The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 1 Chapter 5

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    “Abel! Something’s wrong…!

    First of all, let’s change your habit of not doing anything until after you make a sound.

    I thought to myself, and flicked Ted’s hand away with the back of my book.

    Wait a minute…

    “Tad, what did you just call my name?

    “Ha-ha-ha ! Playing together for days, even I’ll remember it!

    It’s all very humbling to see the slightest growth in a child.

    I was almost drowning in such sentiments, but when I think about it, it’s not surprising.

    It’s just a name, an ordinary child would remember it immediately.

    It’s just a nobleman’s memory that’s rotten to the core.

    You’re my future little brother, so I have to remember your name!

    If that future ever comes, be sure to forget my name.

    Back to business.

    I’ve been observing Tad for the past few days, and I understand a few things.

    Tad possesses the Scorch Eye that excels at fire attribute magic, but when it comes to the talent of key attribute magic, unfortunately, it seems to be ‘inferior’.

    Because attribute magic must instantly understand, apply, and expand complex magic constructs, a good mind naturally becomes the key to magic.

    For a simple person like Tad, the burden seems to be a bit too much.

    But on the other hand, Tad’s body strengthening magic talent is “not bad”.

    This kind of magic is different from attribute magic, it doesn’t require logical thinking, it requires ‘wild intuition in feeling’.

    Regardless of whether it was good or bad, Tad’s thinking was simple, and this kind of magic might suit his personality better.


    Ted’s fist comes in straight.

    So that’s it.

    These days, Tad’s skills seem to have improved slightly.

    It’s just that in the world I lived in 200 years ago, this level of movement was possible for anyone, regardless of age.

    The degree purely changed from ‘not at all’ to ‘more or less better’.

    I caught his attack with one hand and swept his leg.

    How slow. At this rate, the flies will stop on me.


    Tad let out a scream like a frog and fell several meters away.

    “What’s the matter, are you giving up?

    When I did my best to provoke him, Tadra yelled, “Damn it! After that, it stood up.

    Then a mutation occurred.


    “Hello, hello, …….

    He shouldn’t have stood up violently.

    I saw Tad slip on the snow on the roof and fall to the side of the back door.


    It’s so bad that he’s good enough to fall to the slate floor.

    But the only thing Ted was good at was endurance.

    That’s a level that won’t kill him, I guess.

    “Eee, ah ……! Ouch. ……!

    Ted let out an unvoiced scream.

    His eyes continued to well up with beady tears.

    So it was.

    He seems to have broken his ankle the moment he hit the ground.

    What the hell. You’re lucky it’s only a fracture.

    In the old world, broken bones were commonplace.

    It’s often difficult to repair a broken organ, but it’s easier to join the bones by magic.

    “Don’t cry out in pain. You’re a man, aren’t you.

    Having said that, Tad is considered a child, right?

    Telling Tad to endure the pain of a broken bone is tough, I guess.

    And there’s no denying that part of the blame for this Tad injury lies with me.

    I can’t help it.

    I’m not good at recovery magic, but if I were to heal an injury of this magnitude…

    TED ! Are you okay?

    Buzz came running in a panic.

    “You wait! I’m going to help you with your rejuvenation magic right now!


    This guy is clearly not a magician of Grey Eyes, but he can use Reply Magic?

    Buzz unleashed his primary recovery spell – heal.

    It seems that I might have underestimated him a bit.

    If the content of the magic is right, I have to be sure of Buzz’s strength …… Huh?

    “What the hell are you, what are you …… doing?

    “Is reply magic that unusual? You be quiet or I won’t be able to concentrate!

    This is not good.

    The imagery of reply magic is close to building blocks.

    The higher the degree of Reply Magic, the smaller the blocks, so that thinking about it is easier to understand. Reply magic is exactly that slender magic.

    Then, when stacking blocks normally, you need to use a large block as a base to avoid collapsing.

    However, this guy’s magic is just like barely stacking the big blocks on the small ones and then using glue to strengthen them, so it is too fast.

