The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 2 Chapter 4

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    The next day–

    “Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Gym class is finally here! It’s so hot!

    Tad, who was the first to change into his gym clothes in the locker room, yelled this out with particular enthusiasm.

    Hmmm, looks like today is a seven-day gym class.

    We changed into our gym clothes and headed to the training ground located in the atrium.

    This type of preparation usually takes longer for girls than boys, I guess.

    A few moments later, the female students came in a little late.

    “Good! It seems like everyone’s here!

    Seemingly seeing that the time was about right, from a little farther away came a middle-toned voice.

    What appeared was a man wearing a dark blue tracksuit and a darker complexion.

    “I’m Kanter, the gym teacher. I’m sure everyone from the prep school knows me, so I’m looking forward to learning from you this year.

    I see. This man gave off the vibe that he looked like a gym teacher at any rate.

    I don’t want to judge him by his appearance, but I feel sorry for him, even though he’s a gym teacher, he’s fat and full of fat.

    “Akan, what happened to the woman you picked up at the pub earlier!

    “Nonsense! I told you not to talk about that!

    “Hey, I’ll introduce you to a girl with tits that Akan likes some other time.

    “Shut up! Shut up! I’m not so down and out that I need students to help me find women!

    The students burst into thunderous laughter.

    I’m afraid this was a familiar routine for the insiders, but we outsiders couldn’t follow the conversation at all.

    After that, the gym teacher, Kanter, and the insiders continued their lively conversation.

    “What was that? It feels so bad.

    Alyssa whispered this as she sat hugging her legs in her sweatshirt.

    Ted nodded vigorously as if he felt the same.


    The teacher’s preference for inner students can be felt in other classes as well, but in this PE class, we outer students felt even more alienated.

    “Then, let’s go hunting today!


    After Canter said that, the students cheered like idiots.

    “Everyone from prep school knows that, right? The Hunt is one of the “Three Great Games” that will be used even in the “Battle” with other magic schools! Everyone must master the rules!

    Canter said, and brought the basket with the gloves on the edge of the atrium.

    This glove-type magic item will be used for the “Hunt”. Basically, the game will be divided into two teams: ‘Attackers’ and ‘Defenders’. ……”.

    kham ! We all know the rules!

    “HA HA HA! You don’t understand! Classes are about working with those who don’t know and those who don’t!

    The inner students burst out laughing once again at Kanter’s words.

    It’s like we “outsider students” are the inferior ones.

    Unlike me, the other students are not used to being oppressed, so I guess they can’t stand this kind of situation.

    …… I’m going to kill those guys. I’m going to kill them for the sake of the world,” said the student.

    As expected, Elisa, who was prone to emotion, showed her murderous intent, and her fighting spirit burned brightly.

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Alisha! Restrain yourself! I hope you restrain yourself!

    Ted hampered Elisa who seemed like she was going to rush in for a big fight at any moment.


    This gym class seems like it’s going to turn into trouble.


    The “Hunt”, which was suddenly decided to take place in the physical education class, is a sport where two teams are divided into two to fight.

    The two teams were divided into “Attackers” and “Defenders”, and each team took turns attacking for five minutes.

    The attackers were called “shooters” and the defenders were called “rabbits”.

    It was named so because it was inspired by the ancient nobleman’s recreation of “hunting”.

    The attacker’s aim is to hit the defender with a jutsu so that the defender falls.

    The defender’s goal is to keep dodging the attacker’s bullets.

    The team with the most survivors wins, and the rule is as simple as that.

    I’ll prepare the shooting gloves for the shooter. However, if you bring your own gloves, you can use your own gloves as usual.

    It seems that the rule is that each shooter must be equipped with a glove-type magic item.

    This magic tool shoots three types of magic bullets.

    In other words, a gun type with special speed, a sphere type with an even distribution, and a disc type with a variable trajectory.

    It is said that none of them will damage your body, but when they hit your opponent, they will create a shock wave.

    I see… In other words, it’s like a dodgeball feeling when you’re fighting offensively and defensively, right?

    Tad, who was sitting next to him, made a rare whispered comment that hit the nail on the head.

    Dodgeball didn’t exist in the era of two hundred years ago, and is a sport with a relatively short history.

    I’ve never actually played it, but I know the general rules since the book I read about it mentioned the outline.

    “Then, let’s split up into teams. There’s 30 of us, so we’ll divide into two eight-man teams and two seven-man teams. I’m going to call the names. First, Team A. First, team A.

