Chapter 1 – Repeating Knight (part 2)

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Seeing the two of them leave, Huntis murmured. Reluctantly he made his bed. Then he washed his face and combed his hair, put on his uniform, and ate the bread he had bought before then drank milk.

Doing all of that only took him five minutes, Huntis then looked at his right hand.


As he stared at the bottom of his palm, a red pattern began to appear, it looked like a flame——

But in his mind this was a failure, then the pattern turned into a mist and then disappeared.

“I can not do it.”

Huntis wailed and coldly whispered.

Then he picked up the sword leaning against the wall, and left the room.

Heraldic Art is a spell used to summon the elementals that make up this world –– “Elemental Spirits”.

Fire, water, wind, stone, sun, crystallization from the sun and ice.

The design of the Heraldic symbol can have a variety of patterns – that is why “Enchantment” is very dependent on the technique used.

For example, by borrowing the power of the spirit of the [Salamander], the Fire Spell can be used in heating or cooking. If its power is based on light, it can be used as a light at night. If the strength is based on iron or stone, it can be used as building construction.

And if its strength is based on life, it can be used to treat wounds and heal diseases.

In addition, Heraldic Art is also used in the military.

That is why, the Heraldic Knights were formed to protect the peace and government of the Holy Karurona Empire.

The chanting of the early spells is not difficult to learn. But the higher the level of the spell, the more complicated it becomes to execute. Therefore, regular Knights must study the Chanting Spell during their two year training. For this purpose the Knight of Materia Academy was established.


Leaving the room, with a bored expression, he then headed for the Academy.

Chirculus, the place where the Academi Knight of Materia was located, was the third largest city in the empire. The campus covers three of the seven total district and has a large area.

Of course, due to its vast area, people are often misunderstood as the residence of the nobles because there are many luxurious buildings and gardens.

Regardless of identity and social status, anyone can become an Heraldic Knight.

However, “Knight” is a title that is only pinned to nobles who obtain military achievements. As a result, most cadets are nobles. Therefore the Academy is full of noble children from all over the empire, and the campus is intentionally designed with an environment that suits them.

“S-senpai, you should be more punctual….”

Maron followed Huntis. Unexpectedly, she was really waiting outside the dormitory for him.

Ater entering the basement of the building, the landscape becomes different, and although this is rather monotonous. Many students gather here.

Students in the academy are required to form “units” consisting of five to six people. In combat training or other operations, they will move together in the team. After completing their monster hunting mission, each of them will get points personally.

Today’s combat training is scheduled to involve the 26th to 30th units with a limit of five team members per unit.

“Oh, Maron-chan! Good morning ~~! “

A girl cheerfully waved her hand.

Her stature was slim, her skin color is somewhat tanned, her eyes sparkle like a child, and you can see fang sticking out of her mouth. Compared to Maron’s shy attitude, this girl gave a cheerful impression. Because of her long hair that was tied back, it fluttered like a tail when running.

The girl’s name is Mina Miklan.

She belongs to the 29th unit along with Huntis and Maron.

Maron sighed “Ah!” when Mina suddenly hugs her from behind, playing her breasts without warning.

“Nyahaha! This part just makes me jealous. “

Mina deliberately played her breasts, squeezing them from top to bottom, left to right …


Even though Maron had tears in his eyes while trying to escape from Mina’s fad, she didn’t let her go.

“Nyahahaa ~ Fine, fine ~~ Owaa!”

Another girl from behind hit Mina’s cheek and pushed her aside.

“Are you okay, Maron?”

She immediately approached Maron, a young girl with shoulder-length silver hair that was bright like a mirror. She has beautiful face features with emerald green eyes, she is like a doll.

“Ohh … S-good morning, Shisu-can. I am fine….”

Maron weakly answered.

“Are you really all right? Your breasts, are your breasts okay? “

“I-I’m fine … But … Please don’t touch it. “

“I won’t know if it’s really alright if I don’t touch it.”

It is unknown why she insisted on touching Maron’s breasts. The girl is Shinsurine Shirubelsto. He is also a member of the 29th unit.

Suddenly her cheek was beaten, Mina complained.

