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Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – V2 Chapter 12

It was Clarice teaching in cramped classrom, imitating the instructor.

She is more straightforward than the instructor watching next to her and speaks with her teaching.

“So, in the land west of here, there is the Tenebrae Demon Kingdom where the demon race lives. Its country and our Elberia Empire have been at war for a long time. And towards the Tenebrae Demon Kingdom, people called “heroes” have gone to fight. The strongest among the prophets – those who have received the blessings of the gods with extraordinary power – were selected to lead a large army to defeat the demons.”

It’s an old story. ……

It has already been more than 500 years since those heroes were sent to us. Rena would be the last. However, unexpectedly, the interest of the surrounding students seemed strong.

In Mildiana, even the special students weren’t very interested.

But here in Granden, I felt that many of the students were trying their best to listen to what she had to say. After all, there hasn’t been a major battle in about 500 years, and the skirmish was a few decades ago. I wonder if the information on the country next door is worried them.

…… or maybe they just afraid of Instructor Clarice.

She not only teaches as a student, but also as an instructor in the subjects she is good at, which is amazing.

The original history instructor was no longer standing at the edge of the classroom, just looking around the room with concern.

“Unfortunately, none of the heroes ever returned to the Empire. According to the testimonies of the few surviving soldiers, the heroes lost the battle against the majins and the army was destroyed or almost destroyed. I don’t know how good the heroes were at the time, and I don’t even know how much damage they caused to the Tenebrae demon nation, but whatever the case, the fact that the empire’s most powerful prophets and the army under their command were defeated is a virtual defeat for the empire.”

At the time, I was impatient and excited to fight against the heroes.

Although the result was an overwhelming victory that cannot be described, what kind of strength will be next?

I remember getting frustrated every time a year or ten years went by, wondering if it was time yet.

That eventually stopped after I took Rena as my wife. I’m going to miss it.

“The relationship between the Elberia Empire and the Tenebrae Demon Kingdom is the same as I’ve already told you. The Tenebrae Demon Kingdom controls the entire western part of the continent, but the one country that they have been unable to capture is the Holy Kingdom of Restaflora, just north of their country.

In the Holy Kingdom of Restaflora, which is said to have fought off the attacks of the demons many times even though it is a small country, there are many trained magicians and priests, including the Saint who is a user of the sacred arts.

Unfortunately, diplomatic relations between our empire and their country have long since ceased.
I can’t go into the details of the situation, but I do have a few bits of information.

They say that the saint can use sacred magic, and that she is very strong. It’s not that you should believe any of these stories, but it’s just for reference. In any case, each of the priests of the Holy Kingdom of Restaflora is strong. It seems that they are very strong. Let’s make sure that our imperial army is no match for it, and train hard!”

The students stood up and saluted in unison when Clarice said this, clapping one hand with her teaching whip.

It’s like a real army. No, I guess we’re all going to end up like that.

Perhaps the reason why it looks much more morale than Mildiana’s military school is because the principal here is that great hero. President Ludio is also a hero with tremendous power, but it may not be strange that some students are reluctant to set their sights on a half-elf.

“Excellent lesson, Ensign Fourestier.”

“This much is obvious. But more importantly, Instructor Purge. You told me that many of your students doze off in class, like now – that fox!”

When Clarice threw the chalk, Roka, who had knocked it off with her long tail, yawned and said.

“Don’t throw things at people.”

“If you ask me, ‘Don’t sleep in class, you fool! And the wolf next door! Don’t spend all your time staring at Roka’s sleeping face, listen to the lesson!”

“Shut up, I’m listening. ……I’m listening, you know? It’s about hero stuffs…. invaded the Holy Kingdom? And majin whatever.”

“Not only are you not listening, but you’re fabricating history! If you’re not going to listen, get out of my classroom!”

“Oh, really? Then let’s go, Roka! This cramped city might have some hidden gems and places with spectacular views!”

Clarice slammed the desk with both hands. and slapped it.

The other students were frightened, and the timid female instructor in charge was shaking.

“Of course, in that case, I will inform General Duras and Lieutenant General Lambert. Any unmotivated student will be expelled immediately!”

“Damn, you’re a pain in the ass. I wonder if it’s just her face that’s cute.”

