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Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 54

Hearing the words of superiority spoken by the other party, Chrono reacted slightly.

“How about this one. –Hiyaa!”

Cassius was crazy about testing his power without noticing the slight change in Chrono.

He stomped on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling and flew around the church uninhibitedly. (It’s like the Spring-Spring fruit, Bellamy, is that you?)


Chrono remained upright and took the chopping blows that came from up, down, left, right, front and back.

He alternated between holding his sword with his forehand and backhand, and continued to do so in silence.

“Great! So you even can defend against this? I have never seen this level of swordsmanship in any actual combat experiments.”

Seeing Chrono, who had no difficulty in defending against attacks from behind, at his feet, or even above his head, Cassius continued to wield his sword with excitement.

“Because of this intensity of mine, I am idle in the midst of this feast.”

Then he kept on saying these thoughtless words.

“Originaly, I was going to kill you quickly and then try to find Lulu Noah and the others, but that was a fluke.”

As he continued to say those words, the reaction from Chrono’s sword became stronger and stronger.

“I’m not the same as those half-orcs! This body is a masterpiece that has been developed through a total of 705 experiments!”


He smiled happily as he saw the cracks in Chrono’s sword spreading out a little.

“Don’t fall down easily! It’s rare to get me this excited! If it’s too easy, I might take it out on Princess Celestia.”

Excited by the reaction to the strengthening, he grinned with a twisted childlike giggle.

Then he slammed the wall above him and slashed at Chrono.

The slash came from the front and beautifully cut the oncoming Chrono’s sword into two ends.

“What’s wrong! Does that mean it’s over!?”

Once more, he stomped the wall above Celestia’s head, and with the speed of a bullet, he struck behind Crono’s back.

“Ah, I see.”

The sword, which was only half-part, was stained black.

The very moment that the black pupils of Chrono, who had turned around, and Cassius’ sight inadvertently coincided at arm’s length —- Cassius’ arm, which was holding the sword, just flew out.


The body momentum collapsed and he plummeted downward as he passed through Chrono’s side.

But ……

“Just as I thought……”

“So you even manage to cut through my skin? So powerful, as expected of a demon king.”

Immediately, he stood up, and the arm …… of Cassius, whose mouth still maintained a subdued tone, regenerated.

Although there were no more clothes on it, the arm that should have been cut off from the root did exist again.

A slight glance at the arm that had flown out with his sight revealed that it had rolled out towards the edge of the room in the same manner that it still held the sword.

“Apparently I’m still not good enough to go head-to-head against a Demon King … Fufufu .. “

The first thing that happened was that Cassius’ appearance changed as he took a deep breath.

“Kuku… ku…! …. About a month and a half ago, the corpse of a …… medium-sized dragon was found in a remote village …. in Kujaro.”


Dark green scales covered his skin and his entire body rose to a size.

It was the same as those of the mutant Orcs, but with a more refined form and a whole level of pressure.

“I brought that fresh corpse back in order to use it for the ‘research beyond living things’ I was conducting with my teacher.”

That form was a strange fusion of human and dragon, which is the word for calamity.

“The result was as you can see. I have transcended the human race and gained the power of a dragon. There is no need to fear longevity or disease, no need to fear injury or enemies. It is, indeed, the ideal creature.”

He looked down at the tiny Chrono with the pupils of his eyes, which were split vertically from those of the reptiles.

“…… It seems I’m in luck today.”

In other side, Chrono, closed his eyes and tilted his head in the direction of the sky, casually throwing the mutilated sword.

“Hahahaha! I can finally use this power against a worthy opponent!!”

With pleasure in his heart and intoxicated by the surge of power in his body, Cassius unleashed all his strength.

Suddenly, thunder began to boom violently.

As if in response to something ……

The air in the church, which had become humid because of the rain, trembled slightly as if it felt timid.

“So it’s all you!” (Chrono)

(I think the author wrote this on purpose, MC said these lines in the same way as Cassius did in the previous sentence)

With those icy words, Cassius’ abdomen was shattered.


Letting out a booming sound that was like lighting strike, he was just kicked back to his original position.

“Guh, hah… hah…. How powerful this is, I didn’t expect to see my dragon scales shattered in this state…but…”

The deformed Cassius, who had been kicked away and buried in the stone floor with a speed far greater than that of his flight, stood up again with a straight face.

