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Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 64

“”…… Humuhumu, so that’s it. I understand your claim.”


I finished the grilled river fish along with the bones and thought while throwing away the twigs that I had skewered it with.

All in all, it’s a very confusing situation.

In the dark forest lit up by the campfire, kneeling on one knee in front of me was a beautiful woman with black hair and brown skin that I hadn’t seen in years.

I noticed the aura when I took a slight detour to check out the [Swamp Demon], and because I hadn’t hunted bandits for a long time, I came in the direction of the aura in a very energetic state.

Then I met her, who I really met by chance, and invited me to dine with her. ……

“So, you want to be my partner?”

“No, I want to be your shadow.”

“How about a little more specificity? I’ve forgotten what the job of a shadow is. No, I actually know.”

It looks like this Kageha wants to join my organization.

The original is to come here to scout for the [Swamp Demon] that can work without a lot of costs, but it turns out that before finding it there was already other person who wanted to join.

The organization has only just been established, but there is beautiful girl like this who want to join ……. It always makes people feel a little itchy, hehe.

“I’m going to do what my master wants.”


This answer sounds like when you are asked what di you want to eat at dinner, you can answer anything.

If it were me, I’d just serve ochazuke and be done with it, but for the average person it would have been a troublesome one.

“…If you want to join, you have to sign a lifetime contract, and you must not lose to anyone in enthusiasm and loyalty.”

“Yes. If I’m ordered to die, I’ll gladly give up my head…”

“That’s the kind of thing that will leave people psychologically traumatized, so stop it now.”

Well, uhm. Although she seems to feel very honored to apply …… but I can’t even afford to pay Celestia and the others right now.

” … Ano, I’m sorry…”


…… Around her, a very sad atmosphere emerged.

With a sorrowful expression on her face, her presence seemed to be thinning out as if she was going to disappear now.

“I’m…. very sorry…”


She conveyed a sense of despair as if the world was about to end came deeply from over there ……

“…. That’s…. I’m sorry.”


…… her hands and knees slammed down, showing a sense of extreme sadness.

“…. Alright, I forgive you…. but I am very strict!!! Can you keep up!?”

“Uh!!! Ah, yes!!! I will definitely devote all of myself to serve you master!”

Oh really, I’m such a fool.

In front of me, who was holding her arms and talking openly, Kageha bowed her head deeply and showed her allegiance to me and her feelings of settling down.

In that case …… even if I don’t want to use this method if possible, but I have to have the money ready.

Ah, yes. Compared with that kind of thing, now I need..

“…… that, there is one thing that I want you to remember.

“Ah, yes, what is it, please?”

Even though it would disturb her joy at receiving the job offer from Kronos, there was one thing I had to tell her first.

“–the light that you suddenly encounter in the darkness is very dazzling.”


By the way, that monster seemed to be someone’s pet, but I scared it away. I wonder if it was okay.

It looked like they were watching us, maybe it was a bunch of monsters tamer sent out to kill bandits.

I haven’t done something wrong, have I?


Kageha jumped up and kicked out, causing a large tree to break apart.

The damaged tree trunk slowly fell down from the middle part ……

“… Ohoho you’re quite capable.”

“Because I have devoted myself only to help my Master …”

If you say that, it’s going to be difficult for me after this. …….

Right now, under pretex of conducting a test of Kageha’s ability… I was trying to show off my power and dignity.

To say why, that is naturally to prevent the appearance of strange improvisation like Celestia before. She must have done that because of my lack of authority that caused her to go rebel, I think.

“I’ll let you take a look at my kicks next, then. I hope it will give you some reference.”


…I always feel that…this girl…isn’t her expression a bit cold? Is it possible that I am hated…I wonder.

Although she gave a good answer, but I can still feel Kageha’s sharp sight staring closely this way, as I just approached towards a large tree.


For the time being, I’ll unleash a kick there casually for her to be reviewed.


Master of Kageha kicking technique.

What kind of magnificent thing would that be, now she was intently gazing there.

It was as if she missed a single move she would be disqualified as a Shadow.


It was a somewhat leisurely yell that didn’t feel at all imposing.

The kick that Chrono released towards the tree quietly began …… and then quietly ended.


Kageha could not help but stare.

The first thing then felt that move was more beautiful than anything else.

The foot kick trajectory, completely is very natural to cast out without a hint of superfluous, so that people can not even grasp the timing of the kick out of that divine skill, and even make people feel like art.

Then, as a result.

The seemingly hard tree was cut off by the kick, and the middle part of the tree trunk above the foot’s path was completely gone.

The remaining upper part of the tree fell down and joined the lower part again …… to become a slightly shorter tree than before.

The light kick contains what kind of powerful power, just imagine it makes people’s spine shiver.


“…… about this. I didn’t give it my all just now. As proof, this time I will do a little stronger to show you.”

Kageha was speechless for a while, but Chrono felt anxious because of her subtle reaction, and began to use magical condensate to increase his strength.

