The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 1 Chapter 3

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    “this is …… how ……?

    I stayed up all night, and the next morning came.

    I shouted in amazement when I heard in the sunlight “the state of the world”.

    There were two great changes in the world.

    The first was the fact that the world was ‘technologically innovative’.

    It’s an encouraging development for the world.

    Magic Stones can be converted into various types of energy depending on how they are used, and the world’s civilization has evolved explosively thanks to the development of the technology for processing Magic Stones.

    For example, the “Light Bulb” that Lilith explained to me yesterday is one of them.

    By extracting the energy from magic stones, we are creating new industries and changing people’s lives dramatically.

    However, there are many things that I have to say to myself, “Is it necessary to automate even the areas where magic can be done?


    Therein lies the problem. The second fact that surprised me was…

    “I can’t believe this is happening. The standard of magicians is incredibly low ……

    For example, the book I’m reading right now is a perfect example.

    It’s written at length and in great detail, but the technology described in this book is something that even a child under the age of ten would have taken for granted to know about two hundred years ago.

    However, the book is fine.

    There are even a few books in it that publish, present, and explain erroneous magic constructs in a dignified manner.

    Have you ever actually constructed a magic trick with this magic composition?

    There are so many things you can say.

    There are so many mistakes that building magic this way will 100% explode. I’m an expert on the subject.

    I stretched and jumped out of my chair.

    I opened the door to ventilate the room, but alas, there was bread in front of it.

    “Sir Abel, I’ll leave breakfast and lunch here. I’m going to work. I’ll be back later in the evening, so feel free to stay at home – Lilith.

    I’m sure she left this note because she thought I was concentrating on my studies. Work …… Work?

    That’s right.

    Lilith also does some kind of work for a living.

    I’m concerned.

    What kind of work does she do in this village full of humans?

    “Damn it, …… is almost asleep. …….

    I’ve been yawning nonstop ever since.

    Can’t this young body stay up all night?

    Forget ……

    Since I was almost sleepy, I read one paragraph and then ended it.

    I accepted Lilith’s offer, and went back to my reading with a piece of bread, and then…


    That’s the sound of the front door opening.

    Hmm? It was as if someone had come into the house.

    The atmosphere was distinctly different from Liz’s.

    Energetic bouncing footsteps approached all the way towards the library and someone let out a “Bang! I’ll open the door with a bang.


    Are you here to kick off?

    The person who suddenly stepped into the library was a blond teenager who looked about my age, about ten years old.

    “Hehe-! You must be Liz’s brother!

    Nope. Not really.

    What is it? This guy knows Liz, so is it someone Liz knows?

    Does it look like an ordinary human teenager, with the unusual part being that costume at best?

    It was like burnt malted blonde hair combed smooth and neat.

    Her clothes were quite striking.

    The red coat was covered in overly elaborate patterns, and the collar of the shirt was embroidered with flowers.

    So that’s it.

    A rich man’s son or nobleman, right?

    In that case, I remembered the neighbors.

    There’s a huge mansion next door. It’s the kids in that house, I guess.

    Nerve-wracking. What on earth is this child doing in our house?

    “Have fun, civilian! From today onwards, I, Lord Ted, will take you as my little brother!

    Wow, this kid, who doesn’t say anything else, wants to take me as his student?

    Just ignore it. Ignore.

    This kind of kid is common in all ages.

    “Hey, I’m calling you…! Lilith’s brother…! Let’s see, it’s Abbott, right?

    “It’s Abel.

    “Hey–! Arbor! Be my little brother! You know the little brother? That’s right…!

    “Sorry. I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in apprenticeship.

    “What’s wrong–! Be my little brother…!

    Damn. What a rotten day.

    The rich young master who was screaming like a child had absolutely no intention of leaving the room.

    I can’t help it.

    I don’t have a habit of scaring kids, but I can’t concentrate on my studies at this rate.

    Should I threaten him a little?

    I made up my mind and closed the book.

    “A word of advice to you. Don’t get involved with me. You know this eye?

    To be honest, I’m not good at this kind of acting, but it’s the lesser of two evils.

    I look down on the intruders with my golden eyes, “umber eyes”.

    Amber eyes, which are the same as those of demons, are a symbol of bad luck in this world.

    Now this guy won’t want to have anything to do with me anymore, will he?

    Eh? You …… that eye color ……!?

    The Tad teen took a step back and I pressed after him, turning my attention to him.

    Fine, fine, it seems to be working.

    It’s a good time to step it up and threaten him further.

    “Heh heh, that’s right. To tell you the truth, I am the one who is the Eye that is connected to the Demon Race…

    But never in a million years.

    The next action Tad took was far from what I expected.

    I don’t know what happened, but Tad looked at my face and laughed.

    “Pfft, pfft! Seriously! Isn’t this… isn’t this “Amber Eyes”…!


    Tad laughed and rolled on the floor.

