The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 1 Chapter 9

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    And after that–

    We finished the Power Check test successfully and moved to another room for the next test.

    “Master! Me, me! Isn’t that awesome! Isn’t it! Isn’t it! I’m an “A” judge, just like Shifu!

    A judgement. Since there is no higher verdict, I can’t do anything about it, but comparing it to Ted makes me feel sad.

    “Oh! Behind this door, there is a waiting room for those who received the “A-judgment”.

    From that moment on, Ted kept emphasizing the part about the “A-judgment”.

    He must be happy because he got a positive result in the practical test.


    I turned the handle and opened the door.

    There are about twenty people inside.

    They were nobles, and many of them had known each other since before, but they seemed to be relaxed as they were chatting with others during the exam.


    Only as soon as I saw my face, the candidates went silent.

    Hmm? What’s going on here?

    As soon as they met our eyes, they stopped talking and lowered their heads in embarrassment.

    “It’s probably because the rumor about …… Master destroying the Dark Matter has spread.

    I see…

    I feel very uncomfortable, but I wasn’t harmed by them, so I don’t need to be concerned.

    I sat down on the chair and sighed a little.

    I’m afraid that most of the candidates who have gathered in this room are elites with high self-esteem.

    Some people feel unhappy about losing to a commoner, while others find it annoying to be a commoner.

    Then again, there were those who still felt that they couldn’t lose, right?

    “Eh, you!

    Some woman strode up to me.

    She had western hair and was a woman I had seen at the school gate.

    After a small sigh, I don’t meet the woman’s eyes and keep silent.

    “Wait a minute! What’s with the attitude! I’ve come to talk to you. Please look at me!

    “Nerve-wracking. I’m just keeping my mouth shut so I don’t look like a commoner pretending to be a nobleman and get accused of talking out of turn.

    I’m not holding a grudge, but I don’t want to get involved in any trouble.

    It would be nice if I could avoid getting involved with a woman with westerly hair by ignoring it.

    That’s wise. But for the sake of my honor, I’d like to make it clear. I’m not an aristocrat, I just simply hate the weak.

    Elisa said that with her age-inappropriate breasts.

    I see.

    This woman said before that she was only interested in the strong.

    There were some good magicians from commoners, but compared to the nobility, the percentage was really low.

    In this woman’s mind, ‘only interested in the strong’ and ‘hates commoners’ are similar, but they are two different things.

    I see… That was great.

    I flipped through the book in my hand to create an atmosphere of rejection for Elisa.

    “So! You! Is that true? I heard that you smashed the Dark Matter target to smithereens during the practical test!


    The woman who calls herself Elisa sits down next to me unceremoniously and throws out a straightforward question.

    “Good question. What do you think?

    “How do you construct magic? What is an additional construction? The point is, I hear amber-eyed magicians can’t do magic? Or do you actually have a property magic that you’re good at? Or have you ever practiced under a famous magician?


    It didn’t seem like this woman, Elisa, was the very knowledgeable type.

    Her eyes suddenly light up when she talks about the topic of magic.

    Of course, I could have answered this woman’s question, but I personally wasn’t very willing to do so.

    The point is that I hate trouble.

    I always felt that if I got involved with this woman now, I would end up carrying trouble on my back later.

    And that’s when, luckily, God helped me.

    Please sit down. I’ll explain the rules of the final test.

    The woman who opened the door and entered the waiting room was the teacher who seemed to be in charge of this test.

    The color of her eyes was gray.

    From her white robe, it was obvious that she was a healing magician.

    “I’m sorry. I guess we’ll have to talk about it another time.

    “Huh? Never mind, it’s no use changing the subject. The results of this test will clarify everything anyway.

    Elisa left her intriguing words and returned to her original seat.

    Huh? What the hell is this woman talking about?

    It seems that Elisa knew about the quiz prepared by the academy beforehand.

    The meaning of Elisa’s words at this point will be revealed when she hears the content of the final quiz.


    A white-robed woman, one of the examiners, was writing instructions for the final test on the blackboard.

    -The nobles have been fighting for all sorts of things since ancient times.

    Sometimes it’s women, sometimes it’s territory, sometimes it’s life …… for a variety of reasons.

    In the war between humans and demons, it was the same. I remember that the nobles often clashed with each other.

    Whenever a noble argued, they would invoke a custom called ‘dueling’.

