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Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 40

Speaking of Cool

In the tavern juxtaposed by the mercenary union, there is a gorgeous corner.

But instead of approaching, the rough mercenaries made a show of avoiding the place.

“…… sister, it’s about time you stopped drinking, I can’t even pay for the repair of my bow now.” (Shannon)

The source of the voice was a short-haired bob-headed woman wearing glasses.

Next to her face, which had a very serious expression ……, were long, pointed ears.

That was one of the subhumans, an elf known for her clear eyes.

“Don’t say such serious things ~ …… that is the original power of mine. Emm …… then, what is it again.” (Lulu Noah)

She used the power of her fingers to break the hard shell that covered the nut and took it out, and then put it into her mouth as a snack. The sight of her eating the nut, which should have been smashed with a hammer, without a care in the world, caught the eyes of the people around her, even though they had seen it many times before.

The eldest daughter, wearing a daring outfit that allowed her breasts to be seen, was the most famous mercenary in the Kingdom of Light, [Crushing Fairy] Lulu Noah.

The dark elf’s brown skin was slightly red from drunkenness, and her light blonde hair was drenched in sweat, creating a strange, sultry look.

“It’s almost time to go on to the next job.” (Lizlitt)

The short reply was from the third female, Lizlitt.

Although she appeared to be a young human, she was as lovely as an elf or a dark elf of a race with countless beautiful appearances.

“Liz? Stop reading and listen too.” (Shannon)

“I’ll think about it if Lulu-san stops drinking.” (Lizlitt)

The purple twin ponytails waved slightly across the huge book.

Hearing the three women’s words, Shannon, the elf’s second daughter, turned her sharp eyes on Lulu Noah, who was holding a large wooden wine glass.

“I know, I know. Look, Sis has stopped, Liz.” (Shannon)

“Well, I didn’t expect it to actually stopped ……” (Lizlitt)

Lizlite muttered with some regret as she closed her book and put it on the table.

The two sisters looked at her with bitter smiles.

[The Bonds of Three Fairies]

The three of them were all beautiful enough to be considered as the three most beautiful women if they were registered in the Kingdom of Light, and they can be called the three fairy-like sisters.

“Well, then…”

Just as Shannon was about to start talking, the two old wooden doors were slowly opened.

“…… Pff. Hey, look at that.”

“Huh? …… pfff hahaha what’s that!”

The mercenary union was in an uproar.

It was a young man who caught all those eyes.

At the waist of the strange young man with a hat on his head, a mask covering his mouth and a cloak wrapped around his body ……

“…… Hey hey. I can’t believe you have six swords hanging around your waist, what the hell were you thinking?”

In front of the young man stood a large man who was a bit drunk.

He is the leader of the 3rd Division of the Knights without Banners, Dan Bell.

He seemed to have been drinking at the tavern since daylight.

He was showing off his muscles and armour as he walked slowly and majestically.

“I’m not interested.”

But the teenager crossed paths with him directly to the union’s reception.

“Hey, wait a minute.”

Dan Bell’s thick hand touched the boy’s tiny shoulder.


At the moment of contact, he suffered a tremendous shock that even made him feel the illusion that his arm was about to be blown away.

To those around him, it looked as if Dan had exaggerated the withdrawal of his own hand.

After all, the teenager hadn’t made the slightest movement, so it was only natural to think so.

Dan hurriedly checked to see if there was anything unusual about the arm that he had just touched, which was still numb until now.

“Pfff haha! What are you doing, Dan-san?”

“Did you get a bug?”

Although there was a wave of laughter from his friends, Dan was no longer drunk and looked at his hand with a pale face.

It felt as if this hand had touched something forbidden that could not be touched with a sense of horror.

“……it’s for sale.”


The teenager who had applied some kind of jujitsu and bounced Dan’s outstretched hand away with several times the force had no choice but to stop and speak up.

“I am also a blacksmith, so I want to sell swords while working as a mercenary.”


The mercenaries who heard those words of the teenager, after a short silence ……


They all burst out laughing.

It’s not like everyone meant to make fun on him, in a place where there are so many powerful people, everyone could tell at a glance that the sword hanging from the teenager’s waist was something quite powerful.

And given the age of the young man, who was masked but was probably a human, everyone knew that he could not possibly have the ability to build one of those.

It was for this reason that they burst out laughing at the boy’s joke.

“- What a funny kid.”

A petite man stands up from one table.

It was a baby-face young man wearing blue quality clothing. He always had that look that gave him a sense of nobility.

“I am sorry for what my group members have done. They are not bad people, so please understand.”

“I know… I’m not interested in that.”