    Canter called the names one by one.

    After calling out the names of Team B, I suddenly noticed that something was wrong.

    After the members of Team C were called out, everyone except for Ted noticed something strange.

    “So, the remaining seven people are Team D.

    “Yay-chan! I’m on the same team as Master…!

    That’s really enough. You’re so easy-going, you know that?

    When I noticed something strange, the air of anxiety that a storm was coming was already in the air in our team.

    Excuse me, sir, what’s the team assigned to ……?

    The young brunette, who was on the same team as me and seemed to be a coward, was at a loss.

    What’s your complaint? It’s easier to fight with someone you know, right?

    So that’s it.

    What crossed my mind at that moment were the intriguing words left behind by an insider after school yesterday.

    “Be careful in class tomorrow! I’ll make a fool of you!

    Now I get it.

    That statement yesterday wasn’t simply because they couldn’t afford to lose, but because they were planning to retaliate in today’s gym class.

    It’s possible that the insiders knew about it beforehand, which means that the insiders and the gym teacher are also in cahoots.

    I thought you should know that it’s forbidden to use magic tricks that interfere with the opposing player. And of course, it’s okay to use body strengthening magic to protect yourself. Each of you is responsible for your own game, so be careful not to get hurt.

    Canter said that while looking at us.

    He said, “It’s none of our business even if we get hurt.

    Teams A and B will move to the back of the field, and Teams C and D will move to the front of the field. Let us know when you’re ready.

    Canter clapped his hands.

    The students received the signal and stood up to move while speaking privately.

    “Hey, more advice please. Bad eye. This will be a return to what happened yesterday.

    The internal student from yesterday threw such words at me as he staggered past me.

    Oh my…

    The intent of the team assignments was so revealing that I was about to admire them instead.

    Our opponent, Team C, is an insider who has recently shown hostility towards outsiders and is looking for trouble.

    I don’t know what they are up to.

    And so, for some mysterious reason, we, the outsider team, will face off against the insiders.


    At the stage where the teams were divided up, I re-analyzed the situation of my team.

    Me, Tad, Elisa and the dark-haired girl who had previously disputed the gym teacher’s instructions.

    With the addition of the three men and women who didn’t remember much, the team totaled seven.

    So that’s it.

    Out of the thirty people in our class A, there were only seven outsider students.

    No wonder the students from inside the class were so proud of themselves.

    I’ve never been athletic at all before ……

    “I’m not much of an athlete. I’m good at using my brain, but I’m not good at moving my body.

    It’s hard on the brain.

    That’s a pretty lame thing to say before the battle has even started.

    It’s true that using your brain is important, but a magician’s strength is his body.

    It’s okay …… I might get in everyone’s way …… and I heard that I might get hurt …….

    it’s okay ! I’ll fill the gap!

    Alyssa said as she puffed up her breasts.


    Do we have any hope of being a war party on this team, only Elisa and Ted at best?

    Forget about Elisa, it’s amazing that the day will come when even Ted must be counted in the battle ……

    Even I didn’t see it coming.

    “Elisa-san, but those …… insiders don’t like us …….

    The black-haired girl looked fearfully towards the opponent’s field.

    The boys who waited for me in ambush yesterday were smiling at me from among the opposing team.

    “That’s even more unimportant. At least hunting is a traditional sport, right? Even those guys wouldn’t dare cheat! Let’s just beat each other up and show those guys!

    Alyssa cheered for the brunette.


    Despite what Elisa said, was that really the case?

    It’s also clear from yesterday’s incident that their insiders’ policy is to achieve their goals even by any means necessary.

    It’s better to think that nine times out of ten they’re going to mess up the game.

    “Anyway! If you’re going to fight, do your best! Come on, let’s go!

    Elisa fights to command.

    We flip a coin with our opponent, deciding that we are the defender of the rear attack.

    The seven of us enter a field twenty meters square.

    There are three of us on the opposing attacker’s side.

    They smiled lightly and put on their glove-type magic items and took up positions.


    Forget about me, I’m worried about how much success the other teammates can leave behind.

    It’s not just this time, but in a sport like this, winning or losing depends more on the performance of the team as a whole than on individual results.

    No matter how hard I try, the other rabbits will only get one point if they all die.


    The whistle blew. The game begins.

    “Okay. Let’s start with one at a time.

