The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 1 Chapter 10

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    After the tumultuous entrance exams, it came to the next day.

    We stayed at a nearby hotel for the night and had to go through the pass list today.

    That being said, I didn’t have anything special to do.

    The form of releasing the list at Asria Magic Academy is for representatives of each family to go to the service window and pick up the envelope containing the notification of the admission results.

    In other words, there was nothing for me to show up for.

    I’ll just be drinking coffee at a nearby cafe and waiting for Ted’s report.

    “Master-chan! Sorry to keep you waiting…!

    “Bang! The person who opened the door to the cafe with a loud voice was a young man, Ted, who was a little shorter than me and had blond hair the color of burnt tortoiseshell candy.

    “Please look-! I’m in! How–! I’m trying so hard…?

    Ted opened his mouth with a notice that said, “Pass” in red letters.

    He’s a real yeller, isn’t he?

    He’s not interested in the taste of urban coffee.

    Two hundred years ago, coffee was known as the devil’s drink, and only a few people appreciated it, but now it seems to have spread all over the world.

    “Heh heh, Master also wants to confirm the results, right?

    Tad said as he observed my face with a smile on his face.

    “There’s no need, I’m sure it’s accepted anyway.


    Ted had a confused look on his face, so I told him part of the reasoning.

    “It’s simple. That envelope shows signs of having been slightly opened. Considering your personality, you wouldn’t have asked that specifically if you didn’t pass the test, right?

    “Well, as expected of a master, I can’t escape my master’s attention.

    That’s enough, you’re two hundred years too early to be fighting with me.

    Tad was clearly shaken by what I said.

    By the way, Ted, who is that guest over there?

    Let’s just say I asked what had felt odd from earlier.

    At the same time that Tad came in, a suspicious character sneaked into the shop and eavesdropped on our conversation with ears cocked.

    The person himself seemed to think he was hiding well, but part of his upturned hair was accidentally showing from the couch.

    I don’t think it’s appropriate for a character with distinctive hair that’s as red as fire to act in secret.

    That… this is… that…

    Tad had trouble looking away.

    So that was it.

    It seemed to me that Tad had been aware of her presence, but had deliberately pretended not to be, all the way here.

    Should I say of course?

    When someone thinks they’ve been following you well, it’s more embarrassing to be told to your face that you’ve been spotted.

    Ah, you’re the one who was there!

    A familiar character came out with a shout, “I can’t believe I’m meeting you here.

    What a coincidence that we meet again at a place like this. I love the cupcakes at this place.

    If you’re looking for an excuse, can’t you find one better?

    I checked the menu at this place earlier, and there’s no cupcakes anywhere.

    “Let’s not talk nonsense. What can I do for you?

    As things stand, I don’t need to explain that I’ve known Elisa’s ancestor, Maria the Fire Brave, since two hundred years ago.

    That’s why I want to establish a friendly relationship with Elisa.

    However, if the other party wants to make an enemy of me, that’s a different story.

    If she insists on snooping around me, I’ll have to take drastic measures.

    It’s not like there’s anything wrong with her. ……

    When I pressed, Elisa coyly interlocked the fingers of her hands and began to speak incoherently.

    “I’m concerned about which class you’re in.

    “What does …… mean?

    “Because, just think, you’re one of the few people I know at the school, aren’t you? I want to collect as much information about the school as I can before I enter ……”.

    Huh? What the hell is this guy talking about?

    What is the value of information about the class to which an individual belongs?

    I really don’t think this is useful information worth risking everything to get.

    However, when humans lie, there’s a high chance that some kind of sign will appear, and I can’t see it in this guy right now.

    Master, we’ll find out sooner or later, so it’s okay to tell her, right?

    “Yeah, that little thing is no harm.

    “Sensei and I are both in A class as well, so I wish Elisa-san was in the same class as well.

    Even Tad said something that didn’t make sense.

    What’s the benefit of having three people in the same class?

    I think it’ll just be too noisy and I won’t be able to concentrate on my studies.

    “Really! Class A, right?” ……! I got it!

    Alyssa left the cafe with a sparring step after asking this.

    That’s really enough.

    What did Elisa want to do in the end?

    Elisa’s expression as she left looked as if she was happy about something.

    “It’s going to get a lot busier next time…! Ted said.

    “First we have to get ready to move.

    There are student dormitories at the Asria Magic Academy.

    It’s impractical to hitchhike from home to the capital, so we’ll be living in the dormitory.

    Weird? But you and Lilith are inseparable, right? Is it okay to be apart?

    “I don’t know. It’s just that I’m sure he’ll be fine with it.

    I don’t know why…

    Although there’s no basis for it, I’m sure it’ll be like this.

    “Truly, Abel-sama understands my personality very well.

    While I was thinking about it, as if she had taken Elisa’s place, Lilith entered the cafe and showed her face to us.

    “Look! Look! Miss Lillith! Why are you here!?

    Ted seemed to be in full panic mode when he saw Liz remove her scent and appear in front of us.

    “So, what’s up with that outfit?

    As soon as I asked, Liz acted like ‘I was waiting for that’ and held the frame of her glasses.

    “Yes. I want to report to Abel-sama that as of today, I, Lilith, have been accepted as a teacher at the Asria Magic Academy. Therefore, I tried to change my image with an open mind.

    Whew, I guessed that’s 80% true.

    It’s true that today’s outfit for Lilith is a bit intellectual and she looks like a teacher.

    It’s a bit annoying that she looks good in everything she wears because she’s already got good material.

    “Huh? Huh? Huh? At this point in time! So perfect! What kind of a trick is this!

    Ted seemed unable to fully accept the reality until now and was foaming at the mouth in fear.

    Do you even need to ask after all this? As long as this woman has a heart, there is a way to accommodate the vacancies at the Magic Academy.

    After all, her experience is different from that of ordinary humans.

    Please allow me to support Abel-sama as a maid – correction, as a teacher at the School of Magic.

    It was just like the first time we met again, and Lilith spoke with a smile on her face.

    Nerve-wracking. It looks like my daily life with noisy partners will continue for a while longer.

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