The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Appendix short childhood memories

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Volume 1: Abused Former Brave Goes Easy on the Future World Appendix Short Story Childhood Memories

I, Abell, am a magician reincarnated from two hundred years ago into modern times.

In the world I lived in before, my amber eyes were a sign of discrimination.

I was also subjected to prejudice, discrimination, and all kinds of persecution during my crusade against the Demon King.

It is easy to use power to silence people.

However, even if you try to silence the people around you in a way that is akin to politics of terror, it will not solve the problem.

That’s why I came to this world 200 years later to live in peace and not to be persecuted because of my eye color.

Here’s the problem. Life after reincarnation is generally peaceful.

However, no matter how much I hoped for peace, I couldn’t live a life free of trouble.

It’s a long story, but lately a man has been pestering me with annoyance.

“Abel…! Let’s play…!

The door slammed open and a teenager barged in.

The teen with the short caramel hair was Ted, who had a slightly round face.

His foot is now bandaged and splinted.

He’d been injured earlier when he’d fallen off the roof.

Actually, part of the reason he’s hurt is because of me.

He was supposed to be able to walk after being treated by magic, but the doctor in charge said he’d rather keep it bandaged and splinted, and not do any strenuous exercise.

Yes, it’s fine. What do you want to play today?

It’s almost time to move around a little so Ted doesn’t get bored.

I’m thinking about a little light exercise now.

“That’s right! Today, let’s go to the forest behind the mansion…

Mmm-hmm. The forest?

Since I’ve come to this world, I’ve often been surprised by unknown cultures, and I still haven’t had time to explore the countryside.

I’ll go there. Let’s go see it.

“Great! I’m going to walk around…!

Phew, the man completely forgot about the doctor’s orders to rest, I guess.

Even though it’s a good thing I’m here to help, this guy still doesn’t listen to anyone.

“Abel-sama, I think it’s better not to go into the forest today.

As I said that, a beautiful woman with long silver hair, Lilith, entered the room.

She’s the owner of this house, but she’s actually a demon.

I saved her two hundred years ago, and I heard that she was waiting for me because she wanted to thank me.

“Is there a reason for ……?

“We received a report of a beast in the forest last night.

I see. Beasts?

It was only natural that after two hundred years, there still existed demonic beasts in this peaceful era.

“Have the demons and beasts appeared! Awesome! I want to see it!

I don’t know what happened, but Ted’s eyes lit up when he heard the word beast.

“Why would you want to see the Beast?

“Huh ? Because beasts are cool!

Is it cool?

I tilted my head feeling puzzled, while Lilith gave a dry cough.

“Most of the beasts were defeated by the brave ones a long time ago, so their numbers dwindled drastically and they rarely come out now.

I see. Is that so?

After all, I had defeated many beasts in the previous world.

Demonic beasts that were full of pits and valleys two hundred years ago seem to be a complete rarity now.

“So, please don’t go out today. The same goes for Tad-sama.

“Shoot! Since Lilith said so, forget it. All right~

Tad went back with a reluctant look on his face.

When Liz closed the door, I spoke up and asked.

“But why can’t even I go out ? Do you think I’m going to lose to a mere beast?

I lowered my voice a little to ask that.

If that’s what Lilith thinks, even though I’m young in appearance, it’s a shame to underestimate me like that.

“I swear, it’s not like that, Abel-sama. There are very few people in this world today who can defeat a beast.

Hearing Lilith say that, I nodded my head in sudden realization.

The magicians in this world have dropped in standard for some reason.

Is it because there’s no longer a war with the demons, or is it because of the advanced technology of magic tools, almost all of my previous world’s magic records have been lost.

In short, the standard of magic in this world now is extremely low.

And the effective attack against the magical beasts is magic.

The results can be imagined.

It must be very hard for a human living in this era to fight against the beasts.

If I defeat the Beast, will it attract attention?

“That’s right. The soldiers of the royal capital will arrive here tonight and leave tomorrow to repel the beasts.

Repel? Not crusading, but repelling.

Modern magicians are only at this level, I can only sigh.

“Well, never mind, it’s been a long time since I’ve fought a beast, but I’d like to try my hand at it.

“I’d also like to admire Abel-sama’s heroic gesture, but this time, let’s just wait and see what happens.

Lilith smiled at me after saying that.

“You’re right. I nodded my head and looked out the window at the ridge.


