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The Spearmaster and the Black Cat Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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The MC is “reincarnated” into a sword and magic world by going through a character selection-ish event, where he, of course, chooses to become a vampire, since it’s the most boring and overused trope ever. Yet the MC is able to choose skills that remove the disadvantages of the race, resulting in some new super race with both light and darkness elements, which of course shouldn’t coexist. It’s the standard “I was playing a mmo, found a hidden race or developed a special spell/skill that broke the game” bullshit. This is the first instance of the author’s chuuni shining through, but rest assure, we will see plenty of that later.

The MC is supposed to be “born” into some plain somewhere close to human habitation, yet he ends up underground, in what is most likely a dungeon of sorts, and what does our genius MC do? He of course travels downwards, like it’s the most logical thing in the world. Be that as it may, the underground arc seems frustrating at first since a desire for him to return to civilization is born, but this actually makes the eventual resolution all the more sweet. After getting the cat follower, learning the spear and a generally pleasant arc the MC sets off for a human town, but on the way he by chance learns about the kidnapping of a princess and gets hunted by an assassin, all of this is there to give the impression that the MC is laid back and care free and that he won’t just play the hero, he’ll do what he can do while following his own desires, it also gives us the start of a great love story.

We get a couple of decent arcs and a quite enjoyable story while we wish for the reunion of the love-ones, shuuya and yui, we also see the death of a side character, it’s one that’s fairly new, but still done in a way that it should affect the reader, this is usually done to shift the tempo of a novel and turn it in a more serious direction, or to make the MC face the fact that it’s a real world, not a game, but it’s just there, with no purpose. And unfortunately we soon arrive at the labyrinth city where we meet Rebecca, the start is fine, yet she’s quite the shallow standard elf side character, she feels out of place in general, Eva, on the other hand, who comes later on is a great love interest that’s also fairly interesting. We have a rapid introduction of different characters that seems forced and just thrown in there for the fan service, beastmen, lamia and more.

Veene and yui come back and is done in a way where yui is made to be truly missed, mentioned several times over the previous arcs, while veene/vene/vine w/e is seen several times before to build up anticipation. Yet now we’re hit with the fact that he spend months underground and then a year training, yet he’s lived in 3 cities and done uncountable things in just a month, while dangling the underground auction bait in front of us the entire time to keep us reading despite the introduction of random side characters with paper thin romantic development, the MC putting off things again and again, chapters where half of it is about flirting with his cat, which to be honest, isn’t really cute nor heartwarming, you have to be a cat lady to enjoy it and a MC that in general has shown less personality than in the first 30 chapters, everything just becomes hollow. The MC is able to hunt on the 5th floor of the labyrinth, yet he chooses to jump straight to the 20th floor without thinking at all, still a great genius.

The pace of the story is strangely slow in some parts and then shifts to super fast forward at times for no reason what so ever. Then we’re hit with the author’s annoying chuuni again, the MC is proud of his spearmanship, yet every battle is resolved not by technique but by brute force skills, the author clearly realized that it’s insanely boring to just hear about the MC turning on his toes or swinging his spear around in the figure “∞ “, the author clearly lacks skill in describing fighting scenes, and it just becomes about throwing OP skills in, while for some reason that’s beyond me, making the MC use 2 or even 3-4 spears at a time, all chuuni, no relation to reality, it’s not swords, it’s god damn spears, it’s supposed to be used with 2 hands for a reason, otherwise it’s just a sword on a stick that’s slower to swing and you can’t guard anymore.

The worst thing is how all the lovers are turned into vampires too, making them worship him, they are not only clingy, but he’s a God to them later, it’s creepy and kills the romance completely. While we also have an other new follower thrown in for no reason what so ever, it just happens, there’s no rules to the skills in this world, making everything feel like it’s just deus ex machina, especially how they distribute loot before having it appraised and it funnily turns out that they got and picked items that are perfect for each of them every single time.


Table of Content

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