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Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 36

The King’s Chamber of the Tenebrae Demon Kingdom.

On that jade throne sat the angel who did not match the Demon Nation.

While sitting leaning on the armrest, crossing her legs and swaying. The eyes were half dead.

“Lumiere-sama. Please open your mouth.”

“…… ah~”

The maid serving at the palace put the randomly selected fruit into the fork and put it into the angel’s mouth.

Lumiere, who ate it with great pleasure, looked in the other direction and sighed.

I’m not a king in first place. I don’t know anything about politics, and I don’t know anything about diplomacy. I’m not qualified to be a king, but that kind of thing can be done in any way.

The biggest problem at the moment is, in a word, I have nothing to do.

Lucifer has been traveling to the Empire for more than a month. When exactly will he return.

He said he would be back in a few days to a few years or something. To Lumiere, who is both an angel and a demon god, that is really just a trivial amount of time. That’s how long it would take to pass if she just sat around. That’s what she thought.

“Lumiere-sama. Your mouth is half open.”

“Ah… ……”

“Lumière-sama. Your expression is very unpolished and uncouth.”

“Ah… ……”

“Lumiere-sama. If the master sees you now, he’ll hate you.”

“It’s because Dar~ling is not here that you’ve become like this!

The suddenly agitated Lumiere shouted while pulling the maid’s cheeks.

“Lumihevsama. Pleasdount taektuthownmee (Lumiere-sama. Please don’t take it out on me).”

“If it’s just Dar~ling then it’s okay, but why even that bitch is going to the Empire ah ~ ……! Because if it’s Dar ~ ling, so he must have fucked that woman every night….! If you were going to take her, take me with you too! Bakabakabaka-!!!”

The maid was knocked on the head by Lumiere while screaming.

The maid was expressionless and did not resist.

“Lumiere-sama. Master won’t come back even if I’m hit on the head.”

“What? Are you saying that Darling’s absence is no big deal?”

“No, it’s not. I also want master to come back soon.”

The maid said while looking at the angel who was beating her head a hundred times.

“I’m just tired of watching Lumiere-sama.”

“Don’t treat me like a child!”

“Let me point out that your mind is a child, your spirit is a child, and even your body is slightly immature!”

“There’s no such things! I don’t want nto be told that by you!!”

Lumiere grabbed the neck of the diminutive maid and shook her violently when a surprised voice rang out.

“Furo~….. Lucifer’s magic power disappeared and I thought something had happened, but it turned out that and angel was sitting on the jade throne.”

“…… Beelzebub?”

Lumiere greeted the guest after liberating the maid.
The man who was called Beelzebub was an older man with white hair. His face was carved with many wrinkles, and his short body, which looked very pale, was wearing a vestment.

The body is very slender but full of ominous atmosphere. It was the huge magic and miasma overflowing from the whole body that made him look like that.

He is exactly the same as Lucifer who bears the name of Demon King.

He is the demon god who used a lot of magic in the ancient times to turn all the battlefields into wildernesses, worthy of the name of king.

“My Demon Nation Tenebrae has fallen to the ground.”

“If you came here just to tease me, please go back. I’m in bad mood today.”

“Furo, well, don’t get so upset. It’s better to listen to what this old man says, kiddo.”

“I’m about the same age as Darling.”

Although Beelzebub looked like an old man, the magic power and miasma emitted from his body was out of the norm.

If it were an ordinary human being in this place, it would not be surprising that he would go crazy at the sight of the aged demon god’s body.

Although not as extreme as Lucifer in his demon god form, this demon god called Beelzebub is a threat to humans themselves.

“Lucifer seems to have gone to the Empire?”

“Yes. That’s why I’m sitting on the Jade Throne like this, isn’t it? So now I am the king. Kneel down.”

“If someone like him went there, the country will be destroyed.”

“What are you saying?”

Beelzebub said to Lumiere, who was trying to twist the maid who was whispering to herself again.

“A forbidden magic has been used in the empire.”

“Forbidden magic? Dar~ling …… I don’t think so. The current Dar~ling doesn’t have that kind of power. So, it’s Rena?”

“Neither. It’s a bit heavy for that girl to use.”

“What does …… mean? That b!tch was a Hero, right? Wasn’t she strongest in the Empire? She has magic skills too. She can use forbidden arts that are beyond the realm of magic… Well, although I think her skills in swordsmanship are much better.”

“In the empire during these years wonderful magic has been used one after another. From this old man’s sense of magic, it must be something that requires a lot of living sacrifice.”

Beelzebub is one of the seven pillars that support the Demon Nation of Tenebrae.

His power is extremely powerful. Although swordplay and physical skills are poor, but the use of magic power has the power of Lucifer who is no less than the full strength.

You can’t ignore it as a common oldman’s nonsense.

“That is a very large scale jutsu. Even among the forbidden arts, it’s very good. …… I’m afraid it can reach the 13th step. Or “higher”?

“That’s a lie, right? It’s impossible for a human to use something like that.”

“That’s a technique that ordinary humans can’t achieve even with a few hundred people. But it was actually used. What does that mean? It’s so interesting. Furofurofuro.”

“Can’t you see the future with your clairvoyance?”

“A black haze of smoke enveloped the whole thing. I can’t predict what will happen. This is interesting.”

“That’s useless? But, in short, Darling in danger, right? Then, I have to go. I don’t care if it’s a forbidden magic or something, just destroy it all. I’m the best at that kind of thing!”

Lumiere, who stood up from the jade throne, showed a terrific drive unlike until just now.

She unfolded her pure white wings and leapt with a single breath, and flew away from the palace in an instant.

The maid who was left behind muttered.

“She doesn’t even know where the Master is. Is it all right, Belzebub-sama? To liberate that kind of beast into the wild.”

“Obviously, I don’t even know where my master is, so I’m really anxious. …… Is this good, Lord Beelzebub. To liberate that kind of beast into the wild.”

“Furo. That’s more fun, right?”

“It’s not surprising that the empire would be messed up after a big mess.”

“Let’s talk about it then. …… furo. It would be interesting to have an all-out war with that country after a long time, wouldn’t it?”

As if hoping that it would turn out that way, Beelzebub lifted the corners of his mouth.


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