That night, Rangevat’s territory was a bit lively.

That said, it wasn’t the festive kind of excitement, and I was familiar with the atmosphere, as if it stemmed from the high emotions of the upcoming battle.

From the window, I could see the soldiers who were camped out.

They gave the impression of being calm and talking and laughing with their partners.

In my eyes, most of the beasts were nothing more than insignificant beasts.

However, in this world, they are quite a threat.

In order to hide the fear and tension, the soldier forced himself to talk unnecessarily.

Soldiers are all the same, no matter what age they are.

I felt nostalgic and sighed at the same time.

The beast that appeared today was a bear-shaped beast called Kamui.

It was a low-grade magical beast that was extremely afraid of fire and would easily just flee if it performed fire magic.

Even a modern magician should be able to repel it without a problem.

I headed to the first floor because I was a bit thirsty.

Lilith isn’t home today.

She seems to be on personal guard so that the townspeople won’t be endangered.

That guy’s been a good old boy ever since.

I was making tea when there was a knock at the door. Who could it be?

“Excuse me, can you open the door?

It was a familiar deep male voice. I frowned and opened the door.

“Is Miss Lillith in?

The visitor was a burly, middle-aged man.

He had a caramel beard like a lion’s, and he looked unsmiling.

A pair of burning eyes as beautiful as well-crafted gems, and dressed in well-made nobleman’s clothing.

He was Tad’s father, Evans, the Lord of the Rangewart Lands.

“Lillith is out now.

“Yes? Abel-sama, excuse me, have you seen Tad?

Well, it looks like he’s in trouble.

Ever since the incident with Tad’s brother Buzz, the lord Evans has treated me well.

Although it’s not because of that, so let’s answer properly at this time.

“No, I don’t see it. Did something happen?

I saw Evans nodding his head with rapid breathing.

“Tad’s not at home.

“Is it ……?

“Yeah. Tad might have gone to see the Beast. Can’t be helped since Lilith-sama isn’t here. I’ll go call the soldier brothers to help.

Evans bowed and closed the door.

Tad went to see the beasts?

That guy did look quite interested in beasts.

But beasts are wild beasts.

A child like that would be killed if he visited a beast.

I went back to the second floor.

Frankly, his absence doesn’t bother me at all.

Let’s just say that he’s noisy every day, thus taking up my reading time.

But think again.

I’ll have one less companion to exercise with from now on.

Besides, if the lord’s son was killed, that would seem to be troublesome too.

I put on my coat and scarf and open the second floor window.

Activate Body Strengthening Magic.

The magic covers the body and strengthens the whole body.

This way, even if my body is not fully developed, I can gain wrist and foot strength that surpasses that of humans.

I opened the window and jumped towards the beautiful, almost ironic, starry sky.

I stood on the roof of the dwelling and moved my gaze to the forest.

Whenever the wind blows, the forest at night sings like the rustling of the sea.


Even the moonlight refuses to illuminate the forest at night, it’s as dark as spilled ink.

But I don’t need to walk around like a headless fly in the forest.

There is one way to apply body strengthening magic.

That is to focus the magic power for partial strengthening.

For example, if you focus your magic power on your eyes, you can strengthen your eyesight to the level of a telescope.

“Body Strengthening Magic – Vision Strengthening – Night Vision”.

If you refine the partial enhancement even more, you can even detect hidden beasts or humans from your body temperature and claim enemies.

I’ve found a small heat source. It’s Tad, isn’t it?

There’s another large heat source nearby. I’m afraid it’s a beast.

I’ll deactivate my eyesight and jump into the forest.



Tad crouched into a sobbing ball.

Upon closer inspection, this was a depression.

So that’s it.

Not only had he fallen and hurt his foot, but he had also gotten lost because he didn’t know where he was going? There were some scrapes, but they didn’t seem to be attacked by the beasts.

“Anyway, let’s go back.


Tad wiped his tears and stood up.

At the same time, there was the sound of a tree snapping.


A good death, but at this exact moment?

The monster that jumped out of the trees in an instant was a white bear-like creature, Kamui.

The biggest difference from an ordinary bear is the third hand on its back, which looks like a scorpion’s tail.

Although it was not poisonous, the wrist strength of the long hand was strong enough to knock an average adult off his feet.

Whoa! It’s… it’s a beast!

“Don’t shout, the beast will get excited.

No, it’s already hyperactive.