“Uuuu ~~~~ It hurts, Shisu-chan, if you leave my face damaged, I won’t be able to get married.”

“I don’t allow it. I will not forgive anyone who touches Maron’s breasts. ”

“Aren’t you also touching her breasts now?”

“No problem, because Maron’s breasts are mine!”

Mina pouted after hearing that. After all, Shinsui said something inconsistent.

“Eh ~ Why can’t I touch Maron-chan’s breasts?”

“Like I said. Maron’s breasts are only mine. “

“You have to share it!”

“S-stop you two!”

Seeing his two friends fight, Maron broke up in a voice almost crying. No, she actually cried.

“Huh ~~?”

Suddenly, Mina’s gaze was fixed on Huntis.

“Hun-chan! What a surprise, it turns out you’re still alive! ”

Mina excitedly started jumping up and down with a smile.

Then, the silver-haired girl Shisurine gave him a look of disgust.

“So you’re still alive … it looks like Maron failed.”

“What a friendly greeting, so you who taught her that kind of water trick?”

Huntis snapped, Shinsurine with a flat face pretending to be innocent.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand, don’t make such a scary face. “

“Are you mocking me?”

“Hah? Are you deaf? If you feel unwell, I suggest you go see a doctor. “

“No need.”

“So. Then I’ll take you to the grave digger instead. “

“Don’t treat me like a corpse.”

“I will take this opportunity to be frank–– “

No matter how hard the reproach that Huntis made, Shinsurine was always able to respond casually.

“Honestly, the boys at the Academy are very annoying, especially you’re the worst, you always sleep and have no motivation, you’re just trash. If you continue like this, you will never become a Knight, it would be better if you just die. “

She said lightly.

“If you don’t change, I won’t forgive you … For the sake of Maron and myself … “

He paused for a moment.

“Don’t you understand? For the sake of Maron and me … ” After a quick glance, her face turned red. But then she shook her head and her face returned to her usual cold expression.

“No, this is a secret between the two of us. I can’t tell you. “

“I-Is that so …”

Huntis had a hunch that if he asked further, something bad would happen.

“Stop stop! Why did you leave me alone? Chat with girls like that! “

Suddenly someone interrupted in, a slender young man with military haircut and an oval-shaped face.

He is also a member of the 29th unit.

“… Who is he?”

“Ah?! I’m Dank! .. Dank Defrik! “

Feeling unnoticed, Dank mentioned his name out loudh.

“Oh, I remember. Sorry, I almost forgot. You’re very noisy after all. “

“Because I’m noisy, you forgot my name! Normal people on the contrary. I once experienced this when I met a girl I liked when I was a child: ‘Ah ~~ Dank, I remember you, you were very talkative in the past.’ I’m not sad when she said that, really! But she seems to change. Unlike before, she was very cute, like an angel. Arghh !! Time is really cruel … Wait, why am I saying this to you! “

“… Hey, you say it yourself!”

This person is very noisy.

“Shut up! Can’t you be a little polite to a senior who is one year older than you? You may held back for one year, but I’m two years! ”

Seeing Dank, who proudly revealed his past, Huntis gave him a sympathetic face.

“I see, because of the stress you’re experiencing, it’s only natural for you to become bald. I’m sorry…”

“I’m not bald! This is a military style short cut. And the girls will surely admire me. Don’t underestimate me! “

“Military-style haircut … oh, I see.”

Indeed, if you look closely he is not completely bald. The top of his hair sticks out like a thorn.

“But unfortunately, I’m not interested in being praised by men. But if it’s Paretto-onee-san, I’ll be happy to be praised by her! No, it’s more appropriate to say that I want to lick her! “

Behind Dank an incredible killing aura could be felt.

“I see … You want to lick me. If you want, lick me then! But first you have to lick my fist first! ”

“Poof …”

Instructor Paretto hit Dank right in the face.

“Not allowed to call me nee-san, call me instructor!”

She looked at Dank who was lying on the ground coldly, and then gave an announcement to all the students present.


1. Lick in Japanese

舐める (Nameru) = to lick, to taste.

I use “admire” and “praise” as a synonym for “lick.” Because it is more fitting. This is a play on words.