    Woah ……

    I can’t watch this ……

    This guy actually hates his brother, right?

    When you connect like that, the nerves rub against each other and it hurts like hell.

    “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ────!

    “Are you okay? It’s going to hurt a bit, just bear with it!

    Even I couldn’t help but feel sympathy.

    Tad fainted, rolling his eyes as he endured his own brother’s crude reply magic.

    I said, “I think it’s better to take him to the infirmary as soon as possible instead of treating him.

    It’s not too late to treat the harm done by the nobleman, but it’s not too late, so if you treat it properly, you’ll be able to recover.

    “Wait, before that, I’ll ask you–


    We need to get Tad to the infirmary quickly.

    Otherwise, your crude recovery magic will turn into an attack magic that destroys your body.

    “What’s this wound?

    “I was playing and fell down.

    “Didn’t you push me down?


    “I saw that. You just tripped Ted’s foot.

    “Now that you’ve seen it, you know what happened. After that, Tad tried to get up–

    “Call me Master Ted.

    That’s really enough. What the hell has this noble young master (brother) …… been talking about since just now?

    Are we stuck in this petty situation?

    “You are a commoner, Tad is a noble. No matter how young he is, Tad is the rightful second son of my Rangevart family.

    “Uh …… so what?

    “What kind of attitude is that?

    “Whether it’s a commoner or a nobleman, those things are not important right now, so we need to send Tad to a place that’s suitable for the wounded.

    “How dare you say it’s not important?

    Buzz shook his fist quietly.

    He’s obviously got a hostile attitude towards me.

    “You’re an asshole, you’re an asshole! I’ll make you sorry you ever disrespected a nobleman!

    Buzz threw something at me.

    It’s a move I remember a little. It’s an old trick from way back.

    “Let’s duel! You have damaged the honor of the nobility. I’m sorry, but I will not spare the insolent!

    Well, halfway through the conversation, I had a vague feeling that the situation would turn out like this.

    The situation has become even more complicated due to the intervention of a nobleman who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    Wait a minute, I don’t have any reason to duel?

    Of course, in my eyes, the noble young master (brother) is insignificant.

    I can’t lose.

    Even if I duel 10,000 times, the result will be the same.

    It’s just that I purely want to live peacefully in this world.

    Now, the residents who heard the noise are gathering around us.

    I don’t think it’s wise to draw attention to ourselves on the street like that.

    Don’t… don’t joke around! Do you even want to make a fool of the dignity of the nobles!

    Ah… Buzz is burning with rage.

    That’s right. Come to think of it, the other party is a child.

    Telling him not to be so angry when he’s angry will make him even angrier, right?


    What should we do?

    Maybe if I agree to a duel, it’ll be easier for me to avoid attention.

    I felt strongly that the more I made Buzz angry, the more it would backfire and amplify the commotion.

    After I sighed deeply –

    “I know. I promise to duel.

    I can’t.

    I’ll just play along with Buzz for now.

    And I’d like to know how well a nobleman in this day and age can use magic.

    If you don’t use too much magic, you won’t attract too much attention, will you?

    “Heh heh, so let’s explain the rules of the duel! I’ll go one on one with you! The first one to say “I give up” wins! But we’re so far apart in age, I’ll let you ……

    “I got it, I got it. No need to make me, just get it over with.

    I was more worried about Tad’s injury than anything like that.

    Since I was partly responsible for his injury, I was obligated to help Tad with his treatment.

    “What ……! How far will you, how far will you insult me before you are willing to ……!

    Not good, not good.

    It seems that my perfunctory attitude has touched Buzz’s backbone.

    Buzz’s voice was shaking with anger, and his whole body was releasing a murderous aura that seemed ready to cut at any moment.

    “All right. You’ll spend the rest of your life regretting insulting me!

    Buzz drew the sword at his waist.


    That single-edged sword was slightly too long for a child, so I’m afraid it was a real sword for adults.

    However, unlike ordinary swords, it had a wonderfully crafted blade.

    “Wind edge”!

    As Buzz swung down his sword, the wind blade shot straight at him.

