The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 1 Chapter 6

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And after that–

Two years have passed since I awoke from the slumber caused by Transfiguration Magic.

During these two years, I have seen magic techniques in various fields.


Should I say karma? There are few things that I can see in this territory that make me feel awesome from the bottom of my heart.

Of course, the standard of magic is also very bad.

At first, I thought the reason for the decline of magic in the world is “magic tools”, but gradually I think there is more to it than that.

The standard of magicians in this world is so low that it is frankly “abnormal”.

If you ask Lilith, she might tell you about that, but I want to see and discover the world as much as I can.

What has happened in the last 200 years? Why is magic declining?

My recent interests have been in these matters.

” Abel-sama, I’ve made tea.

“Well, thank you.

The decline of magic is sad, but relatively speaking, this world has several popular epoch-making props.

In particular, the item called the Quick Boil Kettle in Lillith’s possession was handy.

Magic was good for instantaneous bursts of power, not for emitting energy intermittently.

“How? I made this herbal tea myself.

“Well, it’s good. It tastes good.

It’s possible that all the people with excellent talents are concentrating on the development of magic tools.

What we need in this era of peace is not a magic tool that requires rigorous training, but a magic tool that anyone can use freely.

I’ve been reborn 200 years ago, and I’m now in a complicated state of mind.

“Master! I did it! I’ve finally learned that magic trick from before…!

The young man who opened the door with a loud bang was Ted, who was a little shorter than me and had blond hair the color of burnt tortoiseshell candy. It is a candy made by boiling granulated sugar into a syrup and pouring it into a mold to congeal.

During those two years, Ted called me his master and asked me for advice on magic.

The rude way he used to talk when he first met me has improved.

“No problem. You try it here.

“Huh? But ……?

“You think I can’t defeat the magic of your little brat? Don’t be shy. Come on.

The technique of analyzing the magic constructed by the opponent and breaking the opponent’s magic in an instant is called “Counter-evidence Magic”.

In fact, “Counter-evidence Magic” requires a huge difference in strength between the two sides to perform, so I think it’s okay if the opponent is Ted.

“Then, I’m going to do it…

Tad closed his eyes and drew the magic composition in his mind.

“Burning bullet!

In the next instant, the air shook.

Tad’s right hand shot a flaming bullet about ten centimeters in diameter.

I drank the herbal tea that Liz had made and commented on Tad’s magic at the same time.

So that was it.

It was sloppy.

It’s a low level magic trick that doesn’t have any basic skills, but for a magician of this age, it’s pretty good.

The main point is that he doesn’t rely on toys like magic tools, which is commendable.

The disadvantage of using magic tools is that they can stop thinking and you can’t understand the magic.

Huh? Huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh! Master! Why did my magic disappear!

The magic was suddenly nullified, and Ted unconsciously let out an overwhelmed yell.


Did magicians of this era even know about Counterfeit Magic?

Counter Evidence Magic is convenient if used properly, but as it turns out, it requires a large difference in strength between the two sides, which becomes a major limitation in its use.

Understand the structure of the opponent’s magic, and create a structure that is completely opposite to the opponent’s magic.

The latest time you need to do this is immediately after your opponent’s magic starts.

This trick is ultimately flawed.

It worked perfectly against a clumsy magician like Tad, but was useless against an opponent of equal strength.

You’ve improved, Tad.

In my eyes, Tad’s talent in attribute magic was so low that he was desperate.

Tad was slow to learn, and I had to work hard to teach him.

“Really? Great…!

Does it make him so happy to be praised by me?

I saw Tad get happy and jump around the room like a puppy.

“That’s the biggest encouragement I’ve ever had when Master said that! Now I’ll have the energy to face the entrance exam of the Magic Academy tomorrow!

Oh my, is there such an important event tomorrow? Go and behave.

Really? School?

Has Ted reached that age too?

Kids grow up really fast.

When we first met, Tad was still a childish, frightening little kid, but now he’s become much more sensible.

“What is Master talking about? I heard from Lilith-san that Master also applied for the exam together, right?


I unconsciously tilted my head to express my confusion.

I enrolled in the Magic Academy?

Two hundred years ago, I was known as the “unparalleled genius” and was unmatched by anyone, but now I’m going to enter the academy?

That’s really enough. If it’s a joke, it’s in poor taste.

“Hey, Lilith, what’s going on? Why do I have to take the entrance exam for Magic Academy?

Maybe Lilith was the one who made the decision without telling me.

I wondered, while Lilith, who was in the kitchen, washed the dishes as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, I’d like to ask Abel-sama: …… What do you want to do in the future if you don’t go to the academy?

“Do you have to ask? Be an adventurer as usual, go across the country ……

“With all due respect, Abel-sama …… has completely abolished the adventurer profession ten years ago?


Now the shocking facts are revealed.

So it is.

The books in the library are a bit old, so I don’t know how recent they are.


I think so.

In my time, the main job of the adventurer profession was to hunt down monsters and sell some of the materials to the adventurer guild.


In this day and age, the number of monsters is declining and adventurers are becoming an “unnecessary” job?

“You’re planning to work in magic, right? If that’s the case, in this age of peace, if you don’t graduate from the academy, everything is out of the question. Do you understand?

Even though I understand that, I can’t get over it.

Why do I have to be so miserable that I have to go to the academy now?

Even two hundred years ago, there was no one left who could teach me magic. It’s hard to live in this world.

Or is Abel-sama just going to be my little boy?

From my point of view, that would be perfectly fine, too: ……

“I know, I’ll take it. Just take the test, right?

I can’t help it.

It’s true that I’m living on Lilith’s assistance.

I don’t want to be supported by a woman forever.

Let’s take this incident in a positive light as a necessary step in expanding my worldview.

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Table of Content