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The Little Duchess’ Home Tutor Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Had to dump here because the s*upidity level reached intolerable heighths.
The story idea is grand, and that’s the only part that I’d give five stars to. The story was pretty good, four stars, up until around six chapters ago.

    1. The universe revolves ONLY around the MC. EVERYONE, and their mother, in the story is madly in love with him. There are no side stories, or side character developments. There is only MC, nothing else… oh and Lydia, to some degree. I mean, yeah, a story is supposed to follow the MC, but not revolve around him/her to where all of the other characters live and breathe him/her. You’ll understand what I mean when you read it. If just Richard would have been his own person (as well as fitting of his role), and maybe Lisa and Stella as well, then we might’ve had a decent story here.
    1. You have, Richard, the heir, nay, the next leader, who is the biggest wuss, and pansy in the universe – scared of his own shadow, and is manipulated by those under him.
    1. Royal guards are so weak, they are afraid of, and fall with the wind. How can they protect anybody, let alone royalty. This includes all soldiers.

Needless to say, by the end of chapter twenty-two, I was barfing buckets.
This is in no way Seinen, but Shounen through and through, with even the same cliches and story (just happy it didn’t have the same overused s*upid jokes). Why must they falsely lead us into something that is not what it claims to be. I’m not only dumping this one, but putting it on my, “DNR: Too s*upid for words, yet not on kindergarten level; Prepubescent teen’s fantasy without the s*upidity and ugliness of over exaggerated, over used, s*upid ecchi jokes” list.
So, I gave it two stars instead of one for the story idea, and for the first, maybe, 12-15 chapters.

Table of Content

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