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Story of The Ancient Demon King! – Chapter 28

Criminal of Habarukkere

“Is …… still going? We’ve been reminded of that by Celestia-sama.”

Erika advanced on the path made by the students. As always, Hakuto followed behind her, remembering Celestia’s majestic posture the other day, and tried to keep her at bay.

“Of course we’re going, right? I was just reminded by nee-sama not to be careless. No one said I couldn’t learn from him.”

After school, Erika and Hakuto went to Glass instead of going to a sword training session with Hakuto’s father, Shiro.

He couldn’t leave Erica alone, so he had to accompany her.

“I understand even if you don’t say it. But aren’t you afraid of being scolded after this?”

“If that’s the case, don’t come with me. I don’t have a lot of time left. There are only two days left until the imperial competition.”

As they walked down the corridors of the school, which were decorated with many artistic facilities, the commotion of the students moved to the left and right as they parted the corridors.

The sword that she had been given by Glass hung at her waist, shaking constantly.

The commotion like Celestia’s at that time was very special, in a school with many noble people, the screams to a beautiful girl like Erika and a handsome boy like Hakuto were quite restrained.

“What a stubborn princess.”

“It’s up to me what I want to do”

“That also said exhibitionist man who was caught some time ago… Aww, it’s hurts.”

Erika gently kicked at Hakuto’s calf.

To the onlookers who were watching with smiles on their faces, the scene appeared to be a playful one between a close fiancé couple.

As they repeated this conversation, Hakuto’s persuasion was ultimately in vain and they arrived at the saloon.


“…… I think I’ve told you that I have nothing more to teach you. And my saloon is closed today.”

Glass’s saloon was being renovated and he was now carving with a hammer and chisel in the saloon.

Looking at the manly servant in his tuxedo in such a surreal position, and the two of them are stimulated by a laughing bag.

“Pff, how could such a Glass …… do that.”


He asked the couple politely to leave, but instead of leaving, they were laughing at him, made Glass feel very angry.

He was working hard to pay the employees of the future Demon Castle and to create a disposable Demon Army.

“…… Then what’s your orders for the day.”

He didn’t show this emotion on his face at all, just put down the nail hammer and chisel and got up to deal with the two.

“Eh, isn’t that a certainty. Of course it’s for the imperial competition that starts in two days, I have to catch up.”

Although Erika said this with an innocent smile on her face, ……

Glass was helpless. He put his glass down. Although he was indeed the one who taught her to use the sword before, but now he wanted to relieve his boredom through the Demon King’s business. What did the princess think of the saloon as a place to do in the first place?

“This is not a gym, and I have nothing more to teach you. You should be able to win without injury by now.”

“I want to win more easily. Is there a technique that doesn’t hurt even if you get hurt?”

He thought as he looked down at the princess who was gently stabbing herself in the ribs with the homemade sword he had given her.

What a strange girl, he sighed.

But it was thanks to this princess that sales of Mac’s family rice had recently taken off on this side of the saloon.

So maybe it’s okay to let her take advantage of it a little bit, let’s try what I came up with.

“Haa.. it can’t be helped.”

“Oh, really?”

Glass took Erika’s hand.

Just like a gentleman would do to a lady.

“What, what? Suddenly?”

He just knocked at Erika’s hand, which was somehow a little shy, with a force that felt like it was going to crush.

“Does it hurt?”

“It hurts! That’s for sure!”

Then slightly he crouched down and kicked Erika’s shin with his leg.


“How about that?”

He asked Erika, who was jumping up and covering her shin, trying not to look at her, even though her underwear was showing.

“It hurts!”

“How about the pain over here?”

He pointed his finger at the back of Erika’s hand, which he had just hit.

“…… It doesn’t seem to hurt much anymore. Eh, why is that?”

“It’s because the the pain is dispersed so that it is alleviated. This way, for a while, the pain doesn’t bother either side for a while. This is called the “Third Law of Chrono”.

He said so bluntly.

“Eh, it seems to be working.”

“Okay, that’s great. ……”

Let’s put aside whether this simple knowledge could be called a law or not, it was just a matter of covering up the first blow with a stronger second blow after the first, and Erika and Hakuto actually showed such admiration.

Glass was really worried that they might have been tricked by someone other than himself.

