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Surviving a Harsh Fantasy with Cheat Items Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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And this is all before we get to the Translator, ukel2x – DO NOT READ THIS ON HIS SITE. He has clearly decided to milk his translations with malware installing ads! Multiple PAGELOADS with multiple ads, including 3 phishing style ones, 1 drive by download, and a few pop ups (in window pop ups too) to top it all off.

Oh yeah he also as “Block Adblock” on, so you’ll have to slug through this hazardous mire.

DO NOT VISIT ON MOBILE. Your browser may crash and it is very likely that things will be downloaded without your permission, leading to serious problems if your phone is Rooted or flashed with custom ROMS.

Edit: He has removed “block adblock” and has dialed back on the redirects and ads, though bad ones are still there. I no longer consider it hazardous to normal browsing

Edit (referring to Ukel2x) : This series has been dropped, because, “I just saw in Novelupdate that RE:trans are translating this series and they already posted the prolouge. Since they are more accurate in translation I think I have to give up this one and also there are 6 people working on that project, so maybe they can update faster.

So to show respect to their Work I decided dropping Kokugensou. below is the link to their TL-site.” (sic)


Table of Content

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