The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 2 Chapter 1

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    The wind that blows in from outside while reading a book smells different.

    Hmmm, it seemed that the king’s capital, Midgar, was close at hand.

    The carriage passed through the well-maintained streets on its way to its destination.

    Then, we saw the castle-like academy in front of our eyes.

    The Silver Dragon Gate opened and the carriage entered the school grounds.

    Was this the second time we had passed through the gates of the campus since the entrance exam? ……

    The carriage was parked right behind the castle.

    “Here we are. That building is the student dormitory.

    As soon as Lilith stepped off the carriage, she immediately pointed in the direction where there were long buildings made of stone.

    There were five buildings made of red brick, each of them covering an area far larger than a nobleman’s residence.

    “It’s so big…

    Yes, it is. This building is used by all students. Some of the rooms are used as research rooms, and there’s also a sales department.

    The building is divided into five buildings, so I’m afraid it’s because the living quarters are divided by grade.

    From what I’ve heard, the Aslea Magic Garden has a 5th grade system from 1st grade to 5th grade.

    Abel, I’m going to split up for a while. I’m just a new teacher, so I’m told that I have to greet each one of them and make plans for teaching them.

    “Is that so? Understood.

    “Yes. See you later then.

    After seeing Lilith off, I took a break to think about what to do next.

    I turned my attention to Tad who was ‘silently’ sleeping in the carriage.

    Technically, it was this guy’s snoring that was too loud, so I eliminated his voice.

    “Snore, snore, snore, snore!

    That’s really enough.

    As soon as I disarmed the silencing magic, thunderous snoring could be heard.


    I created a fist-sized fireball in the air.

    It’s as gentle as I can make it, so it’s not so powerful that it burns.

    I threw a fire magic that I used to wake people up and hit Ted’s face.

    “It’s so hot, ahhhhhhhhhh!?

    “Tad, we’re here.

    “Huh, huh, huh! Something just fell on my face!

    Tad still had a foggy expression to this day.

    The method of applying fire magic to wake someone up was quite popular two hundred years ago, but it seemed to be little known in modern times.

    “It’s a dream. It’s a dream. Come on, let’s go.

    “What, what, it’s a dream …… I feel like I’m having a bad dream.

    Ted scrambled to get his luggage from the carriage and followed me.

    When we passed through the door at the entrance to the student dormitory, which depicted goblins, a magical reaction appeared.

    Is it a measure against intruders or something?

    Hmmm, there didn’t seem to be any immediate harm.

    As soon as I opened the door, there was a woman in a white robe at the reception desk.

    She was a freshman, right? Can I borrow your phone for a minute?

    So that’s it. I remembered.

    This teacher is the magician who casts defensive magic for the candidates.

    “My name is Fidia. I’m the person in charge of this first year student building.

    Well, this teacher named Freya is not very good at being a magician, but she seems to be quite self-controlled.

    Fitia’s body is so well-trained that it can’t be developed overnight.

    I’m afraid she’s been training from day to day.

    It’s not because of that, but I would like to show some respect to this teacher.

    “First, I’ll give you the school’s designated clothes.

    Fidia said, and handed us the transparent bag containing the clothes.

    It seemed that the bag contained the uniform designated by the school.

    In principle, there is no clothing restriction in the dormitory. However, if you step outside the dormitory, you must definitely wear your uniform.

    After that, Fidia also explained the rules of the school to us.


    What I’m interested in is the uniform in front of me, rather than the complicated rules of the school.

    “This uniform has an engraving on ……, right?

    “Yes, that’s right. I’m glad you can see that. It should have the “Demon Resistant” and “Stain Resistant” markings on it.

    I won’t go into detail, but magic with engraving is a black-eyed magician’s specialty.

    Simply put, it’s the ability to enhance the properties of objects.

    If a grey-eyed magician is an expert in making creatures ‘strengthen’ and ‘change’, then a black-eyed magician is the material version of a grey-eyed magician.

    “Forgive me for being rude, but who is responsible for engraving?

    “I remember it was given to the school’s designated operator.” …… Do you have a problem with our uniform?

    “Nope. It’s not like that.” ……

    Of course it’s a lie. I actually have a complaint.

    I didn’t say anything to the non-specialist Fetia because it was useless, but the material used for this uniform is of the first grade, and the engraving used is of the third grade.

    In a world where magic has declined after two hundred years, it seems that the standard of magic is declining.

    It’s a waste of a rare and good quality material.

