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Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 29

Red Tears

The light from the candles illuminates the space that is isolated from the ground.

“Aaaaahhhhhh-!!!” (Soldier A)

The sound of flesh being torn apart and bones being shattered was heard from the hall away from the female elf’s broken maw.

The man who had seen the scene before him finally couldn’t bear the thought of vomiting on the spot. The man in the robe beside him spoke to him.

“It’s the third ‘animal’ of the day. I can’t keep up with the elf’s processing these days. Hey, are you okay?” (Soldier B)

The stench was so strong that the man threw up again.

After emptying his stomach of all its contents, he said in a squeezed-out voice.

“… I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore….” (Soldier A)

“I understand your feelings, but just be patient. You’ve heard from Lord Ghislain as well, haven’t you?” (Soldier B)

“In the dream. It’s all there. The elves that’s a mess of flesh keep haunting me …” (Soldier A)

“You’re used to seeing corpses. How many men of the Imperial Army do you think were turned into pieces of flesh in the war with Zenan?” (Soldier B)

“It’s a war. It’s a war, so it can’t be helped … it can’t be helped. But this is.” (Soldier A)

The man who was speaking with tears in his eyes looked up in surprise.

There, at some point, was a person in a robe with a hood on his eyes. In his hand was a small bottle containing a red liquid.

“The elf. Is the next elf not ready yet. The elf, the elf…” (Ghislain)

In a very creepy voice that was like a mixture of a man’s and a woman’s voice, the man said.

“Lord Ghislain. That was already the third animal, right? If you continue, you might not be able to handle it.” (Soldier B)

“What? Can’t handle it. What do you mean by I can’t handle it?” (Ghislain)

“No. I mean, I think it would be hinder the production of Final Droplet…” (Soldier B)

“Hinder, for the production of Final Droplet. No problems. Keep working..” (Ghislain)

That person in robe, whose gender is even unknown. He just called ‘Ghislain’.

It is said that he seems to have come from the kingdom Chiaro Diruna, which is a major magic country.

Other than that, the men here were given no other information.

“Ugh, Lord Ghislain, I can’t take it anymore! So, why would such a cruel thing be done?” (Soldier A)

“The elves. The extermination of elves. Who wanted this?” (Ghislain)

They are the grassroots of the anti-elfis who have secretly assembled within the Imperial Army. It is not only this Mildiana Army that harbours this ideology, but many exist in military departments all over the world.

100 years after the conclusion of the alliance between the Eberia Empire and the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria. There is still a steady stream of people who treat the elves differently.

For those who are not accustomed to the many systems of preferential treatment for the elves, adding by the ban on sl*very, the death of the Field Marshal who had been Commander-in-Chief of the Mildiana army in the previous war with the Kingdom of Zenan, and the assignment as his successor of the half-elf, Ludio Lambert, was a highly unacceptable development.

They intended to get rid of the Half-Elf at all costs.

It would be even better if They could also eradicate the elves that had infested the Empire.

The man who complained about the situation also had the same idea.

But ……

“The cell. Elf in the next cell. Bring it out…” (Ghislain)

Ghislain’s finger is in 1 of the cells to the left and right of the corridor.

There’s a young boy of an elf in there. He was shaking against the wall and crying for his mother.

“Help me ……mom ……mom!”

Seeing that gesture, the man who had nothing left to vomit shook his head.

“I, I can’t do … anymore.” (Soldier A)

“A drop…. an elf. Quickly!!” (Ghislain)

“Lord Ghislain, I can’t do it anymore.”


With a crushing sound, the man’s head popped off.

The skull and brain fluid splattered from the ceiling to the floor, splashing onto the man’s face as he watched in amazement.

“Hii!!!” (Soldier B)

“Can you do it. You?” (Ghislain)

The man, who has so far managed to remain barely calm in the face of the unbelievable events unfolding before his eyes, shouts out in a panic.

“Can, I can! I bring it now.”

The man brings with him a young boy in chains.
Weak, with long ears, he is a typical pure-blooded eldlf. He was still young, around 10 years old in terms of appearance. He seemed to understand exactly what was happening in this place and was terribly afraid.

He was on the verge of falling to the ground several times in that place, but finally sat down on the floor as if paralysed. The man pulled the chain as if urging, but the young elf shook his head desperately and cried out in tears.

“No, don’t …… please help me, I’ll do anything ……!”

The boy pleads. The man sees this and has a somewhat puzzled expression. Perhaps he also has a little bit of conscience left in him or something.
However, a voice from the bottom of his heart urged him on.

“Drop. Take it to him. Bring it. