The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 2 Chapter 5

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    Fidia, who teaches at the Asria School of Magic, is recognized as a beautiful teacher.

    She is known for her clear and easy-to-understand lessons, and is highly regarded by her students.

    At the age of twenty-seven, she became the Head of School at the age of twenty-seven.

    She is of good character. She is a woman of good character and talent.

    Although she has an enviable appearance, she has recently been troubled by a very serious problem.

    That day, when she commuted from her rented apartment in the western part of the capital to the school, she walked down the corridor in front of the staff room.

    “Lilith-san, may I ask?

    Fitia spotted the person she was looking for and approached quickly.

    From behind it was also possible to immediately determine which, a beautiful woman with an outstanding figure, whose name was said to be Lilith.

    She was the new teacher who had joined the Asria Magic Academy to teach from this spring.

    Rank history unknown. Academic history unknown.

    Other than the fact that she was recommended by the director of the school and joined the school in a highly publicized manner, all the details of her personal information are shrouded in mystery.

    “The information I asked you for, ……

    “Yes. I handed over that file this morning.

    “Sorry. I’m always grateful for your help.

    When she first entered the academy, many people criticized her for getting in through connections.

    But nowadays, no one is so sure of Lilith’s abilities that they think of her differently.

    Of course Fitia was one of them too.

    To Fidia, Liz’s presence was too all-encompassing in every way, even bizarre.

    “Good morning, Miss Lillith.

    Fitia and Liz walked into the staff room together, and Canter, the gym teacher, was the first to greet them.

    “Good morning, Miss Canter.

    “Gosh, Miss Lilith is as beautiful as ever. How’s that? Let’s have dinner tonight. There’s a place in Central that serves good beer.

    “I’m really sorry. I’ll have to excuse myself today.

    Lilith received Kanter’s invitation and hurried back to her seat as if running away.

    This had happened a few times in the past, too.

    Canter had always picked up all the women he saw, but this time he had targeted Lilith.

    “Gahahahaha! Geez, that’s unforgiving. Did you get dumped today, too?


    Even Liz, who is perfect, might not feel comfortable being sexually harassed by Canter for days on end like this.

    Judging from this, Fidia decided to help Lise out as a senior teacher.

    “Canter-sensei, can you please invite her without being too pestering?

    “Oh, oh, oh, oh, that’s really surprising. Fidia-sensei actually talked to me.

    Canter, who had been warned, was still looking at Freya’s body from top to bottom.

    “Is Freya-sensei jealous?

    “……”? What are you talking about?

    “What a pity. If I was three years younger, she would have been in my band.


    Cantor’s statement was too self-effacing, leaving Fitia speechless.

    Indeed. Yes, indeed.

    In this country, a single woman of twenty-seven is considered ‘unmarriageable’ or an ‘old woman’ and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Although it is said that the marriageable age is getting later and later as time goes by, most women still get married in their teens and have children after the age of twenty-five.

    In fact, friends from her student days have already married and started families of their own, and are now completely estranged.

    It doesn’t matter. There’s no need to fret, she’ll meet someone sooner or later.

    Kante said with a pitying expression.

    She was trying to help the new teacher, but instead she was comforted by Canter.

    (What day is today …… the first time I’ve been humiliated like this ……)

    Fitia, struck by the shock, stood frozen in place.


    After school, after school…

    The first place where Fitia goes to accumulate invisible stress is the training gym in the basement of the academy.

    Most of the grey-eyed magicians who are always concerned about their bodies are addicted to “Muscle Training”.

    (Damn it! Oh, shit! That fat teacher! (How dare you look down on people!)

    Fidia cursed so, concentrating on lifting a forty kilogram barbell single-handedly.

    She has been popular with the opposite sex since she was a student, but it seems that her self-restraint has made her unable to meet the opposite sex.

    However, because of her self-restraint, she was unable to meet a man of the opposite sex, and she was about to reach the age when people said, “I can’t get married”.

    (What’s a good match! (Just sayin’!)

    Fidia is twenty-seven years old.

    At least she knows how to reconcile ideals and reality.

    She thinks she understands the impossibility of a prince on a white horse appearing out of nowhere one day to greet her.

    (Enough! (In that case, a thorough workout today!)

    Muscles are great. Only the muscles don’t betray you.

    Faced with the harsh reality of the situation, Freya became even more absorbed in her hobby of “muscle training”.

    (Oh yea …… this voice is ……?)

    As Fitia was lifting the barbell in a half self-destructive manner, regular footsteps were heard nearby.

    Guessing that someone is coming, Fitia moves her gaze and there she sees Abell who is using the treadmill to train.

    (…… Is that him again?) (It seems like every day for a while now.)

    Fidia thought he deserved kudos. The recent students seemed to hate sports and had a tendency to slack off on training physical strength, but it looked like he was the exception.

    But then again, what an incredible teenager.

    The treadmill Abell uses is the heaviest of all the equipment in the gym, but he doesn’t feel any pain at all and looks as if nothing has happened.

    (……) His running posture is beautiful. Although his body is thin, it does have a line that is impeccable.)

    I’m afraid he’s been fixated on daily exercise since before he entered the academy.

    Abel’s toned contours were astonishing even to Fitia, a muscle freak.

    (…… Nope. No, no, no, what’s wrong with me, looking so fascinated!)

    Even if Abell, the teenager, was as mature as he was, he was still more than a round of age away from himself.

    Treating a student as a member of the opposite sex was absolutely forbidden, right.

    While Fitia was thinking about such things, tragedy struck.


    Fidia’s concentration was interrupted as sweaty hands caused the barbell to slip and fall onto her body.

    “What the-!?

    It was too careless.

    The total weight of the barbell that Fidia used on a daily basis was close to a hundred kilograms, and if you hit it directly, you would inevitably get hurt even if you used magic to strengthen your body.

    “Are you alright, Sensei?


    But something incredible happened right after that.

    Fitia moved her eyes in surprise and saw Abell, his expression still at ease, lifting the barbell with one hand.

    Fidia was using a barbell that even two strong men would have had trouble picking up.

    Why exactly was that?

    Where in the world did that thin body contain that much muscle strength?

    Fidia doesn’t understand this.

    “That, that …… thank, thank, thank ……

    She just wanted to say ‘thank you’, but she was so nervous that she couldn’t even say it.

    It’s not like you. Today’s teacher seems to lack concentration.


    Fitia blushed as Abel pointed out her inattention.

    “Did you, did you see that?

    “Right. The only people who will use the gym at this time are me and Sensei.

    Fidia misunderstood one thing.

    In her eyes, Abell was a young man who didn’t care about anyone and no one else existed.

    However, that wasn’t actually the case.

    Abel knew Fitia as a person who existed to care about Fitia, and would at the very least help out when Fitia was in crisis.

    “That …… should, how should I say …… thank you, thank you ……

    It’s nice to finally say thank you, but–

    I don’t know why…

    After this incident, Fidia had a premonition that she would be divorcing further and further away.

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