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Sword of Gluttony Princess Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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He gets betrayed by Gilbert and left to die, then when Gilbert is trying to fight an overpowered enemy, he accuses MC of trying to steal his prey only to be overwhelmed, Gilbert is then forced to beg MC for to save him doing the typical 180 on MC telling him he was wrong and begging for help, of course the MC’s childhood friend says to leave Gilbert because he got into the situation and it would be impossible for them to help, as there are several high level monsters, but guess what MC says nah f*ck it and jumps in to save Gilbert, saying he never wants to see him again and to leave. Due to plot he barely survives only with the help of the demon sword and his childhood friend.

You’d think he be more wary of people because of his experience with Gilber but no, I sh*t you not, in about 10 chapters after saving Gilbert, he gets invited into another party and guess what, he gets betrayed again this time and guess what again!!! He spares him albeit that in this instant it is because royal guards turn up and take the bad guys away, but MC had ample amount of time to kill and even the sword demon said to kill the bad guys but MC hesitates and is like ehh I’ll take my time and reminisce about our time together.

This light novel is the most typical stereotype fantasy there is, MC is too trusting and too nice, leaving him in situation where his friends would definitely have died because of his foolishness. He doesn’t learn and is still alive only because of the demon sword, another thing that adds fuel to the fire is that this is pretty turning out to be a harem too! He’s saving girls left and right and putting bad guys in their place only because of plot.

Don’t read this, I suffered a little trying to like this only to be angrier and more disappointed with every chapter


Table of Content

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