    A shooter inputted magic power into a glove-type magic tool and fired jutsu bullets.

    The bullets he fires are gun-type bullets, which are fast.

    So that’s it.

    They say they’re fast, but are they only that fast?

    Our team of seven easily dodged this hit.

    In this match, the ratio is three shooters to seven rabbits.

    In terms of numbers, the rabbit team had the advantage.

    The rabbits could move freely in a 20-meter radius, so it was easy for them to dodge bullets that were visible to the eye.

    This time it was coming from behind. Tad said.

    However –

    The key to this race is to be able to deal with the “invisible magic bullet”.

    It’s almost impossible to see all three directions of the attack.

    It seems that the outcome of the match will depend on whether or not you can avoid the incoming jutsu from a dead angle.


    Tad avoided the jutsu shot from behind with a sturdy hand.

    What a wild child.

    Was he reacting to the air vibrations created when the warp bullet was fired?

    But the other students can’t dodge that smoothly, right?


    See. I’ll just say it.

    One of my teammates was hit by a warp bullet fired from a dead angle.

    There was a violent cracking sound.

    The male student couldn’t withstand the shockwave from the warp bullet and fell to the ground.

    So that was it.

    A magic bullet with no attribute has no power and is harmless.

    However, as expected, magic is still magic.

    If you don’t use your body in time to strengthen your magic defense, you will feel some pain.

    This time, it was fired from the front.

    Well, wait a minute.

    This magic bullet is a bit different from the previous ones.

    Strange? “Why?

    Two teammates were hit by warp bullets and fell to the ground.


    I didn’t expect to see “Auto Target Tracking” added to the Attributeless Magic.

    According to the instructions, it should be forbidden to change the existing magic constructs, right? it’s totally foul.

    wait a minute, i said you! Did you cheat just now?

    Alyssa is equally aware of the other side’s cheating.

    After all, it would be unnatural for a disc type with a track that can be easily changed, or a gun type with a speed specialization to turn as it approaches.

    Nine times out of ten, a glove-type magic tool that was illegally altered was prepared by an insider beforehand.

    Hey, hey, hey! Don’t squirt blood at me!

    What’s your proof, big-ass girl?

    “~~~~! How dare you call me a big, big, big, big ass?

    “Take it easy, Elisa.

    That’s really enough, this princess just needs to be taken care of.

    Deliberately throwing out words to shake the opponent is a fundamental part of battle.

    I pulled Elisa’s neck like a cat.

    “Huh? What!

    The warp bullet passed through Elisa’s eyes in an instant.

    “The warp bombs are coming from the side. Your concentration on your surroundings became undisciplined.

    …… Thank you, thank you, Abel.

    Elisa blushed and thanked me.

    Well, this woman has a frank side, too.

    It would be a pity if she was normally so calm, but she was a woman of impeccable integrity.


    And after that–

    We regained our composure and managed to keep dodging the bullets fired by the internal raw team.

    But on the other hand, it’s kind of boring that the rabbit side can only dodge in this competition.

    I wish the rules would at least allow the rabbit team to use magic to knock down the opponent’s magic bullets, that would be more exciting.

    “Elisa-san, the warp bullet is coming from behind!

    “……!? Thank you! YUKARI!

    Slightly more than I expected, the initially timid brunette showed a surprising amount of fight.

    As I’ve admitted, she’s not very athletic, but she’s more wide-eyed and calmer than Elisa and Ted.

    As long as she changed her negative personality, this woman might take off and become a magician with a bright future.

    “Shoot, those people in the rabbit side unexpectedly dodge.

    I can’t help it. Start with those who can hunt.

    While I was thinking about the dark-haired girl, then…

    The atmosphere on the shooter’s side that surrounds us has clearly changed.


    I see, I understand what the enemy is thinking.

    Uchiha was afraid that he had given up on me, Elisa and Ted, who had excellent physical abilities, and had decided to focus his jutsu on Yukari, the brunette who was the easiest to hit.


    Yukari was caught in the middle of a jutsu storm and couldn’t take it anymore and fell down.

    “Get out of here! Get out of my way, you slowpoke!

    At that moment, something happened that even I didn’t expect.

    An insider, who didn’t know what he was thinking, kept firing jutsu bullets at Yukari, who had fallen.

    “Wait a minute! You guys! What is this!?

    “Well–“? Ask me what I do, is that what you see? We’ll get rid of the alien species!

