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The Duchess of the Attic Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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1. “But… but… I would have been assaulted if I didn’t make any noise.” “If you could protect your public’s reputation, you could find a better marriage partner, whether you’re a virgin or not. But now it’s spreading surprisingly fast that you’ve been defiled.” -Father.

(IE better to be assaulted than shout for help & lose your worth as a noblewoman.)

2. “Well, Opal. What will you do after studying so much? Isn’t the territory’s management a man’s job?” -Potential male lead.

3. “A noble maiden, shouldn’t open her mouth until the master speaks first. It’s also my fault that I couldn’t educate you properly. Opal, you seem to have become a very wild woman.” -Father.

4. “I heard one of his maids saying that I’m not clean, so he won’t touch me.“

5. “McCloud seems to have mistress, surrounded in mystery. But, you’ll be his wife, so don’t care about it. One or two mistresses are no big deal.” -Father.


Table of Content

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