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The Unbound World’s “Normal” is Difficult Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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The Walter Prison is a prison that has been known as “The Hell.”
Elma, a young girl, born of a prostitute, was raised by prisoners and was released from the prison from a pardoned state when King Luden, the great king, died.
Elma is then made into a maid of honor at the order of the Second Prince Lucas, who issues the order for her release. She follows her mother’s advice and starts to live her life as a “normal” girl, but she always ends up doing something outrageous.
She has the beauty of a prostitute, the mind-reading skills of a swindler, the fighting skills of a mad warrior, and the medical skills of a mad scientist – all of which her “family” of prisoners had taught her that is a rather “normal.”

Her unconventional abilities and actions soon caused an uproar in the entire royal palace…?

“Perhaps…the people from the unbound world, can’t do that much? (With a straight face) ”

It’s a remarkable story of a young girl who aims to be “normal” in the unbound world.

Table of Content

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