The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 2 Chapter 8

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    Elisa and I walked back to the student dormitory together, and on the way I felt a suspicious sight watching my movements again.

    This is no ordinary magic tool, it’s obviously a living person.

    I wonder if the people who are watching me are finally taking action?

    That is exactly what I want.

    It’s the only way I seem to be able to break free from the repetitive cycle of getting nowhere.

    “Elisa, I’m sorry, but can you go home first today?

    “Huh? What does that mean?

    “I’m sorry, I remembered that there was something I hadn’t done on the street.

    It looks like I’m the one the gang is looking for, not interested in Elisa.

    Since I knew that, I wouldn’t just get Elisa into trouble.

    “I see. Abel, I’ll see you at school tomorrow then.

    “Good. Be careful on the way back.

    Elisa turned away from me with a reluctant look on her face.

    “So, you guys are here next, right? Come out.

    There are two people who have been watching me for a while.

    They don’t look like good magicians, but considering the standard of this world, they might be considered ‘not bad’.

    At least among the magicians I’ve met in this world, they’re considered to be top quality.

    You understand what we’re doing, so let her escape first, right? I like a smart kid.

    The first one was a woman who appeared out of nowhere, about 170cm tall.

    She has gray eyes.

    So you’re using the gray-eye magic to assimilate the color of your body to the surrounding scenery?

    Her costume was the same as a naked body, a measure taken to maximize the accuracy of the magic, I guess.

    Although it seems to be the same magic, the magic to change the color of clothes is the domain of the Black Eye System.

    If you use magic that is outside of the Black Eye System, you can’t avoid mistakes.

    “Aha! I’m getting old and useless! I can’t believe a kid like that can detect your breath!

    The second, a middle-aged man of about thirty-five years of age, appeared upside down with his feet on a tree branch.

    The color of his eyes is green.

    He is a magician who specializes in wind magic, right?

    The clothes he wears are similar to the Shinobu costume traditionally used in the eastern islands.

    The emerald-eyed magician was good at using wind attribute magic to strengthen his speed.

    Judging from the way he’s being followed, it’s possible that this man is an Emerald-Eyed Magician with a typical fighting style.

    As expected of someone that he’s approved of, he’s quite an intriguing genius.

    “Give me a break. It’s a strange thing to be so young and realize we’re following him.

    I realized one thing.

    Judging from the conversation, these two are approaching me not out of their own will, but because someone asked them to do so.

    I’m already aware of who they are, but I’m going to ask them for an answer.

    Who is your client? “For what purpose did I instruct you to spy on me?

    When I asked, the middle-aged man in Shinobu costume raised his lips a little.

    “I’m sorry, kid, but we’re experts, and we won’t reveal the name of our client even if we die.


    That answer is exactly what I wanted too.

    If they let go now and then, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

    “Then, boy, although I feel sorry for you, I’m going to ask you to die here.

    “The target is actually such a cute kid …… I’m getting excited.

    The two assassins each took out their magic items and went into a battle stance.


    But then again, these people are pitiful.

    After I was reborn in this world, I haven’t been able to fight for a while, so I’ve accumulated a lot of frustration.

    In my eyes, you guys are the ‘quality toys’ that I finally found after 200 years.

    I’m sorry, but today I don’t feel like I can show any mercy at all.


    No one in this world can fight with a bug.

    Likewise, no one can talk to a monkey about the stars, and no one can talk to him about magic.

    Emerson, who is recognized as having the best knowledge of magic among modern magicians, has been using his talents since childhood.

    Long before he became a student, he had disassembled the magic tools his parents had given him and was making new ones.

    As soon as he became a student, he began to develop more convenient and more powerful magic tools.

    All of his magic tools are epoch-making inventions.

    “Well done, genius. ……

    “I’m sorry, I don’t understand your thinking. I don’t understand your thinking.

    Eh? Don’t you think he’s getting carried away lately?

    …… must be looking down on us mortals anyway, right?

    However, a unique talent can sometimes create a deep, dark loneliness.

    When Emerson first enrolled at the Magic Academy, he tried to make others understand him.

    However, Emerson discovered one thing.

    Why match the degree of the other person for the sake of someone lesser than oneself?

    There’s been pain. There has been anxiety.

    It’s a wall that anyone would experience – and because of his differences from others, the genius Emerson has encountered it more than most.

    When he regained consciousness, Emerson had lost his drive.

    A diamond doesn’t shine unless it’s polished.

    However, in order to cut a diamond, you need another diamond, or something harder than a diamond,” he said.

    No matter how talented you are, if you can’t find a magician who is equal to or better than you, you will feel closed off and “can’t cut it anymore”.

    Simply put, Emerson felt tired of the world.

    However, Emerson’s values gradually changed. It is the presence of the young boy, Abel, that changes Emerson’s values.

    Emerson’s pleasure these days is to spy on the young man Abell and test his strength.

