us to ignore it and live.

It was the same in a previous life, but this world is even more backward in terms of civilisation than the one before it.

It’s more of a world where you can’t ignore the face.

“Aren’t you angry, big brother?

“It’s true that I’m angry, but I’m more mature than you, so I don’t show it on my face. More than that, it’s clear that Luxion is searching, but no one can be found, why is that?

Luxion – as well as Ethial – were searching for Serge, but by the time the third term had started some time later there was still no sign of finding him.

Lucución hid his posture and joined our conversation.

“I think he has gone abroad or is lurking under our noses”.

It would be a problem if he escaped abroad.

But it’s also a problem to escape Luxion and his men lurking in plain sight.

Serge – in the game – is a wild young man who longs to be an adventurer. Speaking of wild sounds fine, but I see him as a rude b*stard.

Although adopted as an adopted son by the Laurut family, a divide has developed between the families.

In the game, the final boss is Mr. Alberuk, who is the head of the Laurut family and has a distrust of such a righteous father, thus assisting the main character.

–This is how Serge acts in the game, but it looks a little different to me.

Mr. Alberuk doesn’t even look like the final boss, he’s the one person of the six nobles who can be trusted the most.

Plus, the Laurut family is planning to accept Serge. It would be a different story if they sulked in a place I didn’t know about, but that was highly unlikely.

After hearing Miss Louise’s words, it is not possible to say that Serge is not at fault.

Who was right and who was wrong, but where was the cause of the disagreement?

“Why do you want your family to hate him so much?

Mariël became interested in what I was muttering.

“What are you talking about?

“It’s about Serge. I could understand if Mr. Arbeluk was a bad man and he was twisted because of it. But he’s Mr. Arbeluk, isn’t he? He seems to me to be a very friendly man.

It’s not very reliable by Big Brother standards, but it’s strange. He feels too aggressive. And he’s so strong in the game in terms of fighting, but he’s gone after one punch from Big Brother.

“Hey, how low is your opinion of me? Have you ever thought about how hard we poor noble men work?

But it was a lot of hard work at the academy, with blood and tears.

Every month there was an event where you had to give gifts to girls.

The men of the poor aristocracy earned their fees by taking on the maze.

The labyrinth is more dangerous the deeper you go, but the amount you get becomes more.

For this, the men of the poor nobility collaborate with each other to challenge the dangerous mazes to earn money.

All for the sake of marriage! And for that – it was a real bloodbath of effort.

Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

She wiped her tears with her sleeve, but Mariël was not interested.

“But girls sell the gifts they receive to pawn shops.

I knew that fact, and I had shed tears with my friends several times. In short, I’m not like Serge, I’m not an adventurer playing around!

It’s not a joke. I’m trying to save face and live for the wedding!

–My reason for trying was too cruel and heartless.

Marië seemed less interested in my words than in my actions, and took pity on Serge.

“Even so, isn’t it cruel to be knocked down with a punch? A man’s pride can be a real problem if it’s broken. Anyway, he’s a creature with a lot of pride.

“Don’t you talk to me about men.

“Huh? I know more than you do. I know more about men than you do, because of their strange self-esteem.

Marië hadn’t forgotten about being cheated on by a man like that, had she?

I laughed at Mari Ai’s backhanded remark.

Probably annoyed by this, she glared at me.


“Nothing. I was thinking that it’s amazing that a woman who thinks she knows a lot about men, but has been hurt by them, can still make that kind of comment.

“Shut up, you scum!

“I’m going to cut your living expenses.

Feeling that the argument with Mari-Ai was becoming troublesome, I resorted to the final resort, the topic of living expenses.

Mari-Ai fell to her knees in a moment of weakness.

“My clever, brave and brilliant brother! Please don’t cut my living expenses! Please – I can’t really live. I don’t want Kyle and Carla to get lost in the streets! Help me, Onii-chan!

Anyway, I’m not good at asking people for help either.

And, forget about Mari-Ai for a second – I wanted to avoid getting Kyle and Carla into trouble.

The five idiots? Because that guy’s tough, and he can live as he pleases anyway, regardless.

“You have to understand where you stand to do that.

