The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 1 Chapter 8

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    The three-hour long written test was over, and the next step was the practical test.

    “Well, as expected of the world-famous Asria School of Magic, the level of the written test is not bad either.

    “What? Would you?

    Ted sat next to me with a dying look on his face.

    It looked as if he hadn’t done well on the written test.

    However, Ted’s head was in a sorry state, so he didn’t have to take what he said seriously.

    I’m sure all the candidates in this room got perfect scores in all subjects as if it was a matter of course.

    “Then, please follow me if you have exam numbers 1 to 40.

    My application number is 27. Ted’s number 28?

    The next quiz seemed to test the practical aspect of magic skills, so I didn’t know exactly what kind of questions would appear.

    “Master! Time to go…!

    At Ted’s urging, I moved to the next exam room.

    Next, we went to the huge playground on the back side of the school.


    I’m afraid that this area was set up mainly for magic shooting.

    If you look closely, you’ll see several ‘targets’ scattered in the middle of the plain for magic shooting.

    Now, for this test, we will use the magic tools that we have prepared here. Please pick up the magic item that matches your eye color.

    The magic items prepared under the shed are various types of weapons such as swords, guns and armor.

    Each candidate follows the instructions of the examiner and collects the magic items in the order of their numbers.

    Matching eye color – Even though it is said so, it is impossible for the school to prepare magic items for amber-eyed magicians.

    I had to use the red one.

    As for the shape, I chose the one-handed sword which I felt was the safest.

    Amber-eyed magicians can practice all magic tricks if they are properly trained, but everyone has their own magic tricks that they are suited for or not.

    In my case, I’m not very good at the recovery magic that Grey Eyes specializes in, but I’m very good at all the fire water wind attribute magic.

    However, even though I’m not good at it, I’m still good enough to complete the unprecedented “Reincarnation Magic” in the previous world.

    “Hey, guys, look at that inferior eye over there.

    “Hahaha! Because you don’t have a magic item that suits you, you just choose randomly!

    Curious glances from other candidates shot me.


    I wasn’t just a random choice.

    Even in this exam room, the amber-eyed magician still seems to get a dirty look.

    “Now, let’s start the test. This test is purely a test of your magic power.

    The power of magic?

    Well, since we’re going to be testing the strength of the candidates, the content of this quiz can be said to be moderate.

    This time, since magic items were provided beforehand, it was impossible to use magic constructs to bridge the gap with others.

    In other words, it is a test to see how much magic power you have and how effectively you can release it from your body.

    The special “target” is set up so that it won’t break, so please feel free to use your best magic attack.

    It’s absolutely safe… Does that mean the “Target” has been tampered with as well?

    Interesting. This quiz used to measure the strength of the average modern magician seemed like it would make an excellent litmus test.

    “Then, please ask those who are ready to come forward.

    “There! Yes, yes, yes, yes…!

    The first person to raise his hand in response to the examiner was Ted.

    Tad is a real punchy guy.

    I’m afraid Tad was thinking of using this challenge to redeem his failure in the written test.

    “Very well, from number 28 onwards, then.

    “Yes! I’m first–!

    Is that guy okay?

    Even though I’ve been tutoring him for a while, he’s a half-bottled magician.

    According to Lilith, this Asria School of Magic is a school where the carefully selected elite of the country gather.

    If this continues, he’s going to make a fool of himself in front of all the applicants, right?

    Tad positioned himself, wearing a hand-armor type magic tool and taking a stance.

    “Ready, go.

    “Fire ball!

    Tad struggled to extend his fist and fire flaming bullets.

    Woah~ This, this is unbelievable.

    The pyrotechnic bullets Tad was firing were miserable and anyone could see that the standard was low.

    Well, is that a natural outcome?

    Because Ted’s level was already low, he also used unfamiliar magic items to initiate magic.

    The low level of magic he made was perhaps excusable.


    The magic that Ted constructed was absorbed by the target and disappeared.

    So that’s it.

    The target seems to be made of dark matter, a mineral that can absorb magic.

    If the target is made of dark matter, the magic will not be broken even if it is powerful.

    In the previous world, the dark matter had the disadvantage of being difficult to stabilize the supply, but now it has been overcome.

    “‘Huh? ……?’

    The exam room was a momentary drumbeat.

    See, I told you.