    I’ll have to re-stamp it after that.

    Then, your first year room is on the second floor. After receiving your keys at the counter, you are free to move around until the entrance ceremony tomorrow. By the way, I’d like to recommend the training gym in the basement.

    I see.

    The reason why Fidia’s body is as good as that of a top-notch magician is that she’s more interested in it.

    Two hundred years ago, when I was living in the world, it was the same.

    Most of the grey-eyed magicians who were always interested in their own bodies were obsessed with “Muscle Training”.

    “Ugh~ What should I say, she feels as if she’s a very strict person~ Although I think she’s a beautiful woman, I guess she’s not the type that’s popular with the opposite sex.

    Tad said that kind of thing in a low voice as he looked sideways at Fitia’s back.

    Hey, Tad.

    It’s better that you don’t say things like that before I’m completely gone.

    I feel like Fidia’s footsteps stopped for a second.

    Ted’s reprimand may have been right on my mind.


    The first year students’ building, second floor, room 238.

    The room in front of the door with the “238” sign is my room.

    I thought that Master’s room was even bigger than mine.

    “Mmm-hmm? Would you?

    “Yes. So it’s just because it’s an edge, right? I’m sure he gets good grades, so he gets a good deal.

    Despite what Tad said, I think it really is a few points of shrinkage compared to the home I was used to living in.

    However, complaining about the academy’s distribution won’t help, so let’s start with what we can do.

    “Sensei, what are you doing?

    “Mmm-hmm? Ask me what I do …… can’t you see? It’s an engraving.

    I took the uniform out of the clear bag and focused my magic on my fingertips to confirm the feel of the fabric.

    “Excuse me, what is an engraving?

    “…… It’s a good thing you passed the entrance exam like this.

    Well, it seems like this is the first time I’ve used the Black Eye System magic trick in front of Tad, so is it excusable?

    Even so, I think it’s about time for you, Tad, to pay attention to the magic you’re good at outside the system.

    “Make sure you know the characteristics of the various eyes, right?

    “Of course! Burning eyes are fire! Blue eyes are water! Jade Eyes is the wind! Grey eyes are auxiliary! Black Eye is …… created?

    Production. The main purpose is to improve the effect of props, and there are ways to use them such as applying magic to clothes. And the most important magic that is widely used in the Black Eye System is engraving.

    “So that’s it!

    The technique of imprinting on an object is known as “bestowing magic”.

    Although magicians do not have the ability to fight directly, the best magicians are always in short supply, so they are indispensable for the team.

    Marking has the effect of enhancing and changing the properties of an object. For example, if you mark a sword, it will become sharper, and if you mark a shield, it will become more durable.

    Of course, with Amber Eyes, I have full magical abilities, and I’m also an excellent magician.

    Two hundred years ago, people who wanted to make an appointment with me would have to wait 50 years for me to do the engraving.

    However, those appointments didn’t happen after I was reborn 200 years later.

    Now that I think about it, I feel sorry for those who made those reservations.

    “You won’t be able to keep up with my progress, will you?

    “Huh? No, I’m paying attention! It’s just incomprehensible!

    Whew, is this slightly too tough for Ted?

    If you want this guy to understand, a practical demonstration will be faster than a theoretical explanation.

    “Ted, do you want your uniform engraved? I’ll reapply it for you.

    “Huh-uh-uh-uh! Can I?

    “Yes. Today is an exception.

    Of course, I’m not so kind as to help someone else apply an engraving out of the goodness of my heart.

    The downside of engraving is that the more delicate the mark, the more time it takes to remove it.

    In the old days of magic, there was a saying “the mark counts three times as much”.

    It’s three times more difficult and time consuming to erase a mark than to apply it.

    In other words, I’m sorry to Ted, but I want to practice with a white mouse before I put a mark on my uniform.


    Thirty minutes have passed since then.

    Phew, it seems that my worries were unnecessary.

    It seems that because the material was already good, the engraving was applied quickly and correctly by accident.

    “That’s fine. You wear it. Tad.

    Griffin’s Wings, which are woven into the threads, have long been known for their resistance to magic attacks.

    In the past, it wasn’t possible to mass-produce this material, and only some nobles used it, but with modern technology, it can be produced cheaply, right?

    Ohhhhh! It feels great! It’s as if your body has become lighter with one breath!

    Really? That was perfect.

    Of course, the engraving I put on Tad’s uniform was lowered to match this academy.

