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The Labyrinth Raids of the Ultimate Tank Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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This one started off as a pretty good story. But, once he gets home, the story just stops. It just ends there. There’s no growth, nor any progression. Only 3 dungeons ever visited in the whole 63 chapters, yet, the story holds that he HAS to defeat the dungeon masters of many. I know it’s a SoL, but every other SoL I’ve read has some kind of movement or development in it.

I think the author just ran out of ideas about 10 chapters, or so, ago. This, my friends,

and I’ll say it again, is the reason why real authors make an outline – otherwise, they’re doomed to failure when their main ideas run out. There are some pretty cool characters, but there’s absolutely nothing even close to romance whatsoever in it. This reads as a shounen, and everybody knows how much I hate shounen. In other words, it reads like something you’d find in the library of an elementary, and maybe a middle school, with quite a bit of the same old, over-used cliches found in most shounen. It does have a couple of new and fresh ideas, but they don’t hold the attention very long. Well, I’m dropping it, and I really don’t recommend. I’ll put this in my, “Doubt I’ll Ever Read Again, Maybe If There’s Absolutely Nothing Else” list. Maybe the manga’s better. Maybe I’ll check it out But for this WN, I don’t recommend, unless you have absolutely nothing else. So, only 2 stars. As usual, LNT provides awesome TL and editing work. <
Table of Content

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