The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 2 Appendix Short Story 2 Lillith and the Raining Sky

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    The girl crumpled up like a squirrel and cried.

    The man who was moving with the maiden was perplexed.

    For he had no idea why the maiden was crying.

    The maiden’s lips trembled and she whispered – “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.

    “I’m afraid of the rain.

    Hearing those words, the man understood.

    The girl had lost her father the other day. No, she lost her father.

    On a day like today, when it’s raining heavily, the girl’s father, the Devil King, is on a crusade.

    The man is taking her, the daughter of the Ra’s al Ghul, to a place far away from the people.

    Many people suggested that he should kill the daughter of the evil devil king, who had done so much evil.

    But the man was firmly against it.

    He convinced his companions and finally saved the maiden from being killed.

    The maiden opened her heart a little to the man.

    That’s why she was relying on him to cry.

    The man pondered, then made up his mind and whispered to the girl.

    Are you afraid of the rain? In that case–

    In a young girl’s mind, it’s the word of magic.


    On some sunny holiday…

    “Master–! Master–! Let’s go to the festival!

    The man who burst into the room was a blond student with hair the color of burnt maltose who looked up to me as a teacher. This guy’s name was Tad.

    That old face that’s been haunting me since before.

    It’s a rare holiday.

    I wanted to stay in my dorm room and finish the pile of books I’d bought.

    But there was one part of Tad’s words that caught my interest.

    “The festival? Is there one of those things?

    “YEAH ! A great festival with 200 years of tradition! Sword Heaven Festival!

    Hearing Ted’s words, I couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

    “Is it really that traditional of a festival?

    I questioned.

    Because there was no such ritual two hundred years ago.

    Why am I able to assert that there wasn’t?

    For I, Abell, am a magician who was reincarnated into modern times two hundred years ago.

    As one of the members of the brave team, we crusaded against the Demon King two hundred years ago.

    After that, I left the team for some reason and was reborn into this world.

    Therefore, I arrogated to myself that I was more familiar with the events of two hundred years ago than anyone else.

    However, Tad confidently and excitedly replied.

    “YES! It’s a very traditional festival! To tell you the truth, this Sword and Sky Festival celebrates the day when the legendary brave band crushes the Demon King!

    So it is.

    Since the origin was like that, I would indeed be unaware of it.

    I was reincarnated less than a year after the Demon King’s crusade, and I came to this world two hundred years later.

    If the festival was popularized shortly after my reincarnation, then it makes sense that it has a tradition of 200 years.

    That’s why today is a national holiday! It’s the Superfest!

    Really? Two hundred years (and a little more. Technically, I’ve been over here for about two years) ago, is today the day we bring down the Devil?

    Also good, and it’s supposedly an annual event.

    I also want to see what it’s like to be a part of this world’s festival.

    “I see. Help me lead the way.

    Tad said, “That’s the way to do it,” and led the way.

    He talked about the vendors, the traditional dances, and explained the festival with great enthusiasm.

    As I walked along, listening casually, a familiar face caught my eye.

    A beautiful teacher with long silver hair was standing there alone.

    Abel-sama, are you going out?

    “Right. Go see the festival.

    The teacher’s name is Lilith.

    It’s a long story, but we’ve known each other since 200 years ago.

    Lilith is a demon and ages differently than humans.

    Therefore, her appearance isn’t much different from that of a human woman in her twenties.

    This woman seems to think that I saved her from the time two hundred years ago, so she provides all kinds of support in this world so that I can live comfortably and happily.

    “Lilith-san! “Don’t you have today off?

    “Yes. Even if it’s a holiday, we can’t all take it off. Here, this. Both of you have to submit an outing request form.

    Lilith replied to Tad with a grin.

    “That’s a shame. …… I was hoping to go to the festival with you, too.

    “That’s right. I’m sorry to hear that, but I hope you two have a good time.

    “I understand.

    Tad quickly ghost-wrote a list of outings and stepped out of the academy before me.

    That’s really enough. This man is still impatient as usual.

    “Well, Abel-sama ………

    “Huh ? What?

    “…… No, it’s fine. Have fun with the festival.

    Lilith smiled a little.

    “Good. I will.

    I walked out of the school and turned back as if nothing had happened after walking a little way.

    Lilith noticed that I was watching her and waved at me with her usual soft smile.


    Fried noodles, applesauce, marshmallows, sausages, skewers.

    Ted was good enough to rival some red-haired woman, constantly eating as he went.

    I ate with him at first, but I was so full halfway through that I couldn’t get my stomach back in.

    That Tad guy sure knows how to eat.

    It’s a shame that what that guy eats isn’t reflected in his height, a constant horizontal development.

    Tic-Tac-Tac-Tac. Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock.

    Suddenly, it started to rain lightly.

    Those who enjoy the festival don’t mind a little rain, but it looks like it’s going to rain hard at night.