    The final test is a practical test modeled after a duel. The result of the duel will determine whether or not you get in.

    The test room was quieter than expected, even though a duel was coming up.

    I see.

    It seems that the content of this final test doesn’t change much from year to year.

    The students seemed to accept the examiner’s words lightly.

    “Next, I’ll explain the three rules.

    She announced the simple and clear rules.

    One, one-on-one competition.

    The examiner will cast a defensive magic spell on the candidates. The winner will be determined by whoever breaks the defensive magic spell first.

    Next, we will perform a defensive magic trick on each candidate. The defensive magic will be able to withstand a few low-powered magic attacks, but if attacked by a high-powered magic, it may be destroyed in one blow, so please be careful.

    The examiner explained as he applied the defensive magic to himself.


    Well, in the sense that the test is based on a duel, this is an appropriate measure.

    The problem is that the defensive magic used by the examiner isn’t strong enough, but in a battle between students, this level of defensive magic would be enough.

    Finally, I’ll explain the third rule. The opponent is chosen based on the results of the previous test. The numbers of your opponents are written on the posters that will be posted, so please check them beforehand.

    Let’s see, is my opponent’s test number ’86’?

    The number is déjà vu, but I don’t remember exactly who it is.

    I didn’t confirm it at all because I wasn’t interested in the other candidates.

    “Hello again. Can I sit next to you? “Abel?

    Just as I was trying to find an opponent to fight against, the familiar-looking woman called out to me.


    So that’s what happened.

    The girl with western hair, Elisa, had a name tag on her chest that said her application number was ’86’.

    Hey, look at that!

    “It’s rumored that the inferior eye and the redhead are going to fight!

    So that’s it.

    It seems that our matchup is the most popular one in this test.

    The examiner said that the duel this time was between “similarly matched opponents”.

    I’m afraid that Elisa and I passed the previous test with a tentative first and second place, respectively.

    “Let’s dance. I’ll check your strength.

    Elisa said something that was easy to say and offered her hand to me.


    I don’t want to draw attention to myself. I just want to graduate from the academy quietly and smoothly.

    I deeply felt that life was something that just wouldn’t go on the way I wanted it to.


    Things got troublesome.

    The entrance exams have been uneventful so far with no major problems, but at the end of the day is the big event waiting for me.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to have to duel with that wild and spicy girl, Elisa.

    “Quick, draw your weapons! I’m going to beat you to death with my magic!

    Nerve-wracking. This woman is so sexual.

    The woman in front of her, Elisa, was holding a weapon and seemed to have already gone into battle readiness.

    “Sorry, I don’t use weapons. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at fighting with magic items.

    “Hmph, is that some special principle?

    Not because of the principles.

    It’s because I can build magic from scratch faster than I can build it with magic tools.

    My fighting style is not irrational thinking, as represented by ‘principles’, but the result of pursuing the ultimate rationality. ……

    Of course, even if I said that, I wouldn’t be able to convince anyone.

    “I won’t tell you the reason. But I can assure you that the result will never disappoint you.

    Elisa seemed to be impressed by my words and smiled a little.

    “Your fighting style is so old-fashioned. But I don’t hate that.

    Elisa drew her sword with an invincible smile.


    In the next instant, she came straight at me like a rubber bounce.

    So that’s it. That was fast.

    In a world where magic is in decline, is there still such talent? I was a little surprised.


    In my eyes, Elisa’s sword strikes were quite slow, as if a fly could stop on her.

    I forced myself to yawn as I walked around behind Elisa.


    Having gotten into my position behind myself without knowing, Elisa’s expression twisted in shock.

    However, she wasn’t discombobulated by this level.

    This proves that she’s excellent. If in every battle, I was so shocked by the opponent’s actions that I stopped because of that, there would be no end to it at all.

    “Yan Lie Blade!

    Following the second attack, Elisa turned her head and shot magic from the magic tool.

    This beginner magic, Yan Lie Blade, is a basic magic fire bullet of the fire attribute, with the additional construct『Strengthening Sharpness』.

    I’ve constructed this magic tens of thousands of times, so it’s a beginner among beginners.

    This is good.

    It’s easy to avoid attacks, but repeating the same thing over and over again makes it seem like it’s the same thing.

    “Infernal Blade!

    I decided to launch a magic counterattack, which was exactly twice as powerful as the magic that Elisa had constructed.


    Counterattacked with overwhelming speed, Alyssa surfaced with an expression of despair.


