The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I’m Taking a Liking to This Life Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia | Cyborg-tl

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The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I’m Taking a Liking to This Life Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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  1. so you have item box in zomb…. err monster apocalypse, and find you have almost limitless capacity to store items. Yes, I think am going to going crazy storing too. In my defense, I didn’t know if there’s any other survivors and if I just left it there, it might destroyed by the monsters so better to store them in my item box. But will I still emptying every stores that I come across once I know there are survivors? probably not. Or if I store them, I will drop it in refugee shelters who, you know, might have refugees and in dire need of supply
  2. Other people. So this MC established as worker on black company (what’s with japan and their obsession on black company worker?) i.e. being ‘ens*aved’ by company for low wage and therefore develop ‘me first’ mentalities. He didn’t want to help other survivors because he’s afraid he’ll be ‘ens*aved’ to help them forever if his super-useful abilities are known. Selfish, yes, but that fear still understandable (he’s black company worker, remember?). However, keep scavenging for supplies while you have enough for yourself and didn’t have any intention to give/share them with other people makes you selfish and greedy prick beyond reason. Food are limited, you have more than enough, you’ve seen other survivors with levels lower than you, and yet you keep taking this precious supplies?
  3. Coward. Look, am not ever in zombie/monster apocalypse, so I might not be in capacity to say this…. but for someone who have combat job, this guy’s fighting method doesn’t seems to change much from when he’s level 1 (throwing appliances at the enemy from afar. which is effective, but umm…….. okay, whatever, it’s still effective. What’s kinda struck me, is for someone who always philosophing ‘people has to help their own *shrugs* it’s apocalypse, what are you expecting? *shrugs*’ whenever he sees people need help and choose to scram away/piling up more supplies, he sure quick to bawling and screaming ‘anyoneee, please help me, I don’t want to diieeeeee’ – once he face dire situation in first boss fight.

You know, another annoyance is for someone who ‘eh, screw fellow humans’, MC goes into ‘I want mofu-mofu‘ with my cute dog’ very excessively. and I meant, very, to the point of it’s became slightly annoying. The only saving grace is his love for the dog makes him can be manipulated to do good deeds once in a while (like saving fellow humans) because the dog made an irresistible puppy eyes. Seriously, that dog is the leash holder in morality chain here and I think it will an upgrade if we set the dog as main protagonist instead (with her selfishly-coward human sidekick)

I am trying to understand what it’s feels to be loner freaks and/or socially outcasts surviving in zomb…. monster apocalypse which makes you treating any other humans as unnecessary deadweight/nuisance/they’re coming to get me/oh no I’d better taking all the supplies in this town for myself even though I have enough for years already. People has fears, and from watching apocalypse movies, I know that it has some basis, but dude, I hope he change a bit. No need to be 180 turn to self-sacrificing, trusts what anybody would say, and saint-like, but basic compassion (without the dog need to cue him with her puppy eyes everytime) would be nice.


Table of Content

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