The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes – Volume 2 Prologue

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    The time was the day before the entrance ceremony for the Aslea Magic Academy.

    I, Abell, sat in a chair by the window, looking out over the scenery.

    “Lord Abell, are you ready?

    Suddenly someone spoke to me from behind.

    A slender, beautiful silver-haired woman named Lilith.

    I’m living with Lilith, the daughter of the Demon King whom I saved 200 years ago.

    Oh, no problem. I’m all set.

    And what we’re doing now is preparing to move.

    The Aslea School of Magic is a full boarding school.

    It’s too far to go to school from the border, so we need to move to the capital city of Midgard in order to attend the school.

    “…… Do you feel reluctant to leave?

    Lilith asked me that, and I looked out the window without saying a word in lieu of answering.

    The view from the second floor hadn’t changed at all since I came to this age.

    The ridge in the distance too, it seems even the trees of the forest haven’t changed.

    The land is lackluster and ordinary.

    But after living in this place for more than two years, I’m sure I’ve grown attached to it.

    “I’ll be back during the summer vacation period.

    Lilith smiled gently.

    I don’t say a word, just lock the windows and draw the curtains. That’s how I finished locking the windows and doors.

    “Hey…! Master!

    There was a loud thud and the door opened.

    A young blond boy, who was a little shorter than me and had hair the color of burnt tortoiseshell candy, entered.

    I’ve taught him everything in the last two years, but the only thing I can’t learn is how to open a door quietly.

    “Let’s get out of here – the carriage is leaving -!

    The guy was still just as noisy.

    Tad hops around like a rabbit and urges me on.

    “I’d ask you, what’s with all the luggage?

    I pointed to the paper bags that Ted was carrying in both hands.

    The four paper bags Ted was carrying were bulging like balloons with something.

    “Hey, hey, hey, hey! Good question!

    Tad placed the paper bag on the floor and rustled out its contents.

    “It’s a Langhwaite Collar product! “Snowball buns” Oh!


    Well, I don’t know about this famous property.

    I’ve lived in this area for more than two years and I’ve never heard of it.

    Could it even be called a ‘local delicacy’?

    “Are you …… going to do business in the academy?

    “No, it’s not! I’m giving this to the friends I’ve made at the academy!

    “It’s a lot. It’s hard to distribute so many, isn’t it?

    don’t worry, miss lily! After all, I plan to make a hundred friends at school!

    Tad smiled innocently with his teeth showing.

    A hundred friends?

    I’m not interested in that kind of thing.

    I just want to be able to graduate from the academy unnoticed, quietly and smoothly.

    “Come on, Master, let’s go…!

    “Lord Abell, I’ll get the luggage.

    The two men called to me, and I rose from my chair with a yawn.

    The horses whinnied and the carriage moved.

    After a while, the house we had lived in for so many years seemed so small.

    With that, we left Rangevat.

    The long accumulated snow melted and new life sprouted on the ground.

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      Table of Content