    Hmm? This guy is even better than I thought he would be.

    The power was ordinary and lackluster, but no matter what, the speed of constructing magic was too fast.

    In the previous world, I was the only one who could construct magic at that speed.

    That being the case, the problem was the strange-shaped sword in the noble young master’s (brother’s) hand.

    That sword must have hidden a secret meaning.

    Otherwise, a child like Buzz wouldn’t have been able to construct magic so quickly.

    “Huh! Judging from your reaction, it must be your first time seeing a regalia, right?

    A magic tool?

    Is that the name of the sword? First time I’ve heard that term.

    It’s hard to watch ……, I’m at a loss for words. I can’t believe you don’t even know about the magic tool …… You seem to have lived in a very remote countryside area.

    I didn’t live in the country, though… ……

    On second thought, it’s difficult to explain my situation to others.

    My true identity is that of a magician who was reborn two hundred years ago into the future, and that would be hard to convince anyone.

    But it’s true, at least I’ve never seen anything like that.

    In that case, I’ll tell you the answer instead. It’s a prop to assist in constructing magic!

    Buzz raised the sword in his hand as he spat at me.

    「──Thanks to this sword, I was able to perform magic with overwhelming speed!

    The Wind Leveller Blade was activated again.

    After easily dodging, I thought of a possibility and looked at the sword.

    I used the “Analyzing Eye” magic to strengthen my body.


    I see… I see.

    It seems that the sword used by the nobleman (brother) has a magic composition.

    In other words, you don’t have to create your own source of magic, you just need to put magic power into the sword to activate simple magic.

    “How! This speed! You can’t keep up with an unarmed man!

    What to say …… is just a well made toy I guess.

    There is no other way to describe it.

    If I were you, I’d say you’d look like an old man walking on crutches if you used a prop like that.

    There is no absolute right composition for magic.

    The true flavor of magic is to find and construct the best composition for the situation.

    “Look, look, look! This is my power!

    Buzz swings his sword in succession, but I don’t feel half threatened.

    So slow.

    Because he’s self-defeating, using the kind of sword that doesn’t suit him.

    I easily dodge Buzz’s attack and distance myself from him.

    Buzz took this opportunity to use his Wind Leveller again.


    I’m almost tired of it.

    I used my left hand to swat away Buzz’s Wind Blade.

    “What? My magic, and you’ve just killed me with your bare hands!

    The mystery I’ve been trying to figure out is finally solved.

    The magic prop.

    I’m afraid the debut of this prop is one of the main reasons for the low standard of magicians.

    Magic props are indeed very convenient.

    It is precisely because they are convenient that magicians nowadays should be thinking like this…

    I don’t mind not having to build my own magic tricks since I have magic tools.

    In fact, in a world where there are no natural enemies like the demons, quick and easy magic is very useful.

    But it’s so sad.

    The era I lived in 200 years ago was not an environment where toys like magic tools could be used.

    As a result, the magician’s “thinking brain” was taken away by the magic tool.

    Is that magic? I thought it was a balloon release.

    “-Well! It’s yours! That kind of attitude!

    Buzz was so mad that he continuously cast the exact same wind column blade with the same magic composition.

    I can’t help it.

    This is a thank you for helping me with my research.

    I’ll show you a real magic trick in its original form.


    The magic I chose is the same as Buzz’s. It’s the same blade.

    A flash of light…

    The wind column blade I constructed flew through Buzz’s magic.


    The rubble crumbled, while Buzz fell to the ground and lay in big letters.

    Of course I had mercy.

    Although I added the eye-catching special effects so that Buzz would understand the difference in strength, the power should have been reduced to quite weak.

    People who rely on magic items for their fighting style can’t make improvised responses like this.

    I walked across the rubble and approached Buzz.

    As I thought…

    Despite being unconscious, Buzz’s injuries didn’t look serious.

    “Why, why would I …… be …… by a civilian like you?


    Speaking of which, I’d forgotten.

    The condition of this duel wasn’t to make the opponent unable to fight.