    Because Tad’s magic was so juvenile, it was too much for everyone to watch.

    “Bravo! Why would a Yatai like you choose general admissions!

    Huh? What did this examiner …… just say?

    I must have misheard that, right?

    What part of that magic can you feel talent in?

    “I can’t believe it. The Rangewalts are border nobles in the middle of nowhere, aren’t they?

    “Wow, …… It’s awful. …… I’m too embarrassed to show my face after seeing that amazing trick. ……

    The reactions of the other candidates don’t seem like a joke either.

    Is it hard, is it real?

    In this world, can we really say that the magic we just performed was “amazing”?

    “What a terrifying monster. It looks as if we have witnessed the moment when the once-in-a-century genius magician was born.


    The seasoned examiner in charge, suspiciously spitting cigarette smoke, said so.

    He actually called Tad a genius!

    A once-in-a-century genius!

    It was then that I realized with hindsight that I was in a space with a frighteningly low standard.


    Am I actually dreaming with my eyes open?

    The test continues as if it were a children’s show.



    “Ice needle!

    The candidates gathered in the examination room, each used a magic tool that matched the color of his or her eyes to construct a magic trick.

    No, I don’t want to call this level of magic a magic trick.

    I am surprised that there are still people who can’t do a magic trick even with a magic tool.

    Now that I think about it, in this world, perhaps even a nobleman, Bass, could be considered a good magician.

    The last person to take the test is number 27, Abell-san, will you take the test?

    The examiner asked me in an inexplicably gentle tone.

    That’s enough.

    I’m afraid that the examiner, just like the other candidates, has the misconception that a magician with amber eyes can’t do magic.

    The future of the educators who will train future magicians is in jeopardy.

    “Let me challenge you.

    I responded simply, moving to the position the examiner had indicated.

    “Then please begin.

    The examiner announced the start of my test.

    All right, what should I do?

    There is nothing special about constructing a magic trick based solely on the provided composition.

    I’ll just add some minor adaptations and show off my strength without any trace.

    “Hey, look, the civilian with the amber eyes!

    “Hahahaha, it actually takes so much time to construct a flame bomb, it really is an inferior eye.

    I’m already focused on the magic, and I’m not being ridiculed by anyone.

    I quickly changed the composition of the magic, coordinating the whole to avoid any mistakes.

    Ballistic Speed Level: Maximum Speed

    Power Level: High (Large).

    “Additional Technique: Scatter Shot.

    Oh, that’s right…

    I forgot one last important thing.

    “Safety Device Disabled.

    That’s it.

    Once again, just aim at the target and the magic will be over.

    It’s a mediocre trick, but considering the strength of the magicians present, I think it’s a good idea to lower the level.

    Fire ball – Spread rain!

    In the next instant, the air shook.

    I created a fire bomb about a meter in diameter.

    However, it’s no fun to use the same magic, so I changed the composition of the magic and made the magic split in the air.

    Swoosh ────────────────!

    Rumble ────────────────!

    The pyrotechnic shells flying towards the air split and hit the target like a downpour.

    What is this?

    If you look closely, the target, which they say is never broken, is broken.

    I’m afraid that the school used a poor quality Dark Matter because they thought it was a student test.

    Otherwise, that level of magic wouldn’t have caused the Dark Matter to melt.

    “Ah… Ah… Ah… Ahhh… ……

    Huh? What’s going on here?

    The examiner next to me had weak legs and a mouth that opened and closed like a fish, and the reason was completely unknown.

    “That, that’s …… what ……

    “No, I don’t believe it. The whole ……… area is scorched earth. ……

    The examiners looked over at me and blurted out “What’s going on?” in unison. .

    Is this magic so rare?

    No, that’s just not possible.

    Among Applied Magic, Scattergun is the entry level among the entry level.

    Even if the magician’s standard is low, there are still people who can use this level of magic.

    Why would the inferior eye use this kind of magic…?

    One of the candidates was sitting on weak legs with no luck and shouting loudly.

    Really? I get it.

    I think the reason for the over reaction is that the amber-eyed magician is able to construct magic properly.

    This seems to have corrected everyone’s misconceptions about amber-eyed magicians, which is really great.


    Originally, this Asria Magic Academy was a renovation of the old Wang Li Library which was no longer in use.

    The walls are built with rocks the color of white dragon scales, and if you look closely at the walls, you will see that the entire building is actually connected to the three libraries.

