The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 1 Chapter 1

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I woke up.

I felt a little pain in my body from sleeping too long and opened the coffin lid at the same time.


Suddenly there was a low, fuzzy sound.

I’m afraid the coffin lid is broken because it hasn’t been moved for a long time.

It’s no wonder.

If my Reincarnation Magic is successful, it means that this place is two hundred years in the future.

The coffin is badly aged and decayed, isn’t it?

“Ohhhhh ……!

I came to where there was light, saw my smaller arms and legs, and let out an involuntary sigh of exasperation.

It worked.

My soul entered safely into the body I had prepared beforehand.

By the way, the flesh used for reincarnation was modeled after my childhood likeness before I was born.

Actually, I could have done a little more plastic surgery to make it look better, but I had feelings for my old looks and couldn’t give them up completely.

I don’t think there will be anyone I know in 200 years from now, so I don’t mind if I keep my face close to my old one.

Let’s see, I remembered that I have a mirror here ……

I looked around, but didn’t see anything that looked like a mirror.

The dressing mirror, which should have been standing in the room, seemed to have fallen down due to an earthquake or something, and was buried under the debris.

At that moment, my thoughts were interrupted.

“The scent of a demon ……,” I said.

I raised my ears and listened. I could hear footsteps echoing in the cave.

Judging from the footsteps, it was a woman.

It looks like she’s mimicking a human.

That’s ingenious.

It would be difficult for a human other than me to see through her.

Here’s the problem.

This is not good.

The cave should have multiple borders, so no one can get in.

How did they get in? Is it possible that after two hundred years, not only the coffin, but also the linking circles have aged?

It wouldn’t be a problem for me to defeat this opponent in my previous life, but with the body of a small child now, I don’t know how far I can go.

There’s only one chance to initiate a pre-emptive attack.

It’s the moment this woman opens the door.

I’m going to use the most powerful magic I can build right now.

If I can get a head start, I’ll be able to use my child’s body to gain an advantage.

At that moment, the heavy door slowly opened.

“Abel-sama, ……?

So pretty.

I almost unconsciously undid the magic I was constructing when I saw her face.

She is such a beautiful woman.

Her eye color is blue.

It’s the “Aqua Eyes” that specializes in water attribute magic.

Silver hair as bright as silver and skin as fair as clouds.

She suddenly dropped the wooden basket she was holding.

“I’ve been waiting for this day ………

Hey hey hey. Hey, hey, hey.

I’m at a loss.

You want to say why?

Because the demon woman in front of me was in tears, she sat down on the spot.

“I’m sorry, Abel-sama. I’ve been waiting for this day.

Waiting for me?

No, wait, I don’t know this kind of beauty at all.

Not that I’m boasting, but in my past life, I was absorbed in studying magic and lived a life completely unrelated to the opposite sex.

But if this tear is real, she’s a great actress.

If she was really waiting for me. Who is she? Do I know any demons?

“Ahhh …… is that so? …… is that so? …… is that so?

I couldn’t help but feel déjà vu.

I’ve seen it before – the face that looked up at me while sobbing.

“Abel! Are you out of your mind! He’s a kid, but he’s a demon!

“I can’t believe it! That child is the enemy of us humans!

The events of that day are still fresh in my mind.

The day after I defeated the Demon King, I saved the life of a demon girl on a whim.

In the castle, she was almost killed because she was the daughter of a demon king.

That’s right, I know her name. I know this girl’s name.

“-It’s been a long time, Lilith.

“Yes. I’m glad to see that Abel-sama hasn’t changed either.

I see…

After two hundred years, the young girl of the clan who used to have smooth and flat skin has grown to be about twenty years old.

“You saved my life two hundred years ago, and ever since then, I’ve been wanting to repay your kindness! I heard that you disappeared from the G.I. Joe’s team …… I’ve been looking everywhere for over a hundred years, but I finally found this place.

Is that so?

The Demon Tribe found out about our secret stronghold. Did I lose everything?

I guess the boundary set up in the cave has weakened due to deterioration over the years.

Calculation error.

If I have a chance to reincarnate next time, I’ll have to adjust this part of the problem.

“By the way, Lilith, your eyes used to be “Amber Eyes” just like mine. …… Is it my fault?

One thing I’ve been wondering since just now.

That is, Lilith’s eyes that I haven’t seen in a while have changed from “Amber Eyes” to “Bi-eyes”.

The color of her eyes, in other words, the color of her soul, is not an exaggeration.

I couldn’t get rid of “Amber Eyes” even if I was reincarnated, so why did she get rid of it so easily?

“Yes, I’m Amber Eyes. I’m Amber Eyes, but I’m using colored contact lenses.

“…… colored contact lenses?

“Yeah. I thought it’d be quicker to demonstrate rather than just talk about it.

“What ……!?

The next action Lilith took scared me to death.

Without knowing what she was thinking, Lilith stuck her hand in her eye and peeled off something.

It’s a prop called a colored contact lens. Once you get used to them, you won’t feel any pain or foreign objects.


So that’s it.

Is this the translucent film that changes the color of your eyes?

In the times I survived, it was a prop that anyone could have thought of, but no one made.

“Hehehehehehehe ……

I naturally and uncontrollably let out a dry laugh.

I had made the right decision in taking the risk of being reborn two hundred years into the future.

The evolution of mankind is wonderful.

When I look at the world, I see a history of discrimination and persecution caused by eye color. We humans are hostile to each other just because of the color of our eyes, sometimes even causing wars and sacrificing many lives.

It is ironic.

Can the reasons for our hostility be resolved with such a translucent film?

” Abel-sama, I haven’t seen you for a long time, I have a lot to say, if it’s convenient, would you like to go somewhere else? There’s a house nearby that I’ve prepared.

“Yeah, sure.

I was concerned about what Lilith was going to say, but I really wanted to see and experience the “new discovery” of the outside world with my own eyes.

Lilith suddenly picked up the basket that had fallen to the ground and took something out of it.

It was a long, thin piece of cloth.

Just by looking at it, it looked like it was made of warm, fuzzy yarn.

I don’t know what Lilith was thinking, but she suddenly wrapped the cloth around my neck.

“What’s this? A kind of scarf?

When I asked, Liz smiled a little.

“It’s a cold weather garment known as a scarf. The name is a bit different from two hundred years ago.

She took my hand after saying so.

Matching my small steps, she slowly marched forward.

We came outside.

The exhaled breath is white, and the world is even whiter.

The fresh snow has just accumulated and has yet to mark anyone’s footprints.

“Come, let’s go, Abel-sama.

I nodded and took a step on the fresh snow of this new world.

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Table of Content