    How? You want to say, “I give up?

    “Nasty …… inferior-eyed brat ……! Who is going to concede to you ……!

    That’s really enough.

    Can’t that prideful ego part a little elsewhere?

    If self-esteem is not based on one’s own achievements, but on what others have given, the person is finished.

    That said, I am not a demon.

    It’s useless to pursue this any further, so let’s stop the dueling game here.

    Just before I was about to give him mercy…


    The sound of rubble crumbling and Buzz’s screams (for the second time) rang around together.

    The person who kicked Buzz off the ground is a character I’m also familiar with.

    “Uh …… Lilith, what are you doing?

    “I’m very sorry, Abel-sama. I’m sorry for the garbage that was left nearby.

    It’s not that kind of thing I wanted to ask.

    You’re a maid who works for a nobleman, right?

    I always felt really bad about using violence against my employer.

    “Nuff choke …… Lilith ……! What the hell is this doing ……!

    “Shut up and never speak again. Don’t you ever insult Abel-sama again.


    Lilith unleashes a murderous aura on Buzz, who is completely terrified.


    Buzz was in love with Liz up until just now, even to the point of confessing, wasn’t he?

    I thought he’d be scarred for life.

    “I’m very sorry, Abel-sama. I’m sorry for this offense.

    “No, it’s fine. I don’t mind.

    “…… But, looking at this, where I can’t see, did that person make a rather rude statement?

    “Oh, I don’t care that he discriminates against my eyes. Because I’m used to it from before. You’ll just have to forgive Buzz.

    Buzz’s statement this time, compared to what people said two hundred years ago, was child’s play.

    In the old world, there were often people who were not treated as human beings simply because they had The Amber Eyes.

    In this world, people despised Amber Eyes, but they wouldn’t attack further.

    “Hey, you over there…


    “Thank you, Abel-sama, for your lenient treatment. This time, you will be pardoned and your sins will be forgiven.


    I know. I know. I get it.

    I know Buzz’s thoughts like the back of my hand.

    I’m afraid the words you’re about to say are, “Why am I a nobleman begging for forgiveness! “Isn’t normal the other way around? But…

    But saying something like that would be the end of it.

    Because Buzz knew that Liz would really kill him if she came back, so she didn’t dare say a word, right?

    “Aaaahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    It’s sad.

    The helpless Buzz is helpless.

    Buzz’s pride was completely shattered and he just cried out miserably on the ground.


    Another hour passed after that.

    I was also capable of treating Tad’s injuries, but I also just wanted to see the standard of the world’s medical magicians.

    That’s why I climbed up the tree and observed the condition of the nobleman in the infirmary from the window.

    “It will take six months for him to recover completely.

    “Really? Really?

    “Master, I know you’re at a playful age, but be patient.

    Will it take six months to fully recover?

    It really took time.

    Even if the noble young master’s (brother’s) reply magic caused the symptoms to worsen, I don’t think the injury is that bad. This

    A world really seems to have lowered the standards of even medical magicians.


    I confirmed the timing of the old doctor’s departure from the infirmary and snuck in through the window.

    Strange ……? Is it Abel? ……?

    “Yeah. How’s the wound?

    “Hehe, of course it is, right? A wound of this magnitude isn’t even a bruise!

    The noble young master (younger brother) acted stoic, but could not hide his fatigue.

    “ZZZ ……

    After a while, Tad fell asleep with a small snore.

    Hmmm, then again, his sleeping face was really ugly.

    The man’s face still didn’t look like he knew what he was doing.

    I can’t wait six months for him to come back.

    I conjured up a few magical constructs in the air.

    “Destruction – little healing.

    “Reconstruction. Healing magic. Parallel activation, recovery magic.

    “Body strengthening magic, change application, healing power”.

    Okay, that’s it.

    I’ll undo Buzz’s bad magic and perform the bone joining magic again.

    I’ll also increase the healing power so that Ted will be cured soon.

    “I’m sorry, Tad, but I’m a very impatient man.

    Of course, it’s none of my business what happens to the nobleman’s younger brother’s injury.