    Splat, splat, splat, splat!

    With the sound of burning air, I constructed the magic of the Yan Lie Blade devouring Elisa.

    Instantly, an explosion sounded.

    Elisa seems to have narrowly avoided the attack, but the magic I constructed slashed the ground.

    Did I go a little too far?

    It’s easy to show the difference in strength and frustrate Elisa, but there’s no point in dividing the winner too early.

    The only way to win a mock battle like this is to bring out 100% of your opponent’s strength and then win.

    “Drink ahhhh ────!

    It just seems like I slightly underestimated Elisa’s abilities.

    Even though there was a huge difference in strength, Elisa didn’t cower.

    She hid her form amidst the smoke, eliminating her scent, and eyeing for a chance to counterattack.

    “Listen up, civilian! If you want to get in my sight, become stronger than anyone else. I’m only interested in strong people. 』

    At that moment, I suddenly remembered what Elisa said when I first met her.

    I see.

    It seems that Elisa’s respect for the strong is genuine.

    It’s not surprising that Elisa seemed to be enjoying herself from the bottom of her heart even in a situation where she was desperate.


    Was I also accidentally slightly affected by this girl’s enthusiasm?

    Although it’s only a little, it seems like I haven’t had fun fighting others for a long time.

    However, against an opponent who is serious about fighting, prolonging the fight on purpose is cheap.

    That’s a good strategy, but you’ve chosen the wrong opponent.


    I dodged Elisa’s attack and quickly constructed the magic.

    I then chose my favorite intermediate magic that I’ve been using in combat for a long time.

    “Fire Bombs!

    I have a rough grasp of Elisa’s strength from the process so far.

    I’m afraid she won’t be able to avoid the next attack.

    Because this magic was built to specialize in that tricky range.

    I’ve adjusted the power and Elisa won’t die with her defensive magic, but it’s hard to continue fighting after taking this attack.

    This is the end. I’ll see you later.


    Amidst the tense pressure of losing consciousness for a moment as soon as she relaxed a little, Elisa swung her sword with a heartbeat.

    (This man ……! (Very strong ……!)

    This is exactly what Elisa felt directly about Abell’s hold.

    First of all, the speed with which the magic was constructed was extraordinary.

    At first she had thought that perhaps Abell was concealing some sort of magic tool, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

    This man was fighting completely with his bare hands.

    It was unbelievable.

    The greatest advantage of the Magic Tool was its ability to build magic quickly. Now I don’t understand why I’m using a magic tool.

    The next thing is that the power of his magic is extraordinary.

    Normally, the more powerful the magic is, the more information that has to be processed, the more error prone it is.


    The man’s magic standards haven’t gone down no matter how much more powerful he is.

    It’s strong.

    Too strong, simply inexplicable.

    However, the disparity in strength in front of her ignited the fighting instinct in Elisa’s heart.

    Elisa gradually enjoyed the desperate situation she was in.

    “Fire Bombs!

    For a split second, twelve fireballs appeared in front of Elisa’s eyes.

    Elisa intuitively understood that it was the final blow that Abell was about to deliver to her.

    The energy infused into each fireball was unbelievable.

    It would be extremely difficult for an ordinary magician to use the power of just one fireball with a total of twelve fireballs.

    The person in question, Abel, showed no signs of exerting his full power at all, and seemed to have more than enough to do so, and couldn’t imagine what kind of monster he would become afterwards.

    (…… doesn’t look like there’s any room for error.)

    It’s hard to avoid this attack completely.

    That said, if you tried to block the attack, you might even scatter your consciousness along with the defensive magic on your body.

    Elisa was troubled, but in the end, she chose the third option that had been deliberately sealed up so far.

    Forbidden Magic – “rose madder sky”.

    This is a magic that Elisa has learned after rigorous training, and it is the ultimate trick passed down from generation to generation by her ancestors.


    Splat ──────!

    Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

    The “Fire Brigade” that I constructed caused a huge explosion and a cloud of smoke.

    Hmmm, a bit surprising.

    It looks like Elisa is safe even though she was hit by the magic just now.

    The smoke from the explosion diminished and my vision was clear again.

    Afterwards, I saw Elisa’s figure crouching down amidst the white smoke.

    “Classmate! Are you okay?

    The male examiner, fearing for Elisa’s safety, rushed over.

    “The defensive magic is broken! Abstain now!