I saw Kamui change to a quadrupedal walk and come straight at us.

I jumped out of the way, holding Ted in my arms.

The third hand of mighty mighty grazed my nose without incident.

“That was really, really good! It’s flying! We’re flying!

“Tad, be a little quieter.

Kamui stood up and swept his strong arm across the ground.

The ground chipped holes and trees fell from their roots.

Of course, that slow attack couldn’t have hit me.

I went around behind Kamui.

“Twin fireballs.

I deliberately launched attacks to the left and right of Kamui.

The fireball illuminated the area around me, and I could see Kamui tremble in fear.

I said, “Stop it. If you keep fighting, I’ll have to get rid of you for real.

I met Kamui’s eyes.

A wild beast, and a beast at that, couldn’t possibly understand human words.

However, just because it’s a fierce beast, it should be able to feel the difference in strength.

Kamui let out a purring low roar from his throat.

Hmmm, this is a bit unexpected.

Do you still want to continue the fight? Just because it’s a fierce beast, it should be the most important thing to stay alive.

I observed Kamui and that’s when I noticed something.

Shen Wei was hit by an arrow.

It had a fox hunting ornamental arrow stuck in its sturdy hind legs.

So that’s why he was so agitated.

That’s why he was so grumpy.

I put down Tad and slowly approached Kamui.

The mighty makes an intimidating sound, but I don’t take my eyes off him.

It’s because the beast will do something unexpected when we look away.

It’s okay. I’m not trying to get rid of you. Let me get closer to you.

I slowly approach Kamui.

“Abel! Abel!

Kamui reacted to Ted’s voice and moved a little.

I gestured to Kamui with my eyes: don’t be afraid, it’s okay.

Tad, don’t make a sound. Stay where you are. Don’t move a muscle.

I touched mighty’s body.

Kamui continued to growl at the top of his lungs. Normally, he might bite me at any time.

But even if it does, I don’t think Kamui will be able to break my body’s reinforcement.

I won’t hurt you, it’s okay. I’m going to heal you now.

I put magic constructs into Kamui’s body.

Then I paralyzed its arrowed foot and pulled out the arrow.

Blood flowed out from the wound, but immediately it stopped bleeding due to the healing effect.

I disposed of the wound in a few tens of seconds.

How about this? It doesn’t hurt, does it?

You don’t have to ask to know the outcome, though.

Kamui stopped letting out a low growl. Not only that, he’s rubbing his nose against mine.

Is this a thank you? No need to take it to heart.

I gently touched Kamui’s forehead.

After making a small sound, Kamui stood up and walked slowly towards the forest.

After seeing Kamui leave, I turned to Tad.

I said, “Good. Let’s go back, Tad.

Tad was looking at me with his mouth wide open, stunned.

What the hell are you staring at?

I still carried Ted down the mountain despite that thought.


And after that, the next day–

After the beast commotion, I met Lilith and Evans.

When I explained what had happened, Evans first stared at me and then said that he would have to get the whole town to praise me.

But I made it clear that I didn’t want to be a celebrity, and Evans agreed, saying that he would help me with the aftermath.

I yawned and closed my book.

I’m a bit sleepy today. Is it because my body is still underdeveloped and I don’t have enough magic?

By the way, launching a Reply Magic consumes quite a bit of magic power.

Kamui’s body is twice as big as a human’s, and I seem to have consumed a bit of magic power when healing it.

Suddenly, today’s door was also opened forcefully by someone.

Really, I wish Tad would quietly open the door.

However, Tad’s appearance today was different from usual.

“Yo, Abel, thanks for that …… yesterday.

“Don’t bother thanking me. I’m just acting purely for myself.

I turned my attention to the book, and Tad leaned in close to my face.

“Eh! Abel! As a reward for yesterday’s performance, Abel is allowed to teach me magic!


What the hell is this guy talking about? Why do I have to teach Ted magic?

It doesn’t do me any good. It just feels like punishment.

“Of course not. It’s too much trouble.

“What the hell…? Why? Why? I’m asking you personally!

“No means no. If you understand, go somewhere else quickly.

I threw Ted out of the room and immediately locked the door.

“Whoa! Abel, wait a minute…! Teach me my magic!

From that day on, Ted repeatedly begged me to teach him magic.

At first I refused, but then I found it difficult to refuse.

That’s how Ted gradually established his position as “my apprentice”….

It was a little while after that again.

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