Even against the famous [Knights Without Banners] leader [Jick Flagg], he showed no mercy, cutting him off with a cool word and walking to the reception.

“…… Dan, let’s go.”

“Uh, okay ……”

With a subdued shrug of an adult to that attitude of the young man, Jick led Dan back over to the table.

The young man did not care about the stinging eyes of the mercenaries around him who became a little upset by his attitude towards the leader, and stood in front of the reception desk that said ‘Mercenary Registration Acceptance’.

“So, are you registering for the union?”

Asked the male at the reception desk.

“I’m not interested.”

“Then what are you doing here?”

The young man snapped back at the male’s spiteful comment ……

“I’m sorry, I’m actually very interested, so please register.”

“Suddenly you’ve become modest ……”

After that, the teenager accepted the man’s instructions and just as he listened carefully and was about to start the registration process ……

“Yo, Jick. It’s been a long time.”

A sense of tension brewed throughout the tavern, and there was a constant commotion.

“Cassius? …… Ah, excuse me. Should I add the title of prince?”

The man who said this without any respect at all, with a provocative smile on his face, responded by maintaining his seated posture.

The men behind Cassius and the members of the Order became furious.

“Still the same guy. Do you hate me that much?”

“That’s true. You’re too small compared to Alto. It’s me and it’s you. You can’t be gentle with a guy you hate.”

“…… haha, maybe that’s true.”

In the student days, the three were compared in terms of their abilities and looks.

Alto Light, Jick Flagg, and Cassius Kujaro.

Although there were no arguments with Alto, these two were often at odds with each other at the time.

Concealing a very clear animosity with a smiling masquerade, the two continued the same mutually incompatible dialogue between them as they did then.

“…… It’s not a good idea to keep doing this. Let’s get down to business.”

“Let’s do it.”

Cassius, who was disgusted by the faces of his fellow student, gave instructions to his men.

And so, bags filled with large amounts of gold coins appeared on the table …… his men placed them there one by one.

“…… What are your plans?”

“Actually, I owe the Kingdom of Light a debt.”

The people around him who were holding their breath because of such a large amount of money, Cassius paused for a moment before explaining again.

“According to the people of Kujaro, powerful monsters have appeared in two forests …… far from the capital.”


The man’s eyes were alerted to the fact that he had not heard anything from either his own intelligence house or the union, while remaining calm.

“I’d like to pay this debt sooner rather than later. So, the Knights Without Banners, and ……”

Cassius’ eyes turned to Lulu Noah, who was watching the situation from the side.

“I also want to ask [Bonds of Three Fairies]. Before the soldiers of the Light Kingdom discover and slay the monster, please bring down that monsters. If you fail to find the monster, one of the bags will be deducted as wages and the rest will be returned to us. If it fails then there is no payment.”

One bag, that alone was a lot of money.

“What about information about the monsters?”

“I heard it was “Orcs”.


If such a level boss is in a flock, it was a dangerous monster indeed. Even so, such monster can be killed by Jick alone, let alone Lulu Noah.

Even in a flock, depending on the size of the flock, it can be fought without danger if the mercenary group is united.

Although there is a feeling that this is just too much money to spend but ……

“Although I think it should go without saying, but because it is to pay back the debt to the Light Kingdom, so if you do not beat them first, the commission is considered a failure.”

If they had to rush more than the soldiers, they wouldn’t be able to gather enough information or be prepared for anything. They need to move quite quickly.

If you consider the additional cost of this, then it is understandable.

“We’d be better off refusing.” (Lulu Noah)

“…… Why?”

“Because Shannon’s bow is broken. I think it sounds like a pretty good commission, but it’s a bit of a stretch to accept it without being able to use it.”

Lulu Noah said with a smirk.

Although Lulu Noah alone should be able to handle it, it was the way of the The Bonds of Three Fairies to think everything through.

“Hmm, then-”

Just as Cassius kept a smile on his face, intending to say the prepared lines.

Inside, he was desperately trying to suppress his heart, which was leaping for joy because it was going so well.

However, Cassius’s words were interrupted by a voice coming from an unexpected place.

“–then, let me repair that bow, and then bring me there too …… though I not much interest.”

At the reception, the young man carrying six swords recommended himself.

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Furuki Maou no Monogatari o!, 古き魔王の物語をっ!
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A young man who had longed for stories of good and evil since childhood lost his life in a tragic accident and was reincarnated as a boy named Chrono Mak in another world. He learned that in this other world, there is magic and witchcraft, and depending on how you train them, you can become as strong as you want to be, so he decided to become the strongest demon king in order to recreate the story of justice and evil he once dreamed of.


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