Hmph, after laughing a little like that, Mari Ai gave a “What’s the matter?” look of resignation.

Luxion, who was looking at our conversation, made the same reaction as usual.

“As usual, Master is too gentle with Marië

“I’m basically a gentle person to everyone.

“A gentle person doesn’t break the pride of a defeated enemy. Sergi must have hated the Master.

“It’s the fault of the person who lost to me.

It’s a great thing to say with my power. Don’t you think it’s despicable?

“No, I don’t. Besides, who said that? It’s a compliment to say it’s mean, isn’t it?

“If the Master says it, it’ll be too much for the others.

“I’m so gentle!

Marië seemed to be saying, “What are these two guys talking about? But she ignored it.

The train arrived at a stop near our house, so we got off.

The house used by the Republic of Althea was a very luxurious house.

I lived there with Marië and others.

There was not much time left for studying abroad, and it would be troublesome to go and live separately.

As soon as we entered the house, we found Miss Umelia hurrying to our place.

“Welcome back, Lyonda… aaah!

Probably in too much of a hurry, she fell and made a head-sliding motion on the floor in front of us. (Fish: too hard, rough flip)

Face on the floor, looks like it hurts.

“No, is everything okay?

I asked her worriedly, then tears flowed from Miss Umelia’s eyes as her face was red and swollen.

“I, I’m not wrecked

The lovely Yumelia, who had bitten the end of her sentence, was a small female elf with huge breasts.

She looks young, looks the same age as us, but is the mother of a child.

The long ears that are characteristic of elves can be seen in the long straight green hair. A natural person with gentle yellow pupils and slightly risqué – a healing beauty. No, a beauty.

“Don’t be in a hurry, it’s okay.

I said so gently, to which Miss Umeria thanked me. However, Mariël beside me said, “Tsk! She’s so enchanted,” she said.

What’s wrong with being charmed?

While the noise was going on at the door, another maid arrived – a beautiful woman with glasses, sent from Anjou’s home.

It was Miss Cordelia.

“Welcome back, Lord Count.

“- I’m back.

However, this one, unlike Miss Umelia, was in a real working relationship.

Perhaps it was because Miss Cordelia didn’t like me very much, her attitude was indifferent to me.

Returning from outside, Marië took off her coat and swung her neck to confirm her surroundings.

“Huh, where’s Kyle?

A little concerned since the beautiful half-blood elf girl who usually came out to greet him was not there.

Miss Yumelia, hands over her nose, answered.

“If he is, I think he’s in the warehouse out back

In the warehouse at the back of the mansion. There was a mecha on one knee.

It was a power suit, a human-type weapon that could fly in the sky.

The one that was transported into the mansion was the mecha that Julius and the others had used before.

This also included Arroganz.

Since arriving in the Republic of Althea, the one who had been caught up in the fighting on several occasions – no, it was Lyon who had started the fighting – but had recently brought the mech armour back to the mansion for defensive purposes.

It was also evidence of a sense of crisis about the status quo.

However, there was a teenager standing in front of the mecha.

It was the half-blood elf Kyle.

With short blonde hair with a special fetish and the same long thin ears as his mother, Yumelia.

The beautiful boy had all the features of an elf in his appearance.

However, Kyle is of mixed elf and human blood.

Although still young, he was hired by Marië and does not have a home in his homeland because of his position as a half-blood elf.

In front of Arroganz, who was on one knee, Kyle set about climbing.

At that moment, there was the sound of Luxion opening the warehouse gates.

“It’s useless!


Kyle turned around in a panic, in a cold sweat, frightened by the Luxion who had been behind him at some point. It was as embarrassing as seeing a child who had done something wrong.

“I didn’t do anything!

“Liar. You were going to take the Arroganz!

Behind Luxion, who instantly saw through Kyle’s lie, were Leon and Marië – and, for that matter, his mother, Eumelia and Cordelia.

Lyon looked at Kyle and smiled.

“What the hell, you’re a boy too. Are you trying to drive Arroganz?

Lyon, who was smiling, could see his intention to tease Kyle.

However, Mariël had a look of incomprehension on her face.

“Men are so stupid. Is it so much fun to drive a robot?