    An overly formal imprint seems to be very ostentatious.

    “Then, I’ll hurry up and put on this uniform and go on a bun diplomacy.

    “Bun diplomacy? What’s that?

    “This is it. This.

    After saying so, Ted took out the Rangevart’s famous product(?). “Steamed buns with snowballs.

    “I’m going to give them to the neighbors. I’m sure I’ll make a hundred friends that way!

    Ted left the door slamming open with just that and left my room.

    That’s really enough. The guy is still just as noisy.

    A hundred friends?

    Although it sounds like a whimsical goal, but if it’s Ted who doesn’t care about any gain or loss, it might be accidentally achievable.

    At least, I, who was unaware of the sad state of this academy at this time, still held that thought.


    And after that–

    I successfully finish the engraving of my uniform and exhale a sigh of relief in my room.

    It seemed that my body was exhausted because I hadn’t used granting magic for a long time.

    The work of imprinting requires more concentration than ordinary magic.

    Well, let’s go to sleep.

    There seems to be nothing to do until tomorrow’s opening ceremony anyway.

    This south-facing room with good daylight feels perfect for a nap.

    I took the pillow out of the closet, and then–

    stop it ! How far will you go before you insult us?

    There was a sudden shout from someone in the corridor.

    Who was it? Which one of you guys is interfering with my sleep?

    Although I considered sleeping as I was, ignoring the shouting, the boys’ spitting showed no sign of stopping at all.

    I went down the corridor to find out what was going on, and there I saw a familiar face.

    “Ju, Quaran said insults …… speaks so badly! I just want to make friends ……

    Mmm-hmm? That guy Ted, what the hell is he doing?

    Tad was clearly confused as he held a paper bag full of “snowball buns” in both hands.

    I don’t understand what’s going on, but only one thing is certain.

    Tad’s “bun diplomacy” seems to have failed completely.

    What? Dreams can wait till you’re asleep, country lord!

    “Who wants to be friends with a gutter-smelling guy like you? What do you say?

    The four boys who yelled at Ted were probably in our grade.

    “You filthy poisonous perch! Don’t wear the same uniform as us!

    Mmm-hmm? What are these guys talking about?

    I’ve read about it before…

    The eulachon is an exotic freshwater fish that has proliferated mainly in the Dojin River.

    It is said that it was originally introduced as a food fish, but some ignorant people released live individuals into the river.

    The trouble with the poisonous perch is that it has a strong appetite and fertility.

    This fish will eat anything. Aquatic insects, small fish, shellfish, algae, and it also preys on the eggs and young of other species of fish.

    This has led to the ecological chaos of the country’s rivers, which seems to be a big social problem these days.

    Anyway, I’d like you to have a taste. This is the taste that my hometown is proud of. ……”.

    “Shut up! It stinks! Alien species!

    A male student threw up his hands.

    Losing his balance, Tad let go of the paper bag he was holding with both hands and fell to the floor on his ass.

    “This garbage! You can’t put it in your mouth, look at me!

    The action the male student took next left me speechless.

    He didn’t know what he was thinking, but he kicked the paper bag with the food in it.

    The buns spilled out of the bag and rolled all over the corridor.

    That’s enough. What an outrageous thing to do.

    In this day and age, don’t parents teach their children from a young age not to spoil food?

    “Oooooooooooooooooooo! Me, my buns…!

    Tad sees the buns rolling further and further down the corridor, holding his head in frustration.

    The bun is ruined and Tad seems to be in a state of panic.

    Should he have stepped in to stop it?

    I wondered if I should give Ted a hand, and at that moment…

    “Since you’re so insistent, I’ll take one.

    In the direction where the bun rolled away, there stood a familiar looking girl with western hair.

    Her name was Alyssa.

    She and I had been friends ever since the entrance exam.

    Elisa, who had been separated from me for a long time, was wearing the school’s designated uniform, and her pleated skirt looked very bright on her.

    Elisa picked up the bun that had rolled over and took a small bite like a bird pecking at it.

    It’s not bad, but I hope it’s good enough. It’s not bad, but I wish there was a little more local flavor.

    Phew, she seems to be still the same even though we haven’t seen her for a while.

    This Elisa was impeccable in appearance, but she had a bad mouth.

    “Evil, evil, evil…? This woman ate something that fell on the floor?

    I can’t believe it! There’s a limit to vulgarity! That’s why I hate outsiders!

    Those male students shouted as they witnessed Elisa’s abrupt action.