    Uchiha was merciless after that and fired a jutsu at Yukari who was crouching down.

    “That sucks! YUKARI must have fallen down!

    “Ha, you can’t attack a fallen rabbit.” There’s no such rule, is there?

    “Just, just like that ……! Things you can and can’t do …… yah woo!?

    Alisha tries to protest to the enemy team to make a mistake, but she gets hit from behind and falls on the spot.

    Phew, Elisa’s work was a total loss.

    It’s a bad habit of Elisa to get emotional in battle.

    From the shooter’s point of view, attacking an opponent who has already fallen is not beneficial.

    I think that attack was meant to disturb our spirit.

    “Wait a minute! I disagree! That didn’t count! Huh, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Alas, the so-called public parent-turned-master was referring to this kind of thing.

    Even Tad fell victim to the same disorientation as Alyssa to the jutsu bomb.

    These companions aren’t reliable at all.

    Hahaha…! I don’t care if you’re G3 or whatever, an outsider is really nothing!

    “If you’re an exotic species, you should act like one and go back to the gutter.

    As a result, within two minutes after the match started, I was the only one left inside the venue.

    The jeering eyes of the inner team focused on me at the same time.

    That was enough.

    I didn’t want to attract too much attention considering my future school life.

    Personally, I don’t care about winning or losing, so I don’t mind losing to them on purpose, but there’s no guarantee that this won’t lead to more domineering from the insiders.

    It can’t be helped.

    I’m just dodging the enemy’s bullets anyway, and I’m not going to use any special magic, so let’s prioritize revenge for the two of them.

    “Come on, come on! “Take that!

    “Ha-ha-ha ! It’s almost time to feel the gas!

    I’m not even breathing.

    If you really want to talk about it, it’s the three of you who are gradually showing signs of fatigue, right?

    Because attacks come from three directions, one might think it would be difficult to evade them, but that’s not the case.

    There were two reasons.

    First, these guys’ attacks were as monotonous as if they only had a hundred and one moves.

    If these guys had been able to use their brains and block my retreat with their attacks, it might have been a little more difficult, but there’s no sign of that happening at the moment.

    Another reason lies in the field.

    The area where the rabbits can move freely is 20 meters across. It’s very spacious.

    Since my opponent is attacking from outside the field, I will be able to avoid it even if I close my eyes.

    Speaking of which, I’ve been in the library lately and haven’t been doing much physical activity.

    Come to think of it, this gym class might be the perfect solution to my lack of exercise.

    “Whoo! That attack! That was a close one! Even if it’s Master, One on Three ……

    “No, Acorns, that’s wrong.

    Elisa said, as if she had sensed something.

    “Abel hasn’t moved a single step from that spot since then.

    So Elisa noticed?

    Because normal evasion is too easy, I set a few action limits for myself.

    “Not good! We can’t get rid of him at this rate!

    “No way! Use that Combination Attack!

    The question arises, what exactly is meant by a combined attack?

    Just as I was thinking that, a large number of magic bullets covered my surroundings.


    It seems that the Inner Life gang has added the additional composition of “Scattergun” to the existing magic composition. This is an exaggerated foul play.

    It was clearly stated in advance that it is a foul to change the existing magic composition.

    What? You won’t be able to dodge this attack!

    The amount of jutsu bombs that were so much that they couldn’t be compared to the previous ones approached me in one breath.

    I see.

    I couldn’t find enough room to avoid such a dense curtain of projectiles.

    Well, to be fair, it’s not like I can’t avoid it, but if I do that, I’m going to attract a lot of unnecessary attention by displaying my unconventional moves in front of everyone.

    I can’t help it.

    You guys were the first to break the rules.

    “End of proof. “Counter-Evidence Magic.

    The technique of analyzing an opponent’s constructed magic and instantly breaking the opponent’s magic is called “Counter-evidence Magic”.

    Actually, “Counter-evidence Magic” requires a huge difference in strength to perform, so I think it’s okay since the opponent is a typical insider’s team.

    Dang it!

    Like the sound of breaking glass, the storm of jutsu bullets covering my surroundings instantly shattered and scattered.

    Here’s the question.

    In this sport called hunting, is it a foul act to use “Counter Evidence Magic”?

    According to the instructions beforehand, there should have been a rule of “Do not use magic that would interfere with your opponent’s magic”, but it’s hard to tell if “Counter Evidence Magic” complies with the rules.