    It’s just that it’s a great loss to me to have a companion who works out with me every day.

    This man still has a lot to offer.

    I would like to ask him to heal his wounds as soon as possible and to continue to contribute to me in the future.


    “Mmm-hmm? “Who is it?

    A day had passed since that duel.

    Early that morning, when I opened the entrance door, a strange young man was standing in the doorway.

    “You’re not …… Bass, are you?

    I half-heartedly asked, just for the sake of asking.

    I couldn’t recognize him for a moment because his hair had changed, but upon closer inspection, I could see that some of his clothing and facial features were consistent with those of the old nobleman (brother).

    I don’t know what happened, but the nobleman’s hair was shaved in a ghastly manner, and I felt a sense of sadness.

    “Insolent man! How many times do I have to tell you before you remember to call me Master? It hurts!

    Behind Buzz, with a mane like a lion’s – correction, a bearded, unsmiling man – hit Buzz on the head.

    The man’s hair color was the same burnt malt color as Tad’s. His eye color was the color of “Beyonce”, which is a water-based magic.

    The color of his eyes was “Aqua Eye”, a water magic technique.

    “Pleased to meet you, my name is Evans Rangewalt, Abel-sama.

    A deep voice with a sense of authority gave the name.

    I saw Evans then kneel down on the spot.

    “Abel-sama, I’m really sorry about this! I hereby kneel down and beg you to forgive Puppy!

    Huh? What did this man suddenly say?

    What do you mean? I wasn’t mad at you from the start.

    “Father! Why apologize to this civilian, and inferior, eye! This man, Abell, is the brother of the maid our family employs, isn’t he?

    you’re an idiot ! What are you talking about?

    “Knock! A low, fuzzy sound.

    Solid fist sunk solidly into Bass’s head.

    Hmmm, multiplying that punch with weight is really remarkable.

    I’m afraid Tad got his physical abilities from his father.

    “Listen, Buzz, I’m going to take this opportunity to be clear first! We didn’t hire Lilith-sama! We were hired by Lilith-sama!

    “………… what?

    Bass heard Evans’ words and was unable to speak.

    So that was it.

    So that’s how it was? I finally get it.

    I’ve always felt incredulous.

    Why would a superior demon like Liesl serve humans.

    Even if times had changed, it would be unlikely for a demon to work under a human.

    In that case, why is that?

    Why is Liz working in the service of nobility?

    I’m afraid that Lilith has a grip on this nobleman.

    There are all sorts of obstacles that a demon race will encounter if they want to live among humans.

    In order to survive, they use their power as nobles… that’s the way of life for a demon race in this era.

    I’m here…! Abel-sama! Please! Please! Please, be merciful!

    But then again, that kneeling was shocking.

    Buzz’s father grabbed his head and kowtowed to him despite the humiliating expression on his face.

    What kind of a grip would fall into the hands of someone else that a self-respecting nobleman would kneel like this?

    Let’s ask Liz about this part of the story next time we meet.

    “Lift your head up. I’m not angry.

    “For Abel-sama’s leniency! Thanks a lot! Thank you very much indeed!


    As soon as I expressed my understanding, Evans kowtowed even harder, as if he would sink into the ground.

    I plainly told him to look up.

    This family is really all a bunch of guys who don’t listen to anyone.

    “Oooh …… what is …… what the hell are you guys ……!

    Buzz, who had been forced to kneel for some reason, wept and kowtowed to me with his shaved head.


    That night, the thick clouds of winter covered the entire sky.

    There was no moonlight at all, except for the magic orange light leaking from the windows of Hiram Rangwat’s mansion, which was conspicuous.

    The long corridor was carpeted with red carpets, and a man walked on it with his head held high.

    The young man’s name was Buzz Rangwath.

    His once proud blond hair is shaved.

    His eyes were dark and hostile, even making those emerald eyes look black, and his fists were clenched tight.

    He knocked on the dark teal door at the end of the hallway, “Come in.

    “Come in,” he said. came a deep, weighty voice.