“No, no, this is really very superb technique.”

“…… It looks like you don’t believe it. This is definitely a sign of disbelief. You are definitely treating this as a child’s joke, right? I can really do it! I’ll show you now!”

“…… No, no need, I believe you. ”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. You’re welcome to take a look.”

“No, I…”

“It’s okay.”

On one side was the master who was trying to maintain his authority, and on the other side was the subordinate who was trying to advise the master who was exerting an unusual amount of energy.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

“No, no, no.”

At that moment, the forest of the late night kept echoing with the sound of arguments between the master and subordinate that were like a lover quarrel because of this difference.


The next day ……



At the top of the rocky hill, which is as sharp as a needle, there are wooden boards with two figures sitting in meditation.

While enjoying the sunrise, Chrono spoke to Kageha, who cultivated her spirit

“…… I never forget to practice no matter what kind of environment I am in or what kind of situation I am in. . It can be said that there are only two words in my head, the Demon King and practice. Do you understand?”

“That’s really admirable. …… I understand.”

Just by saying a word or two, the board on which the Kageha sits shakes slightly.

However, the board her master was sitting on remained unperturbed. There was not even a hint of shaking.

Just from this subtle point above, you can indeed see the gap between the two.

Kageha guessed her Master intended to tell her the reason why there would be such a gap, she thought.

Although until now she was still reveling in the joy of being accepted by the master of her dreams, everything had to start only now.

She focused her mind and waited for her master’s words.

“On the way from now on, I’ll show you a number of training method that are beyond human comprehension. No matter what environment it is in, I will show you how. I hope it will help you to know me better.”

“Thank you very much, it would be my pleasure ……”

And so, the journey to show the majesty of Chrono began.


In the middle of a bamboo forest full of thick and tall beads.

“This is it. I’ve already thought of what practice to use. …… by the way if it is Kageha, can you do it?”

The child-like Crono snapped the bamboo like a round wood and looked up at the Kageha taller than himself and asked.

“…… quickly through the gap of the bamboo forest, is that so?”

“Hume, this is also a way to practice it. But that kind of thing is not beyond the realm of mortals. I think even a dog can do that kind of thing.”

A feeling of remorse for inadequacy came to Kageha’s heart.

But she quietly suppressed the feelings and waited for her master’s answer.

“The first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was to use these fully matured, thick bamboos…”


The first thing you need to do is to cut them off, kick them off, or crush them. Kageha’s mind emerged with a variety of options set off a ripple.

“…. I’ll eat it.”


The thick bamboo broke apart like it was very soft.

From the place where Chrono bit down, it was slowly snapped off and fell down.

If there is no bite force comparable to that of a dragon, it would be impossible to accomplish such a thing.

Leaving Kageha, who was frozen in thought there, to one side, Chrono bit into the bamboo and tasted it while looking at the situation.

“.. Crunch, crunch! Yuck~! … well, although it is impossible to eat it without a jaw strength that is 500 times stronger, but this is also a good exercise of the jaw area.”

Chrono, who felt uncomfortable because of the bitter taste in his mouth, glanced slightly at the reaction of the Kageha on the other side.


Kageha was dumbfounded to see his master whose jaw strength far exceeded the human limit.

However, this reaction was not the same as what Crono was expecting.

He was expecting something more like “That’s awesome! or something like, “As expected of Chrono-sama!” And so on, like the kind of admiration that professional athletes get.

“…… next!”


Chrono and Kageha were walking along the creek.

Suddenly, Crono picked up a small stone and said.

“Can you think of anything when you see this?”

“… Maybe you will squeeze it… then throwing it and splitting the creek into two, isn’t it?”

Since Chrono likes to throw such long-range attacks, this should be the correct answer, and Kageha who thinks this way straightened her chest and replied.


“…… Please forgive me for being a useless Shadow.”

“I forgive you. But I don’t think you’re useless. Mm~, then the correct answer is ……”

Leaving the quietly sunken Kageha alone, Crono carved a “ク” into the small stone with his nails …… and was about to throw it far away.

“… Are you going to throw the carved stone into a distance that is impossible to find? ”

Suddenly, Crono’s movement stopped.

“…… No, no …… the correct answer is ……”

In the meantime Crono has made a decision.

“…… is eaten.”



Crunch, click, this somewhat strange sound mixed in the sound of the flow of the river echoed between the two.

“…. Crunch~! Yuck! Yuck!”

Chrono spits out small stones one after another.

“…… well, although this is actually inedible. But the jaws and teeth are thus exercised. For fighters and actors, the teeth are the life of the thing. The same is true for the Demon King.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

Kageha, who was on one knee, dropped his head in respect.

“Is that all?”

“And you are very brave.”

“…… Thank you very much and then the next one.”


“It’s really elegant.”

“It’s just like you said.”

What is in front of the. is a scene that gives people a sense of coolness.