    “What! What’s going on!

    I can’t believe it! Is the prop malfunctioning?

    While I was using Counter Evidence Magic, the buzzer that informed the end of this round sounded.

    Was using Counter Evidence Magic to deal with the attack the right choice in terms of results?

    From a third party’s point of view, it looks like an unskilled additional technique was used by an insider team, causing the magic to overflow.

    Ohhhhhhhhh! What a worthy master! The world’s best!

    that’s great! Mr. Abel! You survived the attack all by yourself!

    My teammates are happy as if they’ve already won, but they can’t be careless yet.

    As a result, I’m the only survivor of the outer survival team.

    In other words, I had to destroy the inner team that had switched to the defensive side in the next attack, or else we would be defeated.

    This is good, what should I do?


    And after that–

    After a five minute intermission, it was our D team’s turn to attack.

    It was said that this time was to be used to decide who would be the shooter, but our D team’s team meeting ended soon after.

    There are only so many qualified attackers on our team.

    “Look at me! This attack is going to make up for what just happened!

    “Hehehe, let me use my attack magic and I won’t stop!

    It’s a shame, though, that the old team of Elisa and Ted were chosen for their lack of originality.

    Regrettable as it may be, it can’t be helped.

    Although they weren’t reliable, it was true that they seemed to have more energy than the other members.

    “Elisa-san! Everyone! Please do your best!

    Oh, that’s right.

    Yukari, the brunette who fought bravely and unexpectedly in the last game, is the alternate player.

    At the team meeting, I suggested that they replace the stupid Tad and add Yukari, but my request was rejected.

    However, there is a part of Yukari’s conservative personality that doesn’t suit the attacker.

    “Master! Definitely win!

    “Show them what we’re made of! The momentum! Momentum!

    They said so breathlessly with excitement.

    That’s enough.

    I would like to take this opportunity to leave the Inner Life gang in peace, but it’s debatable whether or not we should take a series of conspicuous actions.

    Ideally, I’d like to wipe out all of them with an attack from Elisa and Tad, and save myself the trouble.

    Pffffffff, did you hear that? How dare you say “momentum?

    “Does that spiritual omnipotence still work these days?

    The seven rabbits of the internal raw team entered the field.

    They are still giving us contemptuous looks, and I can see confidence in the depths of their eyes.


    They seem to have drawn up some kind of winning battle plan.

    The whistle blows. The game begins.

    “Let’s go. Let’s take a crack at those gutter fish. Formation! “Front!


    I saw seven students gathered in the center, setting up formations back to back with each other.

    So that was it.

    At this stage, I had a rough idea of the enemy’s battle plan.

    “Is it a special concentration to expand the target? Drink!

    “Heh heh, moth to the flame!

    First, Tad fired a magic bullet, and later, Elisa attacked the enemy from the opposite direction.

    I’m afraid that they are trying to lure the enemy into confusion by attacking from both directions.

    Alas, I’ve fallen into the enemy’s trap.

    “Northwest! Type, gun!

    “Southeast! Type, the disk is coming over!

    Phew, as expected.

    The reason for the concentration of internal life in one place –

    It’s all about sharing information and eliminating dead ends.

    “The attack was a total miss!

    “Well …… It’s true that we’re the ones who have more magic power than the others.” ……!

    Well – it’s getting a bit complicated.

    The teamwork of an internal team is not something you can practice overnight.

    I’m afraid that they’ve learned the rules of the game through experience from their prep school days.

    If this is an improvised formation, there will be obvious weaknesses, but I don’t see any signs of that right now.

    “Oh! They don’t even seem to know how to time their attacks.

    “That’s obviously the basic of the basic.

    I’m afraid that if we just leave it to those two, we’ll just be wasting our time.

    I can’t help it.

    Let’s use the last resort that we don’t want to use.

    “Hey, Tad, lean in a bit.

    “Huh? What is it! Master!

    I’ll give Ted his combat instructions.

    We’ll lose a lot of time in the middle of the tournament, but if we deliver afterwards, it won’t be a turnoff, right?

    “Wait a minute, you two! What are you doing?

    It really can’t be helped.

    Elisa’s offense is getting tired, so let’s settle this quickly.

    “The Heavenly Pouring Lance! Darker than twilight! “Concentrate in my hands and free the power from the chains of all evil!

    As soon as I signal, Tad raises his right hand skyward and begins chanting a pompous incantation.