“…… Ah, yes. Just in case you come here afterwards and make a fuss I’ll tell you in advance that I won’t be here tomorrow and the day after.”

“Hmm? What’s the matter? Ah, yes. I’ll have to give you my ticket to the Imperial Competition. –Here.”

In the back of Erika’s mind, it seemed certain that Glass would come to cheer herself up the day after tomorrow.

Although he didn’t know if he would actually be able to go or not, it wasn’t a good idea to refuse after all, so Glass took it.

“…… So, what are you doing on your day off, Mr. Glass?”

Even Hakuto pursued the question.

Although he was a little uncomfortable to be asked about his personal life, but he stated the excuse he had prepared earlier.

“I’m going to pick up some rice from a friend’s house where I’ve stored it in advance, because we’re running low on it. I’ll also buy some tea and make some pickles. Most of the event is going to be spent on that.”

Actually, tomorrow, in order to hear about the content of part-time job from Asura, he decided to make a trip to the tavern that was the number one information house and intermediary in the royal capital.

“Hoo hoo… By the way, is the tea still not ready?”


“Well, well, never mind, Mr. Glass. Even if you are Mr. Glass, you’d better take a break.”


As I said before, this is the part-time job I got from Asura.

Because the date I was instructed to come to contact was quite late, I had to sneak into the Light School to start work. But an agreement is an agreement, so it was better to get it over with quickly.

By now I had changed from my servant, Glass, back to my usual 15-year-old Chrono appearance. I walked through the door of the old tavern.

Because my face was wrapped in a rolled-up hood, I could feel the eyes of everyone all over my body.

However, there was no one to pester, so the eyes moved away and everyone went back to their drinks.

There were some very wild-looking people here, but they were still quietly drinking at the tables and counters.

The whole group’s consciousness was still focused on me, though.

Pretending not to notice this, I also made my way to the edge of the counter.

Stay as far away as possible from the old man next door.

“What is your order?”

“Criminal of Habarukkere” isn’t? I’m here to ask about tomorrow.”


With cool statement, I revealed the true face of the tavernkeeper.

“You’re the second person to see the true identity of an old man on first meeting. Let me buy you a drink. Hey, a 30 year old for this one.”

The old man next door approached with a solid stride. With that, I taking the order.

“If I can’t even do that, I won’t be able to take this job …… will I?”

…… This was … Yeah, I knew it, I didn’t make a mistake. This old man was the second candidate.

“A combination of eyesight, confidence and strength. You must be a big shot. Well, it’s just like you said. But I don’t know the source of the commission this time. Even with my power as the “Criminal of Habarukkere”, I can only do so much. It doesn’t seem to be someone from the inside. ……”

He sat down and immediately talked about work. With that, all the people in the tavern removed their consciousness from me. It seems that all these people are the bodyguards of this old man.

“In other words, there is also the possibility of a trap.”

“This possibility should be very high. But even though they were on the side of the table, they knew what they were doing here and did the commission. So I’m going to give this commission to you, who has been getting a lot of praise lately.”

In front of my eyes, a bag filled with heavy gold coins was placed along with a glass filled with red wine brought by the tavernkeeper.


“As you can see, the amount given was also quite substantial and there was also a properly prepared deposit. Once the commission is over, the remaining half is said to be paid.”


I looked like a fool when I was working so hard before.

“So, what about the content?”

“…… Well, about that …… although it’s not a rare pattern …… I’ve just been entrusted with what looks like a cipher and a location.”

Although it was not unusual to say it, he who said it while stroking his chin beard looked as if he had something difficult to say.

“How about a little more clarity?”

“The cipher doesn’t matter …but … the place is–”

It was an unexpected place.

“- the royal castle. The place where the imperial competition will be held tomorrow.”

I drank the glass of wine in one gulp.

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Story of The Ancient Demon King!

Furuki Maou no Monogatari o!, 古き魔王の物語をっ!
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
A young man who had longed for stories of good and evil since childhood lost his life in a tragic accident and was reincarnated as a boy named Chrono Mak in another world. He learned that in this other world, there is magic and witchcraft, and depending on how you train them, you can become as strong as you want to be, so he decided to become the strongest demon king in order to recreate the story of justice and evil he once dreamed of.


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