The abdomen, which had nearly collapsed, had also been regenerated in a flash.

Chrono, meanwhile, looked over without emotion.

“…… Although my magical power is limited, but the power and range of this body of mine is a bottomless pit. That means I can keep fighting even if it’s quite a long time. On top of that, both limbs and head can regenerate, like the tail of a lizard instantly. So, what are you going to do?”

“Beyond realm of living things, huh?”

What he got was not an answer to that question, but a sigh of boredom mixed with the words of Chrono.

Although it was true that he acted calmly, his attitude of disappointment made Cassius’ mood drop instantly.

“…… What are you trying to say?”

“You’re so full of yourself. In fact, you’re just trying to look strong, you can’t even touch me since you just started.”

Cassius’ frown tightened, his huge green body swelling further with power.

“You’re really flawed.”

“…… Be careful what you say. You were touching a dragon’s scales, weren’t you?”

Not interested in Cassius’ scales at all, Crono slowly walked over to him.

“I’m really angry. I didn’t think you’d have to make that kind of sacrifice just for this level of research.”

“…… Then you’ll have to confirm my power by yourself!”

Finally unable to resist, Cassius flew forward, throwing fist after fist at the smaller boy.

“I’ll teach you to recognise yourself-” (Chrono)


All he did after that was groan.

Chrono caught all of Cassius’ punches from the front, shattering his fists, arms and elbows with brutal force.

“Aargh, aaaaaaaarrgghh!!”

But Cassius continued to beat him with his instantly regenerated arm.

The so-called winning or losing depends on the final victory… Since there is no possibility of death or injury, then there is no need to care about it. This kind of continuous can improvement my strength, even if I have to deal with him forever, I can accompany him to the end. (Cassius)

The fact that he was still able to find such an evenly matched fight was a source of pleasure for Cassius, and he smiled happily, clasping his hands together as if to bring down his full strength and swinging them down like a hammer towards Chrono.

The floor burst open with Chrono and Cassius at the centre, and a shock that felt as if it was going to cause the church to break apart from the inside penetrated.

…… is not just magic power, but also that simple arm strength has this destructive power…. (Cassius)

After the shock wave subsided, what came into Celestia’s eyes was ……

“…… What!?”

Chrono, who hadn’t moved a step and was standing there defenseless, and Cassius, who was frozen in place as he slammed his hands into Crono’s head.

“…… That’s it, your limit.” (Chrono)


Under the clothes that burst open after receiving the frontal blow, what was revealed was the dense muscles that the demon king had built up. Of course, he was still unharmed.

Cassius, who had finally noticed the demon king’s abnormality, hurriedly pushed the power that was overflowing from the presence of the regenerative power and punched out his left fist.

The fist, which was imbued with the tyrannical power of a dragon, unleashed a terrifying vibrancy while advancing towards Crono.

However ……


“What? What the hell is that?”

The fist that came down was easily swept away like a feather, and immediately afterwards, the base of the palm is applied to the base of the arm, and the joint of the shoulder fragilely comes off.


The arm, which had become weak, swayed and dropped, and Cassius took a few steps back.

“Can a creature that is rendered powerless just by the destruction of a joint be considered transcendence?”

“Damn, damn!”

“This is the limit.. huh?”

Chrono’s eyes shifted from Cassius’ body to the figure that fluttered and floated down between him and Cassius.

“…… hmm. You’re just a prince of the mortal after all. You’re so pathetic like this just because you can’t use one arm.”

The person who said this was Bishop Yang, who had descended while raising a whirlwind of magical power.

“… In my experience, no ones with wings are friendly… who are you?”

“I’m not obliged to tell you …… Prince Cassius, let me give you a hand to hurry up and finish this.”

“Ah, that’s enough.”

The unpleasant magical power poured out like an unpleasant stench, and Crono unleashed his magic.



Breathing was forbidden, body movement was forbidden, thinking was forbidden, even the heart of resistance was forbidden ……

The black magic power that was released took away everything except the negative feelings of Cassius and Yang.

“If there is a next time, please give your name properly.”


For the immobile Yang, he slapped him out without a care. (This is actually a sumo wrestling term for a slap to the face, and it seems the author may actually like sumo wrestling, as it appears for the second time)

After seeing the straight line fly out of Yang into the wall, he stopped the release of his magic power.

