The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 2 Chapter 9

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    On the other hand, at the same time–

    Alyssa came back from the street and went back to her room to take a shower.

    “…… What a fun day. I don’t know how long it’s been since the last time I was this happy.

    Alisha came out of the shower and wiped the water droplets from her body with a cotton candy towel.

    After putting on her favorite pink underwear embroidered with a cat, she picked up a magic tool called a hair dryer and turned it on.

    The hair dryer emits hot air.

    Elisa sat down at her dressing table and dried her long hair.

    Her hair was almost straight, but it was a little frizzy.

    If she didn’t take good care of her hair, it would warp and look ugly.

    “Abel is so handsome today …… ……

    A figure crossed Elisa’s mind coldly, it was the amber-eyed teenager she’d been so concerned about lately, Abel.

    Alyssa had finished her hair maintenance and was lying upside down on her bed in just her underwear.

    “Ugh …… I’m such an idiot. Why are you afraid to ask the most important question ……

    The answer is already settled in your own mind.

    He is afraid that if he gets closer to the truth, his relationship with Abell will change.

    What is the history of this young man Abell, and what kind of history has he had to go through in order to develop those abilities?

    Ever since she took the entrance exam, that had been the biggest mystery in Elisa’s mind.

    “What is that guy Abel …… doing now?

    Elisa moved the Gamis doll that had been placed by her pillow towards her.

    After holding the doll tightly, she lifted it up like a kitten.

    Whether it was reading, playing sports, or even grabbing the amusement park, Abel could do anything.

    The class probably didn’t notice, only Elisa vaguely guessed.

    There had been an accident during a previous hunting class where the jutsu shells fired by the internal student disappeared at the same time.

    In the end, the conclusion of that incident was that the magic tool was abnormal, but Elisa’s opinion was different.

    The miracle that happened that day was triggered by Abell’s magic, wasn’t it?

    (What’s ……?) (This feeling is ……!?)

    She couldn’t suppress it even if she wanted to.

    The feeling of wanting to see Abel suddenly came over her, and increased in her heart, tormenting her.

    She had been in a strict environment since her childhood and had little experience with the opposite sex, which was an unknown feeling she had never experienced before.

    “By the way …… he gave me the doll today and I don’t think I’ve thanked him yet ……!

    Worried to the end, Elisa thought of an excuse to go see Abell at night.

    However, there was only one problem.

    One of the rules of the Asria Magic Academy’s school rules was 『No visiting the room of the opposite sex』.

    “No, wait a minute ……!

    Alyssa had a flash of insight and removed the student handbook that was tucked inside her bag.

    She re-read the school rules with wide eyes.

    I knew it.

    There seemed to be a proviso to the aforementioned rules, except for the special exception of ‘in the event of a high degree of urgency’.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s ……. The fact that I didn’t thank you is a matter of high urgency for me!

    Alyssa takes the liberty of interpreting the rules of the academy, changes into her uniform, and immediately heads to Abel’s room.


    In the first-year student block of the Asria Magic Academy, the boys’ rooms are on the first and second floors, and the girls’ rooms are on the third and fourth floors, so that men and women are separated.

    However, there is a problem regarding this point.

    Between the second and third floors, where the boys’ and girls’ rooms meet, there is always complete surveillance by the teachers.

    At midnight every day, the watchmen stay in the night room in front of the stairs.

    In other words, at lights-out time, it is completely impossible for students to travel between the second and third floors.

    (…… No way. What goes around comes around.)

    Taking the stairs down normally will inevitably result in the teacher finding out.

    The rest of the route is outside.

    Elisa could only travel to Abell’s room from the second floor window.

    She prepared herself mentally by opening the third-floor window and jumping to the higher trees near her.

    Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would one day be wearing a skirt and doing something like climbing a tree.

    (…… So that from below, her panties would probably be seen bare.)

    As she calmly analyzed the situation, Elisa moved along the trees and entered the second floor window.

    Here’s your chance…

    The timing was perfect, and as far as I could see, the second floor hallway was deserted.

    Alyssa quickly tiptoed to room 238, where Abel lived.

    “Let’s see …… remembered it as this area, right ……?

    Her heart was pounding fast.

    If someone were to see her like this, it would definitely lead to some wonderful gossip.

    “Ah, this is the room, isn’t it ……?

    Elisa was going to knock on the door, but it looked like it wasn’t closed tightly.

    Although it’s not a good idea to do so, let’s take a peek.

    But what was waiting for her was a sight that conflicted with Elisa’s feelings.

    “Abel-sama …… How do you feel about going out today?

    “Well, that, I think it was a pretty meaningful time.

    The female who was talking to Abell in the room was someone Elisa recognized.

    Elisa often heard boys talking about her in the classroom.

    Her name was Liz.

    With slender hands and feet and silver hair as beautiful as snow, she was a stunning beauty that even a girl like Elisa would be fascinated by.

    Nowadays, there is no student in the Asria School of Magic who does not know Lilith’s name.

    Not long after she took up her position at the school, she has already become a celebrity, capturing the hearts of countless male students.

    “By the way, can I spend the night in this room tonight?

    “Don’t be stupid. I told you to be careful in the dormitory and act cautiously, didn’t I?

    “Yeah, …… then, at least …….

    The next action Liz took scared Elisa.

    Lilith suddenly took Abell’s hand and kissed Abell’s lips.

    “Huh! Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh?

    Lilith’s usual icy demeanor seemed like a lie–

    The kiss with Abel was like a different person with her passion.

    “Awwwwwwww! Wow! Wow! Wow ……

    The sight was so shocking that Alyssa couldn’t close her mouth in shock.

    She was struck as if her soul would come out of her mouth, her eyes spun around, and she just fell on her butt.

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