    “Excuse me, Father,” he said.

    This is the master’s study.

    The man in the room was a huge man with a beard like a lion, Evans Rangevat.

    “What can I do for you at this hour of the night?

    “…… I’ll just cut to the chase. Father-sama, would it be possible to expel Lilith and Abell from this territory?

    It was so unexpected that Evans shook his head despite his inability to speak.


    “Why! Those guys–

    “I’ve told you before. Lilith-sama is not just a maid. She’s my benefactor and I can’t ignore her.

    “So what!

    Buzz spoke excitedly, his voice echoing through the night.

    In fact, Bass had heard his father explain when he turned ten years old that Lillith was no mere maid.

    This village had many unfavorable elements in terms of geography, and most of its prosperity today was due to Liz’s pertinent guidance and advice.

    “Even if we don’t rely on that kind of guy, we’re already capable of ruling the territory on our own, so we shouldn’t have any problems!

    “…… Buzz, you’re wrong to say that.

    “Wrong? Father, please tell me what’s wrong!

    “Dad, Buzz, what have you been fighting about? Even the hallways can hear the voices ……

    Ted, in his pajamas, opened the door and came in yawning.

    His foot was rolled in a healing plaster bandage, wrapped round and round like white iron.

    “Tad, can you walk!?

    “Mmm! Look! Just like this, you can walk normally! Alive and kicking!

    Buzz asked a startled question, and Ted responded to him as if nothing had happened.

    Evans was aware of the situation but didn’t say anything.

    “Buzz and Ted, when the time comes, I will tell you the truth. I will explain the relationship between Lillith-sama and I, and why I should pay my respects to Lillith-sama.

    “…… Father-sama, what is going on that even nobles like us have to bow down to her?

    Evans was silent at one point.

    He had been scheduled to tell his two sons that Lilith was a demon, and therefore hiding her.

    But Evans intuitively felt–

    Buzz was now driven by very gray feelings.

    Even if he was a son, he couldn’t reveal secrets to him in this state.

    “You’re not going to answer, are you?

    “I can’t answer you now.

    Well, then… In that case, forget it!

    His father doesn’t answer directly, making Buzz even more upset.

    But after a moment, Buzz seemed to get over it.

    “Father-sama! Can you recommend me to the Asria School of Magic!

    “──── Well!?

    At Buzz’s words, Father Evans shook his head slowly.

    “That will not do. You will stay in this realm and learn how to be a lord. That’s what we agreed to, right?

    The Asria School of Magic is a prestigious school that has produced many elite magicians.

    But it takes at least five years to graduate, and Evans is on the fence about sending his sons to school.

    “I want to learn more powerful magic! Stronger and sharper! To shred my enemies to pieces and leave my competitors behind without mercy, I will learn this harsh magic! And then become the strongest magician who won’t lose to the commoners, no, not even to the nobles, not to anyone!

    Evans was surprised.

    Evans saw Buzz as a son who was smart and never showed his feelings at any time.

    It was because his brother Tad was naughty, so it seemed that way even more.

    “…… Brother Buzz, there’s no need to get into a corner like that.

    “Noisy! Shame on you, nobleman!

    That’s when Buzz took an action that startled his father, Evans.

    Buzz didn’t know what to think, but he pushed his injured brother hard away.

    “No! “Don’t stop!

    “But …… is this guy …… is this guy bad ……! He’s a nobleman but he’s mingling with commoners!

    Buzz repeatedly behaved like a child, and Evans changed his opinion of Buzz.

    In any case, he couldn’t leave the job of “Lord” to Buzz in his current state.

    In that sense, Buzz’s request was to Evans’ liking.

    “Good. I’ll recommend you to enter the Asria Magic Academy.

    “…… Really?!

    “Yes. Go abroad and broaden your horizons and see how wide the world is.

    “…… I’m sure Father will let me go. Thank you, Father-sama.

    Buzz shrugged off Evans’ hand and left the library.

    As he watched Buzz’s back, Evans felt pain in his heart – where did he go wrong?