“That’s none of your business!”

Just then, the bell rang for the end of the school day.

“There it is, the bell has rung, provisional instructor. Now get your classes over with.”

“…… Instructor Purge!”

“Yes? What is it?”

“‘In the future, if any student behaves in such a joking manner, you are to pluck them out of the classroom immediately! Is that clear!”

“No, no. But you are also a student at a military school, and if you’re tired from your regular training, you’re bound to get sleepy in a boring history class.”

“Class is boring? These are not the words of an instructor! Withdraw at once!”

“Hiii-hii, I’m sorry!”

…… Which one of us is the instructor and which one is the student, this one?

Eventually, while Clarice was lecturing the timid female instructor, the students around her quickly disappeared.

However, Clarice is also the temporary instructor for the next class.

At the magic training grounds.

“This is the magic riffle.”

Clarice then gave me the cylindrical thing that she held up with both hands.

I’m not quite sure what to do with the cylindrical tip of it. However, I was able to detect a small amount of magical power reaction from inside.

“First of all, how to use it, but it will be faster for you to see it than for me to tell you. Explanations will follow.”

Clarice, who had the same object in her hand, pointed the tip at the humanoid target and fixed her posture.

Then she says as she takes aim.

“You must fire it at the enemy soldiers. In this way, if you grasp the riffle and pull the trigger–”

Clarice’s finger pulled the trigger, and at the same time, the magic riffle was loaded.

The small amount of magic power that contained in the magic riffle drew up a formula at once.

In the blink of an eye, the completed formula turned into a fireball and hit the humanoid target with a bang. It’s not very powerful, but it’s very fast. It is equal to or better than the unchanted magic of a skilled magician.

“And, as it is now, it converted into a magic formula, it is able to emit a second-order flame bullet. The reason why this is possible is that the magic stone loaded in the magazine is released when the trigger is pulled, and the magic circle drawn inside the barrel beforehand is used as a medium to activate the magic formula.”

As Clarice explained, Roka, who had been looking on in boredom, said.

“It’s true that the technique is fast. If you have the skill to aim and hit the target, you might be able to use it to “attack” people, but it’s not as if it has enough killing power.”

“It’s only because this is the grounds of a military academy that we have restrictions on it. I’ve heard that the magic guns used by the armies of the north and east in the war against the Zenan Dragon Kingdom were capable of exerting a maximum power of about the seventh rank.”

Magic of the seventh rank.

It reminded me of my magic exam in Mildiana. The technique that Julian, who wasn’t here at the time, used to collapse the entire testing center was of the ninth rank or higher.

Even the most advanced barriers that were put up inside the test center could only prevent the eighth level, which is why it was like that, if you can easily handle an attack with magic power similar to that, you may be able to expect a lot of strength.

As Roka looked boredly at the magic gun she had been given, Keith, who had been silent until now, marveled at it.

“Was it about 20 years ago that the practical use of magic guns began to be seriously considered? It is interesting that it was created in less than 12 years and used in the battle with Zenan.”

“Yes, it is. But this magic gun was not made from scratch. It is just one of the “primordial weapons” that were discovered as a legacy of prehistoric civilization, and managed to be recreated by the hands of humans and dwarves. It is still powerful enough to be used in battle, but considering the power of the attack weapon it was based on, there is still room for improvement.”

“I seem to recall that the original weapon was used by that gentleman from the north in the battle against …… Zenan.”

“Yes. It was used by one of the Five Heroes, Grand Marshal Darius Severin.”

“I’ve heard that he was no less impressive than Lieutenant General Lambert. However, when it comes to the original primordial weapon, it was the Eastern–”

As the two studious people were talking earnestly, the magic suddenly increased nearby.

When I looked over to see what was going on, I saw that Roka had a magic riffle in her hand and was firing wildly at a humanoid target.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“With this level of power, you can’t inflict a fatal wound unless you do something like this. It’s also difficult to hit.”

If you look, all of Roka’s shots missed, except for one that grazed the target.

He hit the warded wall behind him.

“Of course! Handling a magic ride is a very delicate thing. It’s not something that someone like you, who only thinks in terms of force, would be able to master!”

