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The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Like get a random character out of nowhere just to have her going crazy because… f*ck you, that’s why, in one of the most s*upid and ill-argued character developments I’ve seen in my life. And I must say, that I read Twilight.
The autor literally made this girl, apparently rescued from a s*ave trade, become infatuated with the fact that she was the “real” couple of the dragon king even though she had NEVER seen him in her life. Only because she heard a second of the one conversation that isn’t to her, and that never was mentioned again, in which they said that the king’s “bride” had blond hair, like hers.

And that’s it. She is absolutely convinced that she was the “real one”, thanks to that she became crazy enough to let the prisoner, to whom she had to take food, scape that turns out to be (Ta, ta, ta, taaan) No surprise! Asahi! Because the damn security of the prison is a f*cking shit, I suppose. I mean, obviously anyone can open their cells.

But of course Asahi didn’t escape, no. Instead, she had a VEEEERY traumatic encounter with soldiers who wanted to take revenge on her in a very cruel way by “ramming them into war”, because everyone knows that prisoners of war can walk around the castle openly. And all act as if she deserves to be r*ped/dismembered (not very clear) just because she bothered Ruri!!
Which, in my opinion, is much worse than anything that hers followers could have done to Ruri ever.
But the story is not over yet. No, that would’ve been too easy.

Yes, they rescued Asahi, although reluctantly, and Ruri tells she once and for all that she is a nuisance… again. They banish her to a distant and desolate place as punishment for the crime of having hot air in her brain.

¡¡Yaiii!! The annoyance was gone !! Put the “happy ending”!

Everyone is happy; Ruri stays with Jade, all the preparations are made for the wedding and… then Jade tells Ruri, as it should be, that her only duty is to spread her legs, have s*x and give birth to his children without leaving that other male being ever sees her again. Because dragons are apparently possessive… but that possessiveness only affects male dragons. Apparently even Chelsea, who seems to be so self-confident, helpful and independent, cheerfully agreed to be practically imprisoned in her home, because that is the role of a women.

And Ruri who is a HUMAN, who all this time was clamoring for her freedom and for the right to enjoy her life, to work and have friends to compensate for everything she couldn’t have thanks to Asahi… she, as expected, accepts willingly and even offers to leave hers job. So she can never ever leave the castle, have her own money or contact with another man in hers life and Jade will not feel insecure, because that’s what women do when they get married, right? 🙂

Honestly I had never gotten so angry so quickly with so few chapters, in a novel that I was not even taking seriously as a novel. And that’s what bothers me most, even to be a dumb novel, there are limits to what should NEVER be trespassed in this damn century and era. I understand that in Japan things are different, but in Japan women can also work and be married at the same time without any problem. And, in Japan it’s also illegal to imprison a human being just because you can.


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