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Sword Art Online Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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on the gaming side, the author doesn’t even attempt to understand MMORPGs, there is some surface stuff he got right, like how grinding and stats are important and stuff, but recovery rate higher than damage output? that would rely on defense as well, not just the recovery rate.
The worst part: reaction time is king? What a joke, he obviously knows nothing about gaming. Gaming, from shooters, fighting, RPGs, to strategy, is like chess, it’s a exercise of the mind, a battle of wits… You don’t win chess by moving faster. Log Horizon understands gaming much better.
on the business side, the number of sales don’t add up to even a fraction of the modern games we have now might make sense for traditional media, but games? any AAA title under a million sales is a huge failure, the limited release also makes no sense from a business point of view, due to the marginal cost of addition sales, there is no point to limit sales, no publisher/shareholder would allow for this. given the miserable sales, it’s a wonder how the developer did not go out of business be4 the series even begins


Table of Content

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