    Hey hey hey~!

    What was that exaggerated opening statement?

    Regardless of this spitefulness, I match the timing and build the magic at high speed.

    The magic I used was an ordinary gun-type magic.

    However, if you put the same magic composition in a row, the enemy team will not be able to avoid it.

    If you use the additional composition of “Scattergun” like the team from the inside, you can achieve the same effect much more easily, but that would be a foul.

    “russet tempest.

    Tad waved his hand downwards.

    Then, I put my magic power into the completed magic composition.

    The timing was important.

    If the moment I had asked Tad to complete the pre-work, all my efforts would be wasted if the moment I input my magic power was seen by someone else.

    Disguising the magic that I started by myself as “Disguise Magic” started by someone else is one of the magic tricks that the pre-reincarnation me was good at.

    “Hey, hey, hey! What’s that, what’s that!

    An insider noticed something pointed at his head, but it was too late.

    The chimney was chirped, but it was already too late.

    It was a countless number of gun-shaped magic bullets pouring down from the sky like rain.

    Of course, each shot was an insignificant amount of ordinary, attributeless magic.

    However, the accumulation of a few made a lot.

    Even if the magic doesn’t have a killing power, a thousand rounds combined can still exert some degree of power.

    “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! “Woo-gaaaaahhhhh! “Hey puh-ah-ah-ah!

    The rain of gun-type magic bullets hits the fallen insiders mercilessly, causing overkill.


    Am I going a little too far with this?

    However, according to these guys, there is no such rule as “Don’t attack a rabbit that falls down”.

    And since it’s an attributeless magic that doesn’t cause much physical damage, please bear with the pain.

    “Aaaahhhh, forgive me… ……

    Sadly, the captain of the internal raw team seems to keep rolling his eyes and begging for mercy even after the attack is over.

    Looking at him like this, he’s going to leave a shadow on his mind for a while after the match is over.


    It seems that because I hadn’t concentrated on using magic for a long time, my body got tired all of a sudden.

    I was the only person in the world who could perform so many identical magic tricks side by side in such a short time.

    The magic bullets stopped falling, and the training ground was filled with silence.

    It seemed that everyone who watched our match was stunned by the silence.

    “Well …… the winner is Team D!

    In the end, in the midst of the silence, the gym teacher, who was the referee, reluctantly declared the winner.

    Then, as if a bomb had fallen, the cheers erupted.

    I can’t believe it! What the hell did that blonde do!

    This year’s outside students seem to have ‘evasive genius’ and ‘attacking genius’!

    Anyway, that’s pretty much it.

    I’ll pass the credit to Ted to avoid unnecessary waving and succeed in getting the game over.


    On the other hand, at the same time –

    This is the Emerson Research Institute, located in the basement of the Academy.

    Emerson, a young genius and a heretic in the world of magic, was at the controls of his homemade terminal, gazing intently at the images playing on the crystal screen.

    “Wow, there’s a lot more stuff here than when I was here before. ……

    An older man came to the room to visit Emerson.

    He was Mikhail, the head of the Aslea Institute of Magic, the head of the Institute.

    The Institute uses Emerson’s self-made boundary multi-lockers…

    No one but those he’s given permission to enter or leave.

    “Please come in, Mr. Gakushuin. Make yourself at home. I’m sorry for the mess …….

    “No, no, I don’t care.

    Emerson’s words were in no way humble.

    He doesn’t know how to clean up. His room is so full of personal belongings that he doesn’t even have room to step on them.

    You seem to be looking at the same image over and over again, what are you investigating?

    The images that Emerson has been watching since before are from the previous gym class when Abel used his attack magic.

    Emerson recorded the images of the hunt using a magic tool he developed for surveillance.

    Here. This is it,” Emerson pointed to his desk.

    Emerson pointed to the thin, glass-like crystal screen on his desk.

    The screen showed the previous gym class.

    The blond boy raised his hand high and chanted an incantation.

    Then a rain of attributeless arrows, conjured up by a huge amount of magic, rained down from the sky.

    Emerson repeatedly replayed the sequence of events.

    “Did you see it like this?

    “Yeah! This, this is ……!?

    After repeatedly watching the key images, Mikhail was also late to notice the variation.

    The final magic that decided the outcome was not performed by the blond boy.

    Because the magic was flowing so fast, no one had yet realized that it was actually a magic trick performed by Abell from a slightly distant location.