“You, you b*stard ……”

“They will be here soon, so there’s not much time left. Besides, I’m not going to keep playing with the research results that spawned that tear, let’s end this..”

The atmosphere around Chrono, who was walking slowly in front of Cassius’ eyes, changed.

As if his whole body had been set on fire, he showed his anger, and the atmosphere became sharper and more powerful.

“How!How can it be like this!? I have the power of regeneration! I’m immortal!”

He lifted up the remaining arm and swung it down with the Dragon claw .



It’s easy to be caught in as if he’a not even interested, and then Cassius received another slap.

A somewhat muffled sound rang out from his shoulder, and he lost the only arm left that worked.

“Uh…. Aargghh!!”..

A moment later, his opponent threw an upward kick …… at his face and with a casual push, he fell backwards in a kick to the sky.

The fact that his best blow had been nullified caused Cassius’ sense of crisis to rise. He jumped up and put everything he had on his teeth, which boasted the greatest power.

They were the teeth of a dragon that could bite into everything.

“Ugh!! — Huh?”

But an unbelievable grip came upon him, grabbing him and breaking several of his teeth.

“Your head’s too high.”

The unreasonable force that made it impossible to reach even the maximum strength that Cassius could muster forced him to his knees.

Although he was still able to look down at his opponent because of the height difference, his position was now completely reversed.

“At that time, the half-orc’s body was forcibly destroyed with magic power. …… What should I do with you? If it’s the same way as you did then, it doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

Crono very clear, quietly said the words full of anger.

The Orc’s tears of despair revived in his mind.

Those were the tears of despair, of having lost his family and his brothers.


Feeling the same immense magic of the Demon King, Cassius’ fears, which had been removed from his life, were reawakened.

A crystal the size of a small stone, created by Cassius and his master, is an unknown product made from the concentration of life force and unique magical power.

By burying it in their bodies and making it from the corpse of a dragon, Cassius and the mutant Orcs were able to gain powers similar to those of a dragon.

But if it was this demon king, he might be able to destroy himself along with the ‘dragon crystal’.

“Let go of me!”

In a flash, recognizing the possibility, he began to struggle desperately to escape from the Demon King’s power.

“Just as you have done. I am also very arrogant. I’ll do whatever I want to do —- It’s over.”

The more he struggled the more the strength in the demon king’s hand that was gripping his head tightly became stronger and his fingers caused the scales on it to shatter and dig in.

Several times Cassius’ body swelled further and the other man remained motionless.

From the hands of the demon king, who allowed no resistance at all, came the determination to punish.

“Ah! I’ve only had this power for a month or so! I can still go further! How can I be hindered by a guy like you——”

“If you want the power so badly ……”

From between the Demon King’s fingers, Cassius saw it.

The fist that was slowly being raised, not knowing how much power to inject.

The destructive power of his fist, which had been increased by the magic condensation method.

His instincts cried out.

If he were to concentrate with the sheer power on his back …… he would be finished.

“…… Then I’ll give it to you. This unparalleled [power].”

“You ……”

The last thing he saw after the hands that gripped his head were released –

“- Farewell.”

It was the cold pupils of the demon king’s eyes and a combination of absolute power that struck out at him.

In a flash, he unleashed a breath by passing his right fist towards the claw of his right foot that served as a foothold.

“Kh —-

Cashew is not allowed to move or scream, and the “Dragon Crystal” or the body disappeared into thin air.

The earth trembled and the atmosphere swayed due to the impact of the endless power.


It was the ultimate in overwhelming power, in contrast to Lionel’s strike, which was the ultimate in quietness.

Even Celestia was dumbfounded by Crono’s power, which no matter how many times she saw it, she could never know its limits.

“… I’ve fulfilled my promise.”

The Demon King, who was standing at the source of the power, looked up through the hole in the ceiling that had been pierced by the impact and muttered in a low voice as he looked up at the sky above, where the rain had subsided.

In the midst of the cracked church, he made a unilateral declaration to the other party who had made a unilateral pact ……

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Furuki Maou no Monogatari o!, 古き魔王の物語をっ!
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A young man who had longed for stories of good and evil since childhood lost his life in a tragic accident and was reincarnated as a boy named Chrono Mak in another world. He learned that in this other world, there is magic and witchcraft, and depending on how you train them, you can become as strong as you want to be, so he decided to become the strongest demon king in order to recreate the story of justice and evil he once dreamed of.


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