    “The first time I’ve seen it…! So it’s true! “Amber Eyes”!

    How? What’s going on here?

    The sight was so shocking, I couldn’t shut up in surprise.

    “Hey! Tad! You can’t just barge into Lilith-san’s house without permission!

    The blond teenager who looked a lot like this Tad came into the room in a panicked state.

    The other looked two or three years older than Tad.

    Judging from their appearance, the two should be blood brothers.

    “Brother Bas! Look, this guy! The first time I saw “CHICK EYES!

    What is it? What’s this kid been talking about since just now?

    Forget it, Tad’s words are the babble of a young child after all.

    At Buzz’s age, even if he didn’t want to, he would have realized how the Amber Eyes existed, right?

    …… I see… I heard from Lilith-san that her younger brother who possesses amazing talent will move in …… Looks like I was expecting too much.


    Huh? Could it be that this brother is one of them?

    What have the brothers been babbling about since the beginning?

    In this world, amber eyes are the symbol of the strongest and most evil.

    No, I don’t think so. ……

    “In this world, are amber eyes a thing to be despised?

    “Pfft! Brother Buzz, this civilian named Abbott doesn’t seem to know anything!

    I’ve been too lazy to even revise my name.

    Now I’m just so shocked that I’m dumbfounded.

    “Listen, Ape! That chick-colored eye means zero fitness for all attributes! Fire, water, wind, production magic, and healing magic are all unavailable in “Eye of Zero”!

    “Tad, will you shut up ? That’s over the top.

    It’s really surprising.

    Indeed. Amber eyes are indeed eyes that need to be practiced.

    Specifically, if you don’t have ten years of training, you won’t be able to perform all the magic tricks and will be a late bloomer. However, after ten years of cultivation it would be able to become a weapon.

    Once the amber eye training is complete, you will be able to use all the attributes.

    Eventually (there are of course personal differences) you will be able to use the strongest magic of all the attributes to near perfection.

    Although it had suffered unreasonable persecution, it could be said that it stood out from the other eyes in terms of performance.

    “Uh, you’re Yah-san, aren’t you?

    What’s with the name that’s like *One Tree Shouting* ……? It is one of the famous dying screams of the Hokuto Shinken.

    “My name is Abell.

    I am Abell.” “Mr. Abell, I am sorry for my brother’s rude remark.

    Buzz bowed his head gently in apology.

    Oh, don’t mention it… I thought it, but I just whispered, “It’s okay, I don’t care.

    Ted apologized too.

    “No, I don’t want to! The other side is “Chicken Eye.

    “No, Ted, in this day and age, even if you don’t know how to do magic, you can still live a happy life. Mr. Abell knows what he’s doing, and I’m sure he’ll serve us from now on, so get along with him.

    So, you’re Buzz?

    Apparently you also despise amber-eyed people in fundamental part.

    Personally, I don’t dislike complete idiots like Tad that much, but I’m very afraid of people like Buzz who have half-assed intelligence and self-esteem.

    “Come on, Tad, let’s go home and learn some magic. The Chosen One must make something of himself.

    “Yes, yes, yes. That’s it. See you some other time, chicken-eyed Arby!

    The door was haphazardly closed.

    What the hell …… Seriously what the hell ……?

    Like a storm, these two brothers burst into people’s homes, slandering and defaming me one after the other.

    However – is it? So that’s what this is all about?

    I took out historical documents. The …… I just read is ‘History of War’.

    This world, for at least the last hundred years, has never had a war with the demons.

    In other words, it’s very peaceful.

    Without the Demons, there must be no more people afraid of the Demons’ possession of the Amber Eyes.

    Further …… originally the five major eyes of Burnt, Bi, Jade, Grey and Black were easily enough for anyone to learn the magic of the good attributes with a little practice.

    On the other hand, if you are a late bloomer, it is difficult to learn magic without some practice.

    That’s why in this era, when the standard of magic is low, people who have “Amber Eyes” have become the object of ridicule, with the public calling them “zero suitability and zero necessity”.

    Is that so?

    With the benefit of hindsight, I seem to finally understand why Liz would wear colored contact lenses to hide her eye color.

    Personally, I can’t like decorations that disguise themselves like colored contact lenses, but it makes sense that I would wear them since I have a hard time with them.

    Was it ridicule after the persecution ……?


    It turns out it’s so hard for Amber Eyes to live a normal life like a normal person ……


    “So your job is to be a servant?

    “Yes, that’s right. Ah, in this world it’s called a maid’s job. Do I look good in a maid’s outfit?

    Lilith came back with a small smile and spun around in front of me as if she was showing off her dress.

    It was a dark green apron dress that was close to black.

    No, in line with the terminology of this era, is it better to call it a maid’s outfit?

    “Yeah. It’s a good fit.

    “Oh, that’s good. Then I’ll prepare dinner.

    “I’ll leave it to you. Oh, and …….


