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The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!! (LN) Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Isabella tell abaut her previous world to Ursch and how she buy all the thing from the Game Ursch. We see, later in the novel how Ursch begin to see her as a woman and is greatly embarassed of her antics (i found ilarious how the almost inexpressive “Ursch-exe” crash when accidentally touch Isabella breast or when she hugs him while wearing a dancer suit) or how he became jelous over his game counterpart so much that replace all the thing Isabella bought from game-Ursch with his own.

We discover that game-Ursch was cold and calculating person whose only aim was creating and researching without a care for lifes of people; many of the thing buyed from game-Ursch are made with dark methods even using the souls of peoples. What’s more we discover that he planned to make Isabella the new Demon King using the power of the seven sin eyes.

The world they live in seems be trapped in a loop and game-Ursch is using that peculiar thing to do his research and making the body of Isabella that of the Demon King, the only being that know this other than Isabella and Ursch is the protagonist of Love☆Magical Marietta that repeated that world tens of times and hope to end this endless circle. What’s more Marietta remember that the Ursch from the previous loop was a shady and cruel being and in the beginning greatly fear him until Isabella reassure her that this version of Ursch would never do inhuman thing (if not for his lover <3). Last but not least important we Discover that the Isabella from the previous loop or game-Isabella became an idiot and a villainess'cause she got bodyswapped by the dark guild so in the game the real Isabella was never seen.


Table of Content

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