    “…… Tad, are you okay?

    “It hurts …… but I’m fine.


    Despite being subjected to Buzz’s unreasonable violence, Ted’s response is calm.

    It looked like he really didn’t have the eyes to see his son.

    Although Tad seemed mischievous, he was actually more ‘mature’ mentally than his brother.

    “Tad, I want to tell you the truth.


    “…… Tad, I was saved by Lilith-sama before.


    “I was hunting in the forest one snowy day when I was suddenly almost attacked by a demon.

    Evans deliberately didn’t tell Tad that it was a long time ago.

    It had been more than twenty years since Evans and Lilith had become acquainted.

    “So that’s what happened?

    “That’s right. Ever since then, Lilith-sama has taken care of me. I think of Lilith as a good neighbor and a mentor in life.

    At that time, the relationship between the two of them was a bit like the one between Abel and Ted now.

    Evans thought back to that day.

    He asked, “Why are you being so nice to yourself? Lilith gave an unexpected answer.

    『One day when an important person wakes up, I want to give that person an environment where they can live in peace.』

    When he first heard that reason, Evans felt at a loss for words, but he could now understand the meaning of that statement.

    That day, when Evans was almost attacked by a demon in the forest, Lilith 『Let Evans live』 was all for a day like today, right?

    Oh, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that maid had such a side.

    “That’s right. That’s why you can’t become like Buzz. You have to get along with Lilith and her brother.

    “No need for Dad to tell me! Because Abel is an important companion to Benda My Little Brother …… No!

    Buzz, who keeps rejecting Abell for childish reasons, and Ted, who chooses to accept Abell.

    The future of the two brothers takes this day as a turning point, clearly separating the light from the dark.


    I want to talk about what happened after that.

    In the month since that day, I’ve gotten a very steady daily routine.

    Waking up to the sound of birds chirping in the morning, having breakfast with Liz, and reading in the library until after noon. After eating Liz’s pre-made lunch, I took a one-hour nap.

    When she woke up, she continued to study magic in the library.

    The afternoon sun was shining into the library.

    I yawned and suddenly looked at my face reflected in the window.

    From that day on, I never played ghost hunting with a nobleman.

    It’s true that if you don’t exercise regularly, your body will deteriorate.

    I looked down at the book, but quickly decided to close it.

    My ears don’t miss noises from outside the room.

    That’s right. I haven’t played ghost hunting since that incident.

    I’ll see you later. Please teach me more today too! Master!

    The door was rudely opened and Ted barged into the library.

    Ever since the duel with Buzz, only one small change had occurred in the ordinary, uneventful daily life.

    “…… Hey, I told you a few times, didn’t I? “Open the door quietly while I read.

    “Don’t say that yet, Master! Hurry up and continue teaching me yesterday’s magic! I’m actually getting the hang of it!


    Exactly. The change in my daily life was that, at some point, Tad stuck to me as ‘Master’.

    Of course, at first I refused.

    But no matter how many times I said no, Tad wouldn’t stop calling me ‘Master’.

    “I don’t think I have any problems with my legs anymore.

    “Hey! Of course. This little wound isn’t even a scratch in my Lord Tad’s eyes!

    Don’t lie. You lie.

    When you fell off the roof, didn’t you streak and shed big tears?

    “In that case, do you want to relive that?

    “Huh? Relive what?

    I picked up the scarf that was hanging on the side and put it around my neck.

    “A game of ghost hunting.

    Like a dog who knows that his master wants to play with him, the nobleman’s eyes were shining brightly.

    “Yes! Today I’m going to get naked and defeat Master!

    It doesn’t matter if you’re full of confidence …… I taught you how to use the body strengthening magic I taught you yesterday, so use it. Did you get the hang of it?

    “Humph–! I’ll take care of it!

    Good answers were one of Ted’s few virtues, but the guy really only had passable answers a lot of the time, and that constituted the source of my annoyance.

    I opened the window in order to go outside.

    The cool breeze blew in, and the book on my desk turned the pages.

    My mundane daily life began to flow slowly.

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