Crono and Kageha were standing next to a waterfall surrounded by lush green nature.

The rushing water splashed up the droplets glistening in the daylight, depicting a faint rainbow.

The rocks in the shade were covered with moss, and the contrast between the waterfall and the natural diameter of the surrounding area was a unique experience.

“So …… this waterfall. This is really a perfect prey. For practitioners is a good place to practice. It’s also a healing place for tourists who work day and night to forget about their hard daily routines …… What kind of practice will you find here?”


While feeling the negative ions around and taking some deep breaths, Crono asked again.

Kageha, who could no longer answer incorrectly, thought carefully about the answer.

So far the answer given by the master should have been a hint.

Her master would often suggest training methods from angles that she could not think of.

Then, Kageha finally came up with a common point.

“…… is to, eat, isn’t”?


“Well, you can’t eat a waterfall.”


“Eh? Is it only me who doesn’t know that waterfalls are actually edible? Am I too ignorant? Or is it because I don’t have common sense?”

“…… Please forget about this.”

Kageha, who was kneeling there, whispered with her mouth covered by her mask.

Her cheeks were slightly flushed.

“Ah, well, it is indeed time to eat-”

“Ah! I’m sorry ”

Kageha’s face was already so red that she was about to take out the mask of Tengu to use to cover it up.

“Okay, well, then come to answer my practice method.”

“Yes ……”

Crono is still good at reading people’s minds.

“If it was a normal person, he would only think of waterfall practice.”

“Do you mean swimming up the waterfall? ……”

“Oh! That’s close!”

Kageha’s chest was throbbing fiercely.

Although the answer she gave was still not perfect, she trembled with joy as she gave the first response that met her master’s expectations.

“But, if it’s just swimming to the top, then the fish can do it too. So I’m going to walk up there.”


Crono began to take off his shoes and socks, and also rolled up his trouser legs.

However, the upper body remained intact.

Immediately after that, Crono made a gesture that Kageha had never seen before.

“…… I’m going to, run up.”


“And also several times back and forth.”

“Eh eh!”

That was the crouching starting position.

And so began Crono’s self-styled shuttle run.

He ran from the river flowing below the waterfall to the water above the waterfall …… ran down and ran up again ……

Because no one could see, and this was still a secret place, so it was not at all fancy to do so.

“Eh, eh!!!”

The supernatural phenomenon that continued to break up the waterfall and the river like this, made Kageha who was watching feel a little suffocated.

“Yah-ha! It’s so comfortable! Ahahahahahaha!!!”


So, after postponing my original plan to get closer to the [Swamp Demon], I went on a journey with Kageha to my house.

The journey with Kageha, a very frank and nice girl, was also coming to an end.

Since the guidance for my dignity began, Kageha has become quite powerful.

“We’re almost there. If you are not with me, please pass through the forest from the west. It’s the safest place in Hisahide’s territory.”


…… Also, her expression has become very cold.

You can say it’s getting colder and colder every day.

She wasn’t attracted to the greenery near the Vajra wall at all, and was just staring at me.

Sometimes she even took out her tengu mask to cover her face.

“…… Kageha-kun.”

“Ah, what can I do for you?”

It was really a dry reply.

If you look at this, you can say that it is a representative level of loyalty in the other world.

“… Futon blew away (Futon ga futon da).”


“What?” (Chrono)

I got a ginormous glare from her .

“…… It seems to be what some kind of secret code, I’m really sorry. Please give me some more time. I will definitely give you an answer that will satisfy you…” (Kageha)

“I will be filled with guilt, so stop it now. There is no need to spend time and effort on such thing. Even if you study such thing, you won’t come up with anything.”

That’s right, I guess she’s not bad girl.

Probably, it’s all my fault.

“…… Let’s go, my shadow.”

“…… Yes!”

Well, let’s get along well.

With Kageha that gave a good answer, we once again advanced towards the vajra wall.

In any case, I have to take Kageha to her room early. Before that, we have to clean up a bit.

Ha~, as expected, it’s more reassuri to near my own home.

It’s really peaceful.

“…. Chrono-sama, are the those over there is your subordinates or something?”

“Hmm? Are owl and snake having a fight each othe? Ah… crap.”

When I looked ahead to the area near my own home, I witnessed an unexpected development …… and I ran out in a panic.

The pun in 布団ふとんが吹ふっ飛とんだ The futon was blown off is that it sounds almost like 布団が布団だ A futon is a futon, the latter being a complete tautology.

It comes from Dragonball episode.


Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Furuki Maou no Monogatari o!, 古き魔王の物語をっ!
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A young man who had longed for stories of good and evil since childhood lost his life in a tragic accident and was reincarnated as a boy named Chrono Mak in another world. He learned that in this other world, there is magic and witchcraft, and depending on how you train them, you can become as strong as you want to be, so he decided to become the strongest demon king in order to recreate the story of justice and evil he once dreamed of.


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