    “No, it’s not over yet.

    Elisa showed a firm attitude and glanced at the examiner who rushed over. The examiner was no match for her boldness.

    I shook my shoulders in fear.

    “It’s true that I lost the duel. But there’s still a personal duel going on.

    She’s incredibly competitive. She’s even funny.

    At this point, there was no need to confirm that the rule of the mock battle was ‘the first one whose defensive magic is destroyed loses’.

    However, if this were a ‘personal duel’ with no connection to the test, the situation would be different.

    It will continue until one of them is unable to fight.

    In other words, Elisa will give up and win the “Self-Determination Contest”.

    “I’m …… going to prove that I’m better than everyone ……!

    Elisa used the magic tool in her hand as a crutch and stood up with it.

    The damage done to her by magic earlier was still there, right?

    Her feeble gait was painful to behold.

    Can I ask you a question? Why do you have to be so stuck on ‘strong’ in this age of peace?

    In the era where I lived two hundred years ago, it was a different story, but in this era, a girl as competitive as Elisa was rare.

    The noble lord (brother) said before–

    Even if you don’t know how to do magic, you can still live a happy life in this peaceful time.

    Peace is just a front.

    As if a drop of water had fallen on her face, Elisa whispered.

    “Is it really true that the era of peace …… is stable for a hundred years ……? The neighboring country of Kudelia is gradually fortifying its armaments in preparation for a war that may one day break out.

    The same goes for the Demons, have they really been wiped out? A few years ago, there was an incident involving a demon tribe, but it was not widely reported in the world. Just to preserve the word 『Peace』.

    The words that spilled out of Elisa’s mouth seemed to become her own fuel, and her eyes gradually regained their brightness.

    “If there is an international treaty, there won’t be a war? The spirit of Ra’s al Ghul is destroyed and never comes back to life? Who decides such things! I would never want to dwell on a false peace!

    Really? The girl’s words were not unreasonable.

    These are peaceful times, but the threat has not completely disappeared.

    The seeds of war are taking root all over the world.

    If we go to war with the demons, all the undeserving magicians of this era will be wiped out.

    That’s why I want to be strong! And then we will absolutely revitalize the family that nurtures me!

    Elisa said, her eyes tearing up a little.

    She’s going to revive the family, isn’t she?

    I don’t think the old ideas taught in Elisa’s family will work in this day and age.

    In this age of peace, people who call for war prevention are considered dangerous.

    It’s sad.

    It’s human nature to treat people who think differently than you as enemies.

    That’s why the Elisa family has fallen out of favor with modern values.

    “Forbidden Art, ‘Sy Shot Sky’!

    Elisa shouted loudly, and in the next instant, magic type floated around her body.

    Was this a body strengthening magic? I immediately began to parse the magic.

    It’s a very complicated magic formula.

    I feel that this magic is not what students should be doing.

    “Physical flare”!

    Really? So that’s it.

    I’m a little surprised that ‘that woman’ left this magic two hundred years in the future?

    From this magic, I can also imagine the family that Elisa grew up in.

    All my doubts were solved at the same time, and I was enlightened.

    The reason why Elisa was able to withstand the “Fire Bringer” that I had constructed was because she had put on this Armor of Fire in a hurry.

    Awareness! Now I’m something else!

    Well, it’s a pretty sight.

    This Elisa is a good-looking woman, though she has a bad mouth.

    In front of her was the woman wearing the Armor of Infamy.

    The onlookers seemed to be completely enthralled by the sight of that divine figure.

    In a flash, two wings sprouted out of the Inflammation Armor and lifted up into the sky with Elisa in tow.

    “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it’s flying!

    “Flying magic!”? Isn’t that an urban legend or something?

    Watching Elisa fly into the sky, the onlookers got excited.

    To construct『Flying Magic』, magicians did need a certain amount of skill.

    There weren’t many people who could use this magic freely even in the era of two hundred years ago.

    The reason is that a magician needs to have the skills to use multiple attributes in a balanced way in order to construct the “Flying Magic”.

    Not to mention amber-eyed magicians like me, it must have taken a lot of hard work for magicians like Elisa to learn the Flying Magic.

    “Even you haven’t seen it, right? The magic…!

    No no no.

    You’re wrong, this magic is something I’m tired of seeing.

    I would never have guessed that an inherent magic that existed two hundred years ago would be passed down intact.

