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The Strongest Dull Prince’s Secret Battle for the Throne Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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MC’s hidden identity is an SS-Class adventurer (like the description says). That means he’s an astonishingly powerful being that should inspire a mix of fear and respect into those ranked below him.

And that doesn’t happen. He gets belligerently confronted by an Adventurer well aware that he is confronting an SS-rank Adventurer in public, and in return, this is what the MC says to that:

“What you want to say is reasonable. I also understand your dissatisfaction. So if you want to shout at me or beat me up, I will not complain.”

Really? One of the top 5 most powerful Adventurers would say that? Much weaker Adventurers would just casually yell and confront him, knowing full well how mighty he is?


Let’s look at something else.

There is a powerful Duke that the MC has gone off to meet up with, in an attempt to win him over to his little brother’s side.

The MC goes in his SS-Adventurer disguise to the front gate of the Duke’s mansion. Here, he tries to get in proclaiming his identity and showing his Adventurer Card.

The gate guard (there’s only 1) assumes there’s no way this could be the real Silver. He turns the MC away without even looking at his Adventurer card to confirm, an example of extreme incompetence for a guard trusted to maintain the front gate of an extremely important Duke’s mansion, trusted to do this all by himself.

Ah, wait.

The gate guard is actually the Duke’s son.


An extremely powerful Duke, who is very wealthy and famous, has only a SINGLE person guarding his mansion’s gate, and he sticks his SON there?! ?! ?! ?! ?!

He has no actual gate guards or anything of that nature?

Yet you expect me to believe he is a wealthy, powerful, and influential Duke, one of the most important figures in the Kingdom…

The story claims:

“Because you couldn’t do much I left you to guard the mansion gate while I was out subjugating monsters!”

But it’s just such a poorly thought out, terrible excuse to try to force in the Duke feeling indebted to the MC, it’s just… bad.

This is terrible writing.

There are many other examples that I did not mention, and I only read 3 chapters in. What a disappointment.


Table of Content

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