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Shinka no Mi Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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In the first our main character goes through something called character development (a word alien to most LN writers, they cant even grasp the concept). The school setting is idiotic to the point of being insulting (seriously, a school for mostly idols). The concept behind this particular school is beyond baffling (Idk what the author was smoking to come up with this setting). Such setting could be explained in a shoujo or slice of hell type of LN, but here it just seemed out of place. I understand that it was to contrast it with the MC, which the author made him look ugly and fat (at least for the first). Was he trying to convey that beauty inside type of sub moral? If he was he did a terrible job since our MC was not likeable at all. He was neutral at best. You could sympathize and understand at best, but he wasn’t without fault in the matter. Although, it is perfectly understandable for him to act the way he did after thee death of his parents, but his friends truly cared about him and wanted to support him for most matters he faced. I don’t know much about japanese culture and laws but did no one made him go see a shrink, or at least have someone taking care of him? But in the end all of that doesn’t matter since his classmates are irredeemable a**holes, and our protagonist ends in the wild and emotionally tortured to death. He then meets a gorilla that falls in love with him because she thinks that he is strong (kind of works here because she is a gorilla). Then he starts to fall in love, and proves his love by fighting a demon ghost skeleton (complicated and sounds ominous, he’s a pretty good guy), while his common sense is being push over the edge. He defeats the guy gets the girl and everyone is happy. The story could have ended here for the most but sadly it doesn’t. Everything in the later arcs is pure LN garbage.

After the first arc, the story embraces all the LN garages tropes shamelessly. It still has that kind of charming sense of humor, but the originality (ok, I’m using that word loosely here) of the first part. I knew that Saria (the gorilla girl) and the MC would become attractive in the future, that much was a given and also that the MC would become OP. I mean I knew that this series is typical LN by nature, so they would want to sell waifus and a cool or handsome MC later on. But ignoring character development of the MC for him to become and bland OP self-insert and push Saria in the background to introduce new waifus, was a bit of a shock (it wasn’t, I knew it would happen eventually).

Shinka no Mi is the perfect example of LN shooting themselves in the foot, for the sake of a prolonged story that panders to otakus. It had the possibility to differentiate itself, but falls into the LN type of genre hell. It was never really praise-worthy type of writing or story telling, but it tried to differentiate from other LN and tell an amusing story. It also suffers from a bit of genre clash in the overall story, since it tries to be dark and comedic fantasy harem story. I could go further and talk about the lack of plot and the lack of information of the world/setting or lvl up system, but the first arc makes it perfectly clear that those things don’t matter. Heck, the plot is pretty much what happened in the first arc. It was a if the author wanted all of it out of the way first, so that he could do something else. I didn’t mind it too much since the story was trying to be a comedy before anything else, so I could excuse most things, but the dark undertone of the LN keeps reminding me that the story isn’t pure comedy. So, it is kind of a mess.


Table of Content

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