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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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The main character is taken to a new world ahead of the other summoned heroes and is given preferential treatment for reasons yet unknown. He then explores and eventually encounters a village where they are all incredibly accepting. This is the part where I question the skill of the author, many things are glossed over incredibly quickly in only 1 chapter, he meets the character Banga and has barely any conversation with him, he then proceeds to build a house with the help of the villagers and then because he has no furniture yet, he stays in Banga’s house. The author then tells us that there is two others living in this house which are Banga’s family, we do not even meet them yet. Yes, in one chapter, he meets the villagers, befriends them almost instantly and then proceeds to build a house before eventually living in Banga’s. I feel that these villagers are way too trustworthy, especially as Martha, Banga’s wife, is preparing his meals for him.

Also, the author ignores basic writing etiquette in the sense that he does not abide by ‘Show not tell’, something that I learnt in Primary school (UK). It is implied in the synopsis that he is handsome, so when it comes to showing this in the story we only get one piece of dialogue from some random character: “Oniichan is a handsome guy, isn’t he?”, that is it.


Table of Content

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