    “Superb Disguise Magic. If it wasn’t for me, I’m sure I would have missed it.

    Emerson said with a sharp gaze from the depths of his glasses.

    It wasn’t just the “Disguise Magic” that was amazing.

    Usually attributeless magic was difficult to perform, and it was a special field that was said to be impossible to master without a magic tool.

    At least Emerson had never met anyone who could use an attributeless magic trick so skillfully.

    “Nah, Emerson-sensei, as it turns out, who is this …… Abell-san?

    “Don’t know. There is no answer at the moment. But don’t worry, I’ll find out who he really is.

    In fact, it was Mikhail who commissioned Emerson to investigate Abell.

    Mikhail is the grandson of G.I. Joe, and he suspects that Abell’s true identity is the amber-eyed magician mentioned in the last words of Roy, the Wind Waker.

    “Is this image from ……?

    “Images from the reconnaissance plane I developed. I’m able to keep track of Abel’s condition.

    The crystal screen showed Abel reading in the library.

    “Gee, that’s amazing technology. With this magic device, we’ll never know who Abell is again, will we?

    No, I don’t think so. That’s not quite true.

    At that moment, Abell, who was reading, slowly left his seat and opened the library window.

    Surprisingly, Abell’s eyes caught sight of a reconnaissance plane a hundred meters away.


    Instant cracking sound.

    The reconnaissance plane was struck down by Abel’s magic.

    The image on the crystal screen fades to a cacophony of noise.

    “It’s been hit. This is the third one.

    Emerson said, as if it were a matter of course.

    “It didn’t work, did it? Next time, we’ll shoot from 150 meters away.


    His usual lackadaisical work ethic seemed like a lie,” Emerson said.

    Emerson’s eyes shone like a teenager when he said that.

    (I’m sorry, but now I have to reevaluate Abel, too. ……)

    Who is this young Abell boy who is so fascinated by the budding genius who is now nicknamed “Young Lion”?

    The more you investigate, the more you deepen Abell’s mystery.


    I would like to talk about what happened after that.

    Since that gym class, my daily life has been infinitely more peaceful.

    At least, it seems like the internal students aren’t causing trouble anymore.

    “Master… It’s almost time for lunch break…

    “Well, yeah?

    Do you want to go to the student cafeteria today? I want to eat the limited set menu this week!

    Hmmm, that slightly intrigues me.

    Ted was born and raised in a noble house, so I guess he’s got a pretty picky tongue.

    Since Tad was so sure about it, there was a good chance that he would actually eat a good lunch.

    “Eh, look, that ……

    The two of us, Ted and I, were on our way to the student cafeteria, the students around us casting curious glances at us.

    That had been the feeling lately.

    Ever since the gym class the other day, Elisa, Ted and I had been receiving inexplicable attention from students on the inside.

    “That’s one of the G3s, Ra’s al Ghul Ted, who’s causing a stir in the streets.

    He’s the guy who’s rumored to be hunting and killing inmates at ……, right?

    That’s really enough.

    The day that Tad would even be called a Demon King was completely unexpected even by me.

    If Tad really was a Demon King, he would have been crushed in two seconds.

    “Nice to meet you! My name is Ted! You’re in the same class, right?

    “Huh ? Ah! Yes.

    Tad, who had noticed the sight, went over to talk to the boys, and they started talking incoherently.

    “How about one of my hometown’s famous snowball buns as a token of friendship!

    Tad took the wrapped “Snowball Buns” out of his uniform.

    Do you carry that with you again?

    Even with all this discrimination from his inner circle, Ted never gave up on his goal of making a hundred friends.

    “Yelp! I’ll, I’ll eat! I’ll just eat it!

    “Please spare us!”)

    The inmates who had received the Snowball Buns from Tate were scattered and fled.

    It was only later that I learned that there was a rumor among the inmates that if they refused to accept the Snowball Manjuks from the Devil King Ted, they would be punished.

    Among the insiders, the “Snowball Manjuu” distributed by Tate became a symbol of terror.

    It’s strange… I feel like the insiders’ attitude has become a bit strange lately.

    “Hey, Ted, I need to talk to you about that …….

    But when I refused to take it, we’re getting along better now, right? “One step forward!



    Since I’m interpreting it in a positive way, it may be difficult for me to tell you the truth.

    And so, the long-standing friction with the outside world came to an end.

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