His master, Mariël, appeared and Kyle straightened his posture in a slight panic.

“Welcome back, master.

“I’m back. More than that, if you want to drive one, just talk to Big – please talk to Leon.

Marië seemed unlikely to blame Kyle for his behaviour.

Lyon was the same, to which he caught

“I can’t believe you want to drive Arroganz you have a real eye for it. Do you want a ride?

I could have let him sit once if I had asked, but Kyle was not forthcoming with his request.

“I don’t really want to.

But someone couldn’t stand Kyle’s attitude – it was Cordelia, who had a stern expression.

“For knights, and for nobles, machine armour is a very important fighting prop. Such things are not allowed to be touched by servants at will without reason. You are ready to realise that, aren’t you?

Awareness – Kyle didn’t have that kind of thing.

Kyle was smart enough to calculate that Lyon and Marië would not be angry if he touched the mech to such an extent.

In fact, Rion didn’t look angry, he was still smiling.

“I’m not going to draw my sword for doing this. I’m not going to pull out my sword for doing that. It’ll make you feel better to let Kyle sit for a while, won’t it? Luxion, open the hatch.

Cordelia seemed to close her mouth with a look of displeasure at the permitted Lyon.

Judgemental to the point of not being able to keep interrupting, I guess.

Kyle was amused by Lyon’s words, but did not make a face. Probably because it was very winning – Kyle was twisted, after all, and would unconsciously say things that annoyed people.

“I wouldn’t say you’re not allowed to sit down either

Mariël then sensed Kyle’s mood and said to Lyon “Let him have a seat” please.

But – this time it was Luxion who shouted to stop.

‘I refuse’

“- Hey?

Luxion’s strong refusal made Kyle feel resentful at the loss of a rare opportunity. However, he did his best not to show his feelings on his face.

“Why, why?

Trembling as he asked for a reason, Luxion let out a cold word in response.

“Elves can’t activate mechs. Besides, the way your magic works is very different from that of humans. Both Arroganz and all the armour here are designed for humans.

Despite the assertion that elves could not activate it, Kyle found a little hope.

“I’m a half-blood

‘It’s the same. No, it should be more trouble. The flow of magic is different between humans and elves, and even with elven armour, the chances of it activating are very low.

Kyle was a boy too. He wanted to fight in a mecha for once.

But that was broken by Luxion, and he felt sad.

With his head bowed and tears streaming down his face, Lyon hurriedly approached Luxion in response.

“You could have said it differently, couldn’t you?

‘Arroganz is the Master’s special body. Please don’t let anyone else ride it.

Leon was scolded by Luxion in turn.

Cordelia also muttered ‘The orb is correct’.

To Kyle, who was in a state of frustration, Umelia leaned over worriedly.

“Kyle, apologise properly. Lord Lyon is very gentle, so he forgave you, but any other nobleman would have killed you.

For once in her life, Yumelia, who usually made mistakes, said the right thing.

He was enlightened by Yumelia, who didn’t understand the world and couldn’t be relied upon – but Kyle turned his face away out of shyness.

“Isn’t it Mum who always makes mistakes?


You can’t even do your own work, so don’t lecture me!

After Kyle’s stern rebuke, Umelia – just like that – looked at him with a stern gaze.

“Kyle, this is not about me. Please apologise properly. Besides, you know you never thought the two of you would forgive you? I don’t think you have that kind of attitude now, even though you usually say that you can’t be pushy with them.

Yumelia reprimanded Kyle, and both Leon and Mariël watched with their mouths shut.

It seemed to Cordelia that she probably thought Kyle was just being silly.

Although she watched silently with her mouth shut, her eyes were very cold.

But, as Kyle was both shy and had the pride of a job – it was impossible to accept frankly what Eumelia had said.

“Wait until you become more capable than I am before you say it to me. And can we not bring parent-child relationships into the workplace? That bothers me to say


Yumelia shouted, grabbing his hand, but Kyle shook it off.

“Now, don’t tell me off like a mother! You can’t do anything without me!


Kyle knew Eumelia’s weakness.

It was the guilt she felt for not being able to rely on Kyle and for making him suffer.

The clever Kyle could understand this.

