The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 2 Chapter 7

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    After that, Elisa didn’t meet my eyes for quite some time.

    As a result, Elisa’s usual attitude returned after she entered a certain restaurant.

    What was served to the table was a dish I wasn’t familiar with.

    Nowadays, it’s called “crepe” when a thinly fried pastry is filled with a sweet dish such as fruit and cream.

    “Mmmmmm! Yummy! White Lane’s crepes are really something!

    Alyssa smiled as she enjoyed a crepe filled with strawberries and whipped cream.

    By the way, would this guy have eaten too much from earlier?

    It’s only right that we’ve been to a few take-out restaurants before we entered this one.

    I seemed to understand the reason why Elisa’s body was developing so well at this age.

    Elisa and I were eating crepes in the outdoor seating area where people were passing by.

    I chose the crepe covered in dark chocolate and almonds.

    That was the right call. The crepe was moderately sweet and tasted good.

    Eh, give me a bite.

    It’s a common phenomenon in all ages that the person next to you tastes better when he or she eats it.

    “Yeah, take it.

    I handed out a crepe to Elisa.

    Elisa opened her mouth wide and bit down on the crepe.

    “Yum, yum, yum! This tastes great too! “Abel, you want a bite?

    “Oh, I’ll take a bite.

    I bit into the whipped cream-filled crepe Elisa handed me.

    Mmm, it’s quite sweet.

    But the sweetness wasn’t from the sugar, it was a calculated blend to bring out the original sweetness of the milk.

    To tell you the truth, I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I can eat a crepe from this shop without any resistance.

    How is it? Is it good?

    “Oh, it’s delicious.

    “Hehehe, isn’t it? Because this is the store I recommend the most!

    Alyssa puffed out her breasts with pride.

    She looked as if she had been praised for her cooking.

    “But I’m surprised. I didn’t think you’d be the type to care about this kind of thing.

    “Huh? “This kind of thing” is ……?

    I’m not sure, but I’ve read that when your mouth touches the same part of another person’s mouth, it’s called ‘indirect kissing.


    As soon as I pointed out what I had observed, Elisa blushed as if she had noticed something.

    Hmmm? Did you just eat and not realize it?

    What a consistent monster of an appetite.

    I always thought she was a food lover, but I never thought she’d be so fond of it.

    “I’m sorry for what I said.

    “Not really, not really! It’s just an indirect kiss. It’s normal! I don’t care at all, not at all, not at all!

    “Yeah ? Anyway, it would be good if that’s the case.

    Even though Elisa seems to be shaken, since I’m denying it, let’s take it as that.

    Whether it’s Lilith in the past or Elisa this time, it’s hard to understand a woman’s heart.


    After I finished my crepe, I enjoyed my herbal tea at the same shop.


    Not to be outdone by Alyssa’s recommendation, this shop is quite chic.

    Not only the quality of the goods they offer is good, but the shop’s décor and appearance is also very tasteful and unique.


    What I liked most was the view of the street from the outdoor seats.

    The atmosphere here is a little different from other places.

    Oh, I can see that, can’t I? This street is also special in the King’s Capital.

    Special? It was indeed that.

    Polished large stone pavers with a somewhat uneven stone wall.

    A street with latticed windows and old street lamps arranged at intervals.

    Yes, if you want to describe this scene, that’s exactly–

    “Isn’t it great to feel nostalgic? “It gives off a bit of a nostalgic vibe.

    “Huh? “Mmm-hmm?


    Do I think that ‘nostalgic atmosphere’ is what people in this world feel?

    Alyssa heard my statement and cast a look at me that was clearly puzzled.

    “…… Eh, is it convenient to ask? Who the hell is Abel?

    Whew, I just felt that sooner or later I would be asked that question, and that time seemed to have arrived.

    But what’s the right answer to this situation?

    I’m a magician who was reborn from a time two hundred years ago to the modern era, and currently in this world, only Lilith knows about it.

    Of course, it wasn’t absolutely necessary to keep it a secret.

    However, if too many people know about it, there’s a higher risk of getting into trouble.

    Considering the fact that I’m looking for a stable life, or even a “stable school life”, that’s a situation I don’t want to see happen.

    At that moment…

    Is it enough to show up at this time?

    Before that, a problem seemed to have occurred that had to be resolved quickly.

    “Elisa, can you move your body a little to the side?

    “Huh? Like, like this?

    “Yeah. That’s the feeling.

    As soon as I confirm the target’s coordinates, I quickly construct the magic.

    Let’s see.

    Is the distance to the target roughly 200 meters?

    For this kind of distance, it is enough to apply the additional composition of “Bullet Speed Enhancement” to the pyrotechnic shells of Basic Magic.

    There is no need to check if it is a hit or not.

    There’s no way I can’t hit a target of that magnitude.

    Huh? ……?

    “Sorry. There were bugs parked there.

    That’s really enough.

    I’ve been snooping around for a while now, but I’m surprised at his persistence.

    At first, I thought I’d just turn a blind eye to it, but I’ve changed since I was on vacation.

    It’s almost like I have to do something about it.

    I don’t really want to deal with them.

    Abel, I don’t think you just did a real magic trick ……?

    Mmm-hmm? Was that magic I just performed a real trick?

    Is that true?

    The magic from earlier always felt like it used slightly more force compared to when I fought Elisa.

    Because that magic item moved unexpectedly fast.

    If it’s clearly deflated, there’s a chance that it could be dodged.

    But, I was still being really flat.

    I didn’t think a magic trick of that magnitude would be considered a real skill.

    That’s absurd. It’s just a magic trick to chase away insects in front of you.

    “You’re talking about ……, too!

    The teacup was instantly about to slip out of Elisa’s hands.

    The cutlery used in this shop was not quite the same as something that was obviously a measured product.

    I could feel the owner’s care, and this one item alone accounted for most of the items.

    It’s nerve-wracking.

    It’s also troublesome to have a dispute afterwards.

    I quickly reached out my hand and caught the cup just as it was about to fall to the floor.

    Yeah, did you catch it? Next time, hold it tight.

    ……Thanks, thanks.

    By the way, what were we talking about just now?

    I drank the herbal tea in front of me to moisten my mouth and decided to get to the point.

    “Sorry, I’m sorry. I’m getting off topic.

    “No, forget it.


    “…… just asked nothing. I’d appreciate it if Abell would forget it.

    Gosh, this guy is quick to change his mind.

    However, Elisa’s willingness to say that was exactly what I wanted.

    I didn’t want to tell the truth at this point, but I felt bad about lying about my own history, too.

    That’s how I managed to accomplish my goal of visiting the royal capital, and I left Chuo City with Elisa.

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