    I’m afraid the Alisha family has always had a single-minded ancestor.

    “End of proof. “Contradiction Magic.

    Since I’ve seen it so many times, it means I can use the “Counter-evidence Magic”.

    Counter-evidence Magic” can analyze and invalidate an opponent’s magic, and is extremely convenient for dealing with a magic that has already been analyzed.


    It was like the sound of glass breaking.

    Elisa’s jutsu and Inferno Armor both scattered and shattered.

    “Huh! Oops! Strange ────────!?

    Folding her wings stiffly in the air and making a fool of herself on the spot, Alyssa presses her hands against her dress to avoid going naked, while screaming.

    It hurts.

    What can I do about this princess?

    I predicted where I would land and caught Elisa.

    “You’re the grandson of Maria, the Fire Lord, right?

    “──── Well!?

    When I asked her a question that went to the heart of the matter, Elisa’s expression faltered as if she had no idea what she was talking about.

    “You’re a lot like that impulsive woman, you have good qualifications. Let’s get on with it.

    Hoo… Is this woman really in the same grade as us?

    I always thought she might have been heavier than Liz at this stage.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t obligated to hold the woman in a princess hug.

    Elisa fell to the ground and rolled around a few times.

    It’s because I hastily threw Elisa to the ground.

    “Winner! Audition number twenty-seven! Abel!

    The examiner who witnessed our contest announced the winner.

    In an instant, as if a bomb had been dropped, the onlookers burst into cheers.


    It seems that Elisa’s ancestors inherited the magic developed by Maria intact, which is a real help.

    Originally, “Sy Shot Sky” was a magic that burned one’s life in exchange for greatly enhanced combat abilities.

    If you fight for too long, it can cause fatal effects on your body.

    How is it ……? Who the hell is that guy ……?

    In Elisa’s eyes, I must be pretty incredible.

    Elisa fell to the ground and looked up at the sky, a stunned expression appearing on her face.


    Three hours had passed since Abel and the others had taken their entrance test.

    “This year’s candidates have netted quite an interesting array of talent.

    This is the faculty room of the Asria Magic Academy.

    As usual, the topic of discussion in the staff room was this year’s candidates.

    “Oh, it’s that G3, isn’t it?

    “Wait a minute, what’s G3?

    “Genius Three” means “three geniuses”. Everyone is talking about it, and this year’s non-students have ‘three geniuses’.

    In the faculty room, the names of Ted, Elisa, and Abell are the most common topics of discussion.

    Among the total of over 200 applicants, the three of them made their presence felt and became the focus of the teachers’ attention.

    Wow, that’s really encouraging. I hope that our students’ standards will improve a little as a result of this …….

    “That’s right. Let’s hope they make it into the top three in the rivalry this year ……

    The Asria School of Magic is known as the ‘top magic school in the country’, but that’s all in the past.

    In fact, recently, the performance of Asria Magic Academy and other schools are declining, and the glory of the past has been overshadowed.

    “What G3? It’s boring as hell.

    A man criticized so, as if he wanted to throw cold water on the conversation between the teachers.

    The man’s name is Emerson.

    He had unruly, curly hair, wore round glasses, and was a tall, austere teacher.

    Emerson is known as a “geeky teacher” because he does not follow the crowd and expresses his opinions.

    He was known as “The real genius was Abel, and he was the only one”.

    He was the only one,” Emerson said with a look of conviction.

    Abel was the commoner with the amber eyes, wasn’t he? Although the magic skills do have some merit. ……

    “In terms of power alone, Elisa-san is no slouch either, right?


    Hearing the other teachers’ comments, Emerson sighed with a look of dismay.

    The future of the school teacher, who is responsible for nurturing future magicians, is in jeopardy.

    Emerson, who is now grading Abell’s answer sheet, discovers that Abell has a strange ability and trembles.

    (I can’t believe this is happening. I didn’t expect a student to be able to solve the “Dibonix’s Final Theorem” perfectly ……!

    In fact, Abell’s “Dibonix’s Final Theorem” is recognized as a supremely difficult problem, and is said to be understood by almost no one even among existing magic researchers.

    So, why was this topic adopted for a student test? This is entirely due to Emerson getting the idea for a prank.

    Of course, the Emerson who posed the question didn’t expect anyone to write the correct solution.

    (No, it’s not just perfect, it’s beyond a perfect solution right ……!?)