Facing the silent Eumelia with her head bowed, his eyes towered over her as he put in his words.

“Wait until you’ve done something like a mother before you lecture me. I don’t recognise you as my mother nowadays

Not recognising herself as a mother – at those words, Umelia’s expression fell into despair.

Despite the guilt that filled his heart at that look, Kyle wasn’t mature enough inside to apologise.

“I have to get back to work.

After leaving those words, he fled out of the warehouse and ran away.

I scratched my head with my right hand as I watched Miss Umelia and Kyle’s conversation.

As soon as I saw the conversation between parents and children, it made me bored by remembering my past life.

Marië and I too – my parents died earlier than in my previous life.

Because both were ungrateful sons, I hoped that Miss Umelia and Kyle would make up.

That was it.

“Luxion, it’s all because of you that things have gotten complicated. Just sit in the driver’s seat. That way Kyle would be satisfied.

If we had put Kyle in the Arroganz, this wouldn’t have happened.

When I said that, Luxione didn’t acknowledge me – he even scolded me.

“Is this really OK?

“What’s wrong?

“Kyle is a child. There are many children in this world too – a child who is supposed to be protected, on an Arroganz? The Master hasn’t forgotten, has he? The Arroganz is the weapon I have prepared.

When I heard this, I realised that I had taken things too literally.

I turned my face to the Arroganz and remembered what I had prepared it for.

It wasn’t just Arroganz. The Mecha was originally a weapon prepared for battle.

Children weren’t supposed to be able to just sit on it.

Kyle looked at Arroganz out of childish longing. There was no point in fighting if you didn’t even have the stance of a nobleman who was asked to be aware’

As soon as she heard Luxion’s reason for not allowing Kyle to take Arroganz, Marië understood.

‘It would be nice if it could be resolved without fighting. I see. Kyle will give up once I explain it to her. So there’s no need to be discouraged, Miss Umelia.

We looked at Miss Umelia, probably devastated and was bowing her head in tears.

Miss Cordelia, who was beside her, consoled Miss Umelia.

“There’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s like he’s in a rebellious phase. He may look mature, but Kyle is still a boy.

Miss Cordelia, who was reassuring her colleague, was being gentle.

That tenderness was hopefully shared with me a little.

But Miss Umeria shook her head.

“I didn’t do what my parents did, so it’s my fault.

We were silent to each other, and Miss Eumelia’s tears kept flowing.

“I-, get lied to a lot. Making Kyle think I’m not reliable and always giving him trouble – I, even if I’m not here anymore, Kyle is still brilliant and I’m better off not being here

Although Kyle was a problem too then, Miss Umelia’s side was a problem too.

I don’t think I’m qualified as a mother.

There’s no such thing. It’s because Kyle’s worried about Miss Umelia.

“That’s all the more reason. I’d rather not be around Kyle. Coming to this country is just a problem for the boy.

Although Miss Umelia had come to the Republic of Althea because she was worried about Kyle, she now felt that she didn’t need to be here, and fell into frustration.

I was a normal child in my previous life and often gave my parents trouble too.

Although not as much as Kyle, some parts overlapped with myself.

This mother-son problem was something I had to solve as well – literally, one problem after another.

The night.

Once Yumelia had finished her work, she went out into the courtyard, clutching the transparent box containing the saplings of the sacred tree, and dressed in her nightdress.

Sitting on a bench, she thought about the events of the day.

Since the conflict with Kyle at the warehouse, the relationship had not been repaired until now.

I really can’t do this.

As if troubled, she smiled sadly and then burst into tears.

To Yumelia, Kyle was the only family in the world. Even if there were others who were related, even those who were also related to Yumelia’s specialness, they had to be avoided or severed.

What humans cannot understand, elves can feel the colour of magic.

It is then felt that Yumelia’s magic is mixed, and is therefore tabooed by the elves as a ‘hybrid’.

For Yumelia, the only son Kyle is a very important connection, not alone himself.

It would have been a shock to be told by Kyle that he did not recognise himself as his mother.

As she curled up with the box in her arms, Yumelia heard a voice.

“Good evening.


Lifting her head, she found Luxion there – not, but Lelia’s Ethial.

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