    “Tad, it’s going to rain at night. I’m going home a little early.

    “Hey, hey, hey! Master! There’s roast chicken over there! They say it’s a giant! You can’t go back until you’ve eaten that!

    “I know. Let’s finish this and be done with it. I’ll wait for you here. Hurry back.

    I understand. I’ll buy Master’s share!

    “No need.

    “You’re welcome! Ted raised his voice and said so and ran away.

    That’s enough. That Tad got carried away with the ritual.


    As I pondered this, something happened immediately afterwards.

    Suddenly, the sound of swords clashing was heard, and the square diagonally across the street became noisy. A scream? No, is it cheering?

    It was a bit far away, but there seemed to be a play going on there.

    Four brave men in silver armor wielding swords and battling enemies with their wings spread out as if a giant blackout curtain had been raised.

    The legendary four brave men who succeeded in slaying the Demon King – that’s what was going on there.

    I was once on that team, too. I was the fifth person who did not make it into history.

    Strictly speaking, they were erased from history after the Ra’s al Ghul’s crusade.

    Amber Eyes was discriminated against in the past… and was excluded from the team.

    Lilith was the Demon King’s daughter.

    Even if she is the Demon King’s daughter, she can’t kill a young girl who is still young.

    I argued.

    Then I managed to find a way to take Lilith to a faraway place where no one could find her without killing her.

    “Speaking of which, it rained that day too.

    A vivid memory of a time I’d almost forgotten came back to me.

    The day when the young Lilith was afraid of the rain.

    The play ends with applause.

    The evil king was crushed and the world was at peace again.

    In my mind, I saw Lilith’s face on the way out.

    In the eyes of humans, it was a joyous festival to celebrate the slaying of the Ra’s al Ghul, but in Lilith’s eyes, it was a very different story, wasn’t it?

    The rain is increasing faster than expected.

    I decided to book ahead and get back to the academy a little early.


    The Asria School of Magic is a sprawling facility.

    Not far from the entrance, there is a castle-like building called the Main Building, where students attend classes.

    Around the main building, there are several buildings of various sizes, called annexes, which are used only by the faculty and staff.


    It looks like it caught up.

    The moment I arrived at the academy seems to be the same time that Liz finished her administrative work.

    It was as expected.

    Since it was a sunny morning, I don’t think Lilith had an umbrella.

    She was standing in front of the annex, waiting for the rain to subside.

    “Abel, sir?

    Lilith confirmed that she had seen me and showed a slightly surprised expression.

    “Don’t you want to visit the festival?

    “Unfortunately, there was something I was a little concerned about, so I decided to come back halfway.

    I handed her the umbrella I had prepared beforehand.

    You didn’t come to …… just to bring me an umbrella, did you?

    “Yeah. I wonder if you’re crying again.

    Two hundred years ago, after I had successfully defeated the Demon King, I learned that he had a daughter.

    In the rain, I found the devil king’s daughter buried in the rubble, and some people argued that she should be killed immediately.

    I sheltered her and convinced my companions not to kill her.

    After that, I took her to a foreign land where no one was around.

    The trip lasted less than a month, and at one point it rained heavily.

    Lilith was in tears and trembling.

    The day her evil father was killed, it rained, too.

    That’s why every time Lilith saw the “Rainy Sky”, it brought back a bitter memory of the past.

    With all due respect, Abel-sama, I’m not a child. I’m not a child, but it’s raining. ……

    Lilith answered with a self-effacing expression, but a wavering look seemed to appear slightly in the depths of her eyes.

    I didn’t miss that moment.

    “Heh heh heh, I knew you couldn’t hide it from Abel-sama. I lied to you. I was scared. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday.

    I guess so. Memories are troublesome. The more you try to forget them, the harder they are to erase.

    The day she was attacked by humans and lost everything in one night was a trauma that Lilith couldn’t erase, and it’s still there.

    Are you afraid of rain? Then let’s get rid of the rain.

    Thinking back, I remembered that we had this same conversation that day.

    Clouds are just aggregates of water droplets floating in the atmosphere.

    At first glance, they look like something out of reach, but with magic, you can intervene.


    I raise my hand to the sky and use magic.

    The fire lance flew like a glowing dragon and pierced into the heavy rain clouds.

    In an instant, a cracking sound was heard.

    The heavy rain cloud was blown away by the shockwave from the explosion.

    A large hole broke in the cloud, and from the hole, the sunset light that dyed the surrounding area with a pale golden color came down.

    The moment when day and night meet.

    The twilight sky at the time of the demonic spell creates a mysterious atmosphere that no one can approach. It’s called that because it’s believed in ancient Japan that it’s easy to encounter evil spirits at dusk.

    What is it? Get out of here.

    Lilith jawed at the light.

    The same as the day I did that.

    “Yes, Abel-sama.

    The two of us walked under the same sky as that day.

    Lilith, who was walking beside me, had the same smile as she had two hundred years ago.

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