    However, the long surveillance operation will end today.

    (Whew, that’s when the battle is almost over.)

    Even if Abell possessed the most amazing strength, he couldn’t handle the assassins this time.

    Because the two assassins Emerson sent out this time were both experts in combat.

    The stormy Badu. The illusionary Muse.

    These two and Emerson, who also belonged to the same magic junction Kronos, were experts who had received the world’s highest rating of magician during the same period.

    Emerson is largely unsure of the others, but has great faith in their fighting abilities.

    (Next up is the main event. I’m looking forward to see how it turns out.)

    Emerson gives the two assassins a magic tool for photography and commissions them to record the battle.

    Taking on two of the world’s top magicians at the same time, how far can this young boy Abell fight?

    The result will surely reveal the true identity of Abel’s teenager.

    Full of anticipation, Emerson returned to his dedicated underground research room, and–

    “Sorry, I’m interrupting.


    Emerson couldn’t speak.

    That’s because–

    As soon as Emerson entered the room, he saw the figure of Abel, who was elegantly enjoying his coffee.

    How the hell did you get in here? I remember this room’s boundaries can’t be broken with just a few strikes.

    “Really? So you think it’s a boundary? Sorry, I thought it was soft paper.


    Emerson has “Black Eyes” and is mainly good at transforming and strengthening objects.

    Of course, “Boundary” is his specialty, and he is able to create a space that cannot be seen or approached by others.

    Therefore, not many people, even among the Kronos’ compatriots, are able to break the “Boundary” he created.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t beat Abell-san. So, what do you want from me?

    However, Emerson remained calm even when encountering unforeseen circumstances.

    The most important thing in such a situation is not to lose your cool and get caught in the momentum of the opponent.

    “I’m going to cut to the chase. Stop spying on me right now.

    Abel said in a voice that was calm but felt a clear will.

    “Hahaha, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    “It’s useless to play dumb. Your companion has made a full confession. You’re the one who sent the magic tool to spy on me these days, right?

    “──── Well!?

    At this point, Emerson harbored unfathomable fear of the teenager, Abel.

    It was already unbelievable that the two men were losing the fight, and even more unbelievable that they were loosening up on the truth.

    Was he using brainwashing magic or something?

    Those two are combat experts, so there’s no way they’d reveal their client’s name.

    “…… What if I said no?

    “Then I’ll kill you right here and now.

    “──── Well!?

    Instantly, Emerson had an illusion as if his blood was flowing backwards.

    His body was cold and his muscles were stiff.

    This was a murderous aura.

    When Emerson realized this, he couldn’t stop his hands from trembling.

    …… I see. I’m the one who lost this time. I’ll grant all of Abell’s requests.

    Emerson replied with a voice that sounded like it was coming out of the depths of his throat as he was assaulted by an unusual murderous aura.

    “Is that so? That’s fine.

    “…… Please let me ask a question. What is your purpose? Why did you come to our school?

    Emerson couldn’t understand why someone like Abell would be mixed up with the low achievers.

    My goal is to live a ‘smooth student life’. No more.

    “Ha, ha, ha. Are you sane?

    Emerson got the unexpected answer, his eyes clouding slightly in the depths of his glasses.

    This person’s talent was equal to or even higher than his own, so by all rights, he shouldn’t be buried among a group of students.

    “Abel-san, as long as you have the power, there’s nothing you can’t get! That’s right! If you have the heart, you can even change the world as you wish!

    Half of that statement was Emerson’s wish.

    It was Emerson’s long-held wish to drive the hapless old immortal into a corner and create a world centered around himself.

    Unfortunately, however, Emerson did not have enough power.

    No matter how brilliant the talent, the era in which one man could change the world was long over.

    At least, that’s what Emerson believed up until this very moment.

    …… Is the World Changing? I’m not interested in that kind of thing.

    Abel left Emerson’s research room with just those words.

    In the deserted research room, Emerson stood still.

    What a murderous aura.

    As one of the best magicians in existence, Emerson has seen many “geniuses” in their fields.


    The heterogeneous atmosphere that Abel exudes is unlike any genius Emerson has met so far.

    It was strong enough to turn that into the past in an instant.

    “Hahaha ……This kind of thing ……There’s no way those two alone can handle it ……

    Hands still remained trembling.

    Emerson suddenly felt something was wrong, and lifted up his shirt to see his body sweating like rain.

    “…… Abell-san, you really are great.

    Emerson was amazed at the refreshment that came over him.

    There was a wall just beyond his reach.

    This fact gradually made Emerson’s heart beat faster.

    Emerson was filled with an unprecedented feeling of abundance, and he couldn’t stop his cheeks from smiling.

    “Hehehe, Abell-san, one day I’ll surpass you ……!

    Standing in front of the mirror, Emerson, alone, shedding the shallow smile of a millionaire.

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