“Indeed. I’d rather hit a spark like this one than a few more. It would be faster for me to run over there and chop off the enemy’s head directly… Come on, Shaula, You try to shoot too.”

Shaula’s face became indescribable as she received the magic riffle thrown by Roka.

“Well ……. It looks good to shoot continuously. Let’s get started.”

“Wait! If you keep firing that many times, the magic stone inside will–”

Three fireballs were fired in rapid succession, grazing the human-shaped target.

Seeing that, the white wolf girl sighed.

“It’s still boring. You should make it more powerful, like you did for the real thing.”

“It’s impossible. It is strictly forbidden by the instructor to handle the magic gun unnecessarily. Rather than aiming properly with a powerful shooting, it is necessary to have a technique to shoot the opponent more accurately with a shooting with less power. so–”


After two more shots, Shaula clicked the trigger of the magic riffle repeatedly. But nothing happened.

“Hey. Is this broken?”

“No! If you’re from Lugal, you should be know that magic stone is the driving force behind this magic riffle. It is natural that the magic power in the magic stone will be depleted and the magic stone itself will be broken if it is firing continuously like that.”

“If it has such constraints, tell me earlier, you’re useless.”

“Which beastkin that started playing when I was about to explain that?”

“I was just trying to see if I could use it in a real battle. In the end, it will be meaningless to those barbarians who are most familiar with magic.”

“I’m not just curious, either. I was just testing to see if it would work in combat. You can’t even kill one person playing with fire like this. What’s the point in practicing in first place?”

“There is ……. This magic gun was originally created with the goal of allowing those who cannot handle magic to easily attack from a distance. However, when you actually try to use it, it is unexpectedly difficult. Therefore, daily training is a must. The power of the weapon is kept low in order to make the magic stone inside last as long as possible.

The existence of this magic stone is the reason why you, the Kingdom of Lugal, and we, Elberia, are here today. It’s no exaggeration to say that the relationship between the two empires has been established. Although it has become easier to import magic stones since diplomatic relations have flourished, keep in mind that such a wasteful shooting will ruin the magic stones.”

Clarice was on the verge of exploding with a blue streak on her forehead and a twitch at the corners of her mouth while calmly keeping her face tight.

–Although, a magic gun. The empire has made some interesting things, hasn’t it?

In the future, if it becomes more convenient and spreads throughout the imperial army, it may be used in the war against Tenebrae.

Aside from those who are resistant to magical power, there are many demons who do not have it at all. So maybe they will be overwhelmed by this.

“Oh, it’s done. Is this what it looks like?”

Clarice immediately shouted to Liz, as she had heard the elf girl, who had been silently playing with the magic gun, said carefreely.

“Wait for me!!”

“Yeah! Maximum power!”

The moment the trigger was pulled, a mass of magic power shot out of the muzzle of the gun with a tremendous bang.

The red flames quickly burned up the human-shaped target and didn’t stop there, hitting the barriers that had been set up throughout the room.

The moment the barriers made a crisp sound, the other students in the room became confused and ran away from the scene at once.

Only one special student from the south plus one special student from the west was left around.

Yeah … it’s okay. Nothing happens because the barrier is maintained at the last minute.

Next time, if it get hit by another one, it’ll be blown to pieces and the entire training area will be in a terrible mess.

“I did it, it was a great success! Did you see it? My shooting technique-Itai-itai!”

“Liz ~? Did you listen to people!? The magic stone inside has already shattered with just one blow! Moreover, the barriers are just barely holding together and are on the verge of collapse! What are you going to do if something goes wrong?”

Clarice shouted as she tugged on Liz’s long ears, and the elf girl managed to argue with her.

“It’s okay! It’s okay~ … I checked how powerful the gun could be and the strength of the barriers around the room before I shot it. …… I mean, it really hurts, let me go!”

“It’s not about that! I’m asking you to think about the people around you! I think you need a sermon too, don’t you?”

“Oh my God, give me a break! I’ve already heard the sermon to death from that old hag!”

“Then I’ll make you listen until you’re in a state of asphyxia! Sit on the floor!”

In the end, Clarice’s sermon continued until the end of class. And her one-day instructor exercise was not over yet.

The next step is physical skill.


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