    “…… I finally figured out what you’re doing hiding your eye color with colored contact lenses.

    “Really? I see.

    At first, I thought she was wearing the colored contact lenses simply to hide her identity as a demon, but there was something else going on behind the scenes.

    It’s clear if you check the library books.

    In this world, people with “Amber Eyes” are objects of ridicule.

    And the extent of it was no joke.

    The nobleman’s reaction just now was not special at all.

    In this day and age, people with “Amber Eyes” are just as difficult to live with, but the meaning is different.

    “In these two hundred years, the demons have almost lost their power.

    Lilith narrates as she cooks.

    I flipped through the book I had taken from the library.

    “Abel-sama led a band of brave men to conquer the Demon King. After that, humans waged a war against the remnants of the demon race …… and won.


    “Yes. Then the demons were defeated, peace was restored to the world, and the magician’s standard was lowered. As a result…

    “Humans are no longer afraid of the Amber Eyes, and the fact that they can gain the most power by exercising them has been completely forgotten in history, right?

    “Truly, Abel-sama. Exactly so.

    The only sounds in the space were the crisp sound of a knife hitting a chopping board and the gentle crack of sparks bursting from the wood burning in the heater.

    The conversation seemed inexplicably serene.

    “…… Lilith, you hate humans …… No, do you hate us?

    The demon race was undoubtedly destroyed because of our battle.

    On that day, at that point in time, we sent the Demon King, her father…

    “Yeah. I used to hate and cry.

    The chopping stopped.

    I was reading a book and didn’t look up to make sure, but I could clearly feel Lilith’s gaze coming from the kitchen.

    “But Abel-sama protected me desperately. And after that, he traveled with me to find a place where I could live safely. Abel-sama, do you remember?


    “It was a short time though, only half a month. But at that time, Abel-sama instructed me in the use of magic, the laws of the human town, and ……, among many other things.

    “Don’t change the subject. You used to talk about everything.

    “Oh, a good woman wears her secrets like earrings. That’s what San, the tavern mother who hired me, taught me back in the day.

    Lilith, that guy, has become inexplicably flirtatious over the past 200 years.

    It’s true, she used to be such a straightforward and cute little girl.

    “So ……

    Lilith approaches me.

    She got down on one knee and leaned in close to see my face.

    “I admire Abel-sama from the bottom of my heart.

    No matter what, her face was too close.

    I started to feel embarrassed, so I covered the lower part of my face with the book I was holding.


    If you think about it, Lilith has been waiting for me to be reborn for the past 200 years, and she even helped me prepare the environment for a happy life.

    I don’t think I would have done that even if I had been saved.

    “……Thank you.

    That’s why I decided to say it in a low voice.

    It’s a shame to tell you how I feel.

    After that, I didn’t meet Lilith’s eyes at all and buried myself in the world of the book.


    Then another hour passed.

    I don’t know what happened, but Liz and I took a shower together.

    Let’s clarify that it wasn’t on my terms.

    It was Liz forcing me to invite her.

    It’s not too much to call it semi-kidnapping.

    “…… I’m very sorry. The conversation earlier caused my love for Abel-sama to explode.


    Really? I totally get it.

    You’ve got that weird disease where you forcibly kidnap people into the bathroom once your love explodes, I guess.

    I’m sorry, but my poor recovery magic obviously can’t cure Lilith’s illness.

    “That’s enough …… man and woman alone in the bathtub naked, do you understand the meaning of this situation?

    “Heh heh, it’s funny how Abel-sama talks.

    Lilith didn’t look particularly shy, but just snickered.

    With all due respect, Abel-sama. It’s not very convincing for a man whose body is still immature and who is doubtful whether he’s had his first wet dream to say that.

    “Hmm ……

    It hurt to be spoken to by her.

    The current me is indeed a small child’s body with no heterosexual appeal.

    Compared to the me that became a little child, Lilith has developed and grown all parts of her body after two hundred years.

    I didn’t even know that before.

    When a woman’s breasts reached a certain size, they would float on the surface of the water.

    I can’t believe this day will come.

    In my previous life, when I was over thirty-five years old, this guy was still a little misfit under five years old, but now the positions are reversed?

    “…… I am happy. The lovey-dovey Abel-sama is able to realize that I’m a woman.

    Lilith said so in the bathtub, holding my body tightly.


    This woman underestimates a man’s libido.

    In fact, children at that age are sometimes more sexually aroused than adults.

    But it hurts.

    I can’t tolerate a one-sided beating in any field.

    I can’t help it.

    After I take a bath, I’m going to take a chance on a man’s pride and fight back a little.


    If you prick up your ears, you’ll hear the insects chirping at night.

    That night, I hugged Lilith.

    To be honest, in my previous life I had no interest in anything other than ‘getting stronger’ and had no experience of hugging a woman.

    Maybe that’s what I mean by happiness?

    The night I hugged Liz, I always felt as if I slept far more soundly than usual.

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