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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (WN) Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Haven’t even finished chapter 7 and can’t go on… so many things that bug me about setting/characters/etc etc. This story is so detached from reality, as in, even for a fantasy work, characters need to act in ways that are relate-able,… as in, somewhat human (logical, or understandable, or emotional, whatever). The characters in this story act like either robots or aliens T_T
setting – because VR tech was developed, all companies *only* exist in VR now. No need for stores, for paperwork, for any hard copies of anything, even service

industries now only exist in VR it seems. Schools don’t exist, and seems people are born, log online, and only ever log off for food and sleep. The s*upidity of the author is astounding… a single EMP will cause society in his world to completely collapse. Tbh, don’t even have a clue how society functions. Since people never meet in real since there is no reason to. Unless of course, they live in the matrix. and the game world is a matrix within the matrix. Character – so many inconsistencies… the char has apparently played the game for 4 years, and despite it being a learning game, his gear+stats+skills have not changed in 4 years. people like him disappeared for 30 years, but he still expects the old players to do the exact same things they were doing when it was still a game. wut? as in hey look I got transported to the future and everything became real, my best friend likes to play basketball… so of course he is you know, still playing basketball, who needs to even know what the hell happened to us anyway? The 1st thing he notices when he gains consciousness is the smell of grass… so the 1st thing he does,… is pull it out then eat it… wut o.O? then he notices the taste of his drool… But despite his apparently godlike observation skills, he doesn’t notice that his gender has changed lololol. the char is complete opposite of The New Gates char – no foresight, no planning, no sense of danger, no sense of caution… in fact, the char is “special”… from putting grass in his mouth to staring at butterflies to completely not noticing people talking to him and just blanking out… dude doesn’t even try to log out, and when he finally notices he can’t, no biggie. game settings – people are pretty much forced to join a country because not doing so has several disadvantages like… complete item box lost on death, 24 hour death penalty, etc etc. Just based on that, its obvious that the game is a complete kuso-ge (sh*t game). w/c is quite understandable since the game has only been updated 2x in 4 years… which is a pro for the players… players trapped in this world for 30 years, and there has not been any improvement in technology… like log horizon where everyone is a caveman… So many more things… the details are what makes stories like this enjoyable… so… 2/5 then I think this is really ridiculous so 1/5 <
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