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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (LN) Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Let’s go over a few things about why I say this is so and why I’m gradually getting fed up with her (and if she was a real male protagonist, I would’ve dropped this quickly because of the idiocy). When she first arrives in this world as a freshly-made loli, she somehow doesn’t notice her own change before being called “young lady” by a knight and seeing her own reflection in his armor. However, now she can feel, taste and whatever else. Her game character was originally a rough and wizened man with a long beard. Now she’s a silky-smooth and short loli. She notices that something is wrong with her height, but pays no heed to it despite exploring what’s happening. She picks up grass with her hands, which means that she would see them, obviously, and brings it to her mouth to taste, but somehow still doesn’t realize anything despite the missing beard, silky-smooth face and shining, small hands. I mean, if you don’t realize it after that, you’re truly daft.

Well, let’s chalk that up to her being bewildered. But it doesn’t end there. Later on, she goes to the city and realizes that, damn, she doesn’t have any clothes that fit her! So, she gets used as a dress-up doll against her will by people around her and despite hating the appearance of the clothes and the fact that she’s now dressed like a proper loli, she doesn’t truly resist. She also, for some reason, wears normal clothes instead of custom-made combat clothes with enchantments on them. Wouldn’t the FIRST thing you’d do in this situation be making some custom gear and make sure you can get your bonuses as it could be a matter of life and death? But nope, we need her to act moe and cute and of course we can’t miss the obligatory half-assed gags where she’s uncomfortable yet forced to wear stuff she doesn’t want to because of the women around her being overzealous about it. Takes weeks before she realizes that she can buy clothes, but she still doesn’t feel any need to custom make some, urgh.

As if that wasn’t enough, she actually gives away some of her important gear for no good reason. She gives away her whole collection of high-level bombs and even all her close-combat specific trinkets/gear. This gear was given to someone who absolutely doesn’t need it right now, even though the MC needs it for real and it could be the difference between life and death for her or at least others who’d die if she fled in the face of a powerful enemy. Because of this, she now has the power-level of a normal girl unless she activates her daoist skills and her power is much less than it’s supposed to be even if she activates the daoist skills. Before, she could pinch a sword from a decently powerful knight and it would be impossible for him to budge it (a knight close to the king who protects him, so should be pretty powerful), but now she’s at the power-level of a normal loli, she’s just a weak little girl when she doesn’t use magic. I mean, WHY? At least keep 1/4 of the bombs and don’t give away your best gear when you’re in a real world and are going out to explore and try to find people which will result in a lot of battles. Just give him some less powerful things, surely she’s got that, right? But somehow she hasn’t equipped herself with anything like that, probably just escaped her mind, just like everything else seems to do.

Then there’s how she’s repeatedly s*xually assaulted by women everywhere. Yeah, maybe it’s not actually s*xual harassment, but it’s pretty close. They’re all going “awwww” and swooning over how cute the MC is while not being able to hold themselves back from trying to cuddle and fondle her. Complete strangers will “attack” her on first sight with motherly instincts or whatever. Let’s not go into how absolutely ret*rded and unrealistic this is in the first place, the MC also hates it, but somehow won’t retaliate. The MC can do whatever she wants and has plenty of spells to evade with even if she somehow doesn’t have superior power unless she actively activates her daoist powers, but she just struggles physically and gives up after a while. It’s just whining and whining and whining while pretending to dislike it but doing nothing to solve the situation, it pisses me off, especially in volume 2 when a character that goes “MIRA SO CUUUUUUUUTE” pretty much once or even thrice each chapter before trying to throw herself at the MC is introduced.

She’s also an extreme pushover, a doormat. She’ll comply to pretty much everything people wants her to do without caring much, there’s sometimes some mental resistance but she just complies in the end despite not wanting to. I mean, say no if you don’t want something. Wishy-washy mc’s are, and will always be, the worst kind. Even if she’s a loli it doesn’t make it much better, have some proper will if you’re going to be the MC, say no if you don’t want it, don’t just resist lightly before giving up and going with the flow…

She also proves just how s*upid she is over and over again, like how she wants to improve peoples’ image of summoners but she’s too daft to understand that summons, which is from a rare occupation with hardly any high-level ones at all, is obviously poorly recorded and known, yet she expects that just summoning several valkyries and letting them run around dealing with an issue would actually make people recognize summoning. I mean, how are they supposed to even know that they’re summons? They just look like women, god dammit. Even if she summoned something else, their lack of knowledge and the rarity of summoners in the first place would make people think it’s just some kind of a monster or something like that… She also has a tendency of forgetting things all the time, especially names, as this author seemed to want an airhead trait for his MC loli.


Table of Content

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