    Emerson double-checked that Abell’s solution was not an exact replica of the existing “Dibonix’s Final Theorem”.

    It was an improvement over the usual Dibonix’s Final Theorem in every way.

    If this fact is published, it will be a great achievement that will be praised by the nation.

    This year, it seems that the candidates are being discussed quite enthusiastically, too.


    An old man entered the faculty room that was momentarily noisy.

    The old man’s name was Mikhail.

    He was the head of this academy, and in his youth, he was one of the top magicians in the kingdom and a renowned expert.

    Mikhail was not only an excellent magician, but he also possessed the ‘blood of the brave’, and as the symbol of the academy, he was influential both at home and abroad.

    He’s not just a magician!

    Wow, the excellent Emerson teacher is actually praising …… so much, so it seems like a student with amazing talent is applying for the exam.

    Emerson is one of the top magicians at Asriel School of Magic.

    He has already obtained several patents in the field of magic tool development at a young age, and the teachers around him also look up to him.

    “That’s right. It’s an amber-eyed magician named Abell-san. He’s going to be the best magician in this country. I promise!


    The headmaster of the academy, Mikhail, heard Emerson’s words and unconsciously spewed out his dentures in his mouth.

    “Scholastic, Scholastic Director! What’s wrong with you?

    “It’s okay, I’m sorry. Mr. Emerson, can you tell me his name again?

    “YES! His name is Abel. Mr. Abel! He scored perfect scores on the written exams and practical exercises, and is the most outstanding genius in the history of the academy!


    Mikhail held his head in his hands and hurt his head.

    He was the only one in the staff room who had ever heard the name “Abel” before.

    Excuse me, do you know Abell, the director of the school?

    “No, it’s not that …… Sorry, Mr. Emerson, can you tell me more about him?

    If this is a nightmare, I hope I wake up soon.

    With a bad feeling, Mikhail asked the teachers for as much information about Abell as he could.


    In the darkness where you cannot see ahead, you can only rely on the light in your hands.

    Mikhail headed to the stairs leading to the bottom of the academy.

    (Abel …… is actually Abel ……!?) (How could, how could, how could ……!?)

    His gaze moved to the statue of the knight with the sword placed in the underground passage.

    By touching the hilt of the sword with his finger, the statue moved to the left and a secret door appeared.

    Behind this door was the Director’s Room, which only certain people could enter or leave even in the Asria Magic Academy.

    I was under the impression that the …… should be kept in this area. ……

    Mikhail opened the locked wooden desk drawer and removed a tightly wrapped envelope from it.

    Inside the envelope was a letter discolored and tattered by the sun.

    To my children and grandchildren.

    Listen up, you guys.

    Because it is you, I want to tell you the truth about this world.

    The four magicians of “Fire”, “Wind”, “Water” and “Ash”, including me, seem to be known in the streets as the “Great Four Wise Men” who defeated the Devil.

    But that was not the case.

    The only one who really defeated the Devil King was the amber-eyed magician named Abel.

    The four of us were helpless before the Devil King.

    It was actually Abel alone who defeated the Ra’s al Ghul.

    This is the truth that is buried behind history.

    So, even if people around you call you “the sons of G.One”, don’t get carried away.

    Abel was the only true G.One.

    Keep that in mind.

    Sincerely, Roy the Wind G.One!

    Mikhail’s hands trembled as he read the letter again.

    His late grandfather had told him one thing again and again before, and Mikhail heard it to the extent that his ears were almost calloused.

    –The Great Four Wise Men had The Lost Fifth Man.

    It was said that that man had the same amber eyes as the demons and thus suffered cruel persecution in the world, but despite having overwhelming strength, he did not remain in history.

    Roy the Brave also continued to leave behind great achievements after his conquest of the Demon King, but it is said that in his later years, he always cared for Abell, who had disappeared into obscurity.

    “Hoo, can this be considered a coincidence or not?

    Of course, it’s easy to think of it as more than two hundred years in the past.

    No magician, no matter how great, is going to live 200 years into the future, right?


    Judging by common sense, the Abell described by Roy couldn’t be the same person as the Abell who became the topic of conversation in the staff room.

    But why?

    Mikhail’s long experience as a blood relative of the brave and living to this age cast a vague unease in his heart.

    “We must confirm before …… this young man’s strength is true or false ……

    Mikhail whispered with a heavy face and sat down in the armchair set in front of the table, smoothing the white beard from his chin.

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