    The question arises, which side is vulgar?

    Alyssa would eat the food that fell to the ground, probably with the intent of doing everything she could to encourage Tad.

    I really can’t help it.

    I want to avoid getting into trouble, but if I continue to ignore it, there’s no guarantee that it won’t turn into something worse.

    Forget about Tad, there’s no telling what the impatient Elisa might do.

    “You two, that’s enough.

    “Eh? Huh? What do you want?

    I went forward to try to persuade, and the male students turned their attention to me at the same time.

    But, then –

    Only after meeting my eyes, a male student grinned.

    “Eh, eh, I should say, look! This guy’s eyes!

    “AHHHHHH! Is this true or not? This year’s outside student has a bad eye that doesn’t know how to use magic!


    I remember what Liz said before–

    There are two types of students at the Asria School of Magic, those who come from inside the “prep school” and those who come from outside.

    I see, I understand what they were saying.

    I think they were referring to our ‘outside students’ as ‘poisonous perch’.

    Hey! Say something! How about a word? Useless inferior eyes ……

    “Don’t criticize Shifu ──────!

    Look! Hey, hey, hey, Tad!

    Why are you ruining my good fortune when I’m trying to smooth things over?

    I saw Tad do his best to use his small body to deliver a headbutt to an insider.


    Oh my~ This is where things get out of hand.

    Tad doesn’t have any magical ability, but I’d say his physical ability is “good”.

    The inner creature that ate Ted’s head seems to have collapsed completely.

    Damn it! Do it!

    Tad’s reckless action lit the fuse.

    Those internal students raised their fists high and lunged at Tad.

    A mutation ensued.

    “Oooh! “Hey poof! “Look!

    It’s the “Engraving” I applied to Ted’s uniform that started it.

    Those who touched the inside of Ted’s uniform flew away one after another.

    No, no, no, no! This guy!

    “Hey, hey, hey, what the hell is going on!

    No, Ted didn’t do that.

    These guys are falling out of the sky because of the mark I put on Ted’s uniform.

    I’d say that Ted’s uniform had a very ordinary “mark” on it.

    It’s just a simple “Physical Reflection” marking, but it seems to be very effective against internal students who have a low level of reflexes.

    Damn it! Retreat!

    What a shallow and easy to understand parting release.

    The confusedly harmed inner life leaves us.

    But what a surprise.

    Never would I have thought that the degree of this academy’s students would be so low that they would lose to a simple “Engraving” that I imposed.

    It was something like that.

    The level was so low that it was frightening.

    “Sensei, Sensei! I didn’t do anything and the other guy fell out! Aren’t I great! Could it be that the power contained within my body has finally awakened!

    There is no awakening.

    Neither do you. There’s a limit to how low you can go.

    “Wait a minute! Acorns! What the hell is wrong with your uniform!

    Among the people present, was Elisa the only one who could detect the engraving effect at most?

    But then again, is “Acorn” addressing Ted?

    Tad’s chubby, round body did look a bit like Acorn, but I always thought he was on the same level as Poisonous River Bass.

    “Hey, what happened to my uniform?

    “I can’t believe it. First time I’ve seen such a fine engraving ……!

    “Is it that good?

    “It’s not just great! The number of engravings applied is extraordinary ……! Which magician was entrusted with this?

    Should I say that you are truly the grandson of Maria the Brave, the Fire?

    Seems like Elisa is also well versed in the magic of the Black Eye system.


    If she knew that it was the engraving I gave, I always felt that things would become troublesome.

    I can’t help it.

    I don’t want to be too ostentatious as soon as I start school, so I should try to withhold as much information as possible.

    I motioned to Tad with my eyes, “Don’t say I gave it to you.

    Tad nodded his head lightly, sensing that I was signaling.

    “Of course it’s from you, Master! It seems that Master’s mastery in endowing magic is also first-class ……

    “Go away. You idiot.

    “Mmm-hmm ……. Mmm-hmm ……!

    Whew, I’m an idiot for expecting Ted to realize that I’m an idiot.

    However, there is a part of me that I should reflect on when it comes to magic.

    I thought I had lowered my standards to match the level of my students, but I still got noticed.

    My “normal” is “not normal” in this world – again, I have to remember that.

    From now on, in order to have a stable school life, it is important to act in accordance with the surrounding degree, right?

    Abel ……Who the hell are you ……?

    As I turned to leave, I thought I heard Elisa’s voice behind me.

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