    The building is constructed with a large amount of Dark Matter and is so strong that it will not be destroyed by a magical explosion.

    (…… is truly worthy of the world-famous Asria Magic Academy. The standard of the facility is very high, and it lives up to its reputation as the top in the country.)

    This is Exam Room B, which is in the opposite direction from where Abell and the others were taking their practical tests.

    In the middle of examination room B, a young girl was sighing in boredom as she let her saffron-colored hair flow.

    Her name was Elisa.

    Elisa, who had both outstanding strength and beauty, had become a target for the other candidates.

    “It’s that guy. The one who’s helping that commoner…

    I don’t like it. What kind of noble is she?

    “It’s a family crest I’ve never seen before. It’s probably a country nobleman anyway. It’s insignificant.

    The gossip of the other examiners from before had reached Elisa’s ears from time to time, even making up fabricated rumors to slander her.

    (Having said that, the quality of those candidates doesn’t seem to be called to the top level in the country.)

    Incompetent people who would only speak ill of others behind their backs, there was no need to pay attention to them.

    In Elisa’s opinion, less than half of the candidates in this B exam would be able to pass.

    If there was a chance that they could become peers in the future, that was another matter.

    “Next, then. Candidate #86, please come forward.


    Alyssa who was called to the number stood up with a straight back.

    “Please state your name.

    The contents of the practical test were the same in both Exam Room A and Exam Room B.

    The only difference was that the examiners here tested the candidates in the order of their test numbers.

    “Exam number eighty-six, name is Elisa. Please be kind.

    The exam room was in an uproar.

    Her long, sallow hair and delicate, pure white skin.

    Her eyes were as bright as freshly polished rubies, and her face was as beautiful as could be.

    The most important thing was her graceful salute.

    She was expected to be ridiculed, but that was not the case.

    Everyone could feel the grace of an ancient nobleman in her beauty and manner, and they all fell in love with her.

    Even the examiner was no exception to this.

    Even though the examiner was a woman, he almost stopped breathing for a moment at the sight of her beauty.

    “…… Shall we begin?

    “Yes, yes. Please begin, Elisa-san.

    After asking for the examiner’s permission, Elisa posed with her magic tool.

    It was the same color as her eyes, which were red.

    “Flame edge”!

    In that instant, the air shook.

    She temporarily changed her pre-constructed magic composition, as she judged that it could cause more damage to the target.


    Alyssa constructed the “Yan Lie Blade” to stab the target.

    “Really, really unbelievable ……! The dark matter is damaged!

    Witnessing Elisa’s magic, the examiner let out a startled yell.

    The surrounding examiners also saw the difference in each other’s strength at a glance, and completely shrank away.

    (……) Ahhh, what a bore. Surprised because of this level of magic, there’s really only people with a very low level here.)

    Elisa sighed heavily, but at that moment she noticed a difference.

    At the back of the examination room, more than 20 meters away from Elisa, a teacher turned pale and ran towards this place.

    “Body Strengthening Magic – Hearing Strengthening.

    Elisa was confused as to what was going on and eavesdropped on the spot.

    Fidia-sensei! We have an emergency! It’s amazing! Please hurry!

    The examiner in white who was called by the young teacher was the magician who was in charge of this exam.

    (Oh, so the examiner with the arrogant attitude is named Fitia. By the way, what’s the emergency?)

    Fidia methodically instructed the young teacher to explain the situation precisely, only to see the young teacher grin in what seemed like an unspoken grin.

    “That is, the Dark Matter target …… was blown to smithereens by the amber-eyed candidate.

    “──── Well!?

    Alyssa unconsciously doubted her own ears.

    But as she heard more details, she switched to doubting her own head and common sense.

    It sounded like the teenager had not only shot the target to smithereens, but had even burned the surrounding grasslands to a crisp.

    “What was that candidate’s name? Where is the nobleman?

    “He …… doesn’t seem to be the noble …… one, and he was born in the Rangevat territory. The name is ……

    Alyssa heard the name of the troubled teenager with increasing anticipation and excitement.


    The teacher did answer so in a low voice.

    Why exactly?

    Why did the boy with the “inferior eye”, who is known as “all-ability zero”, create a magic that shocked the audience?

    Since then, Elisa has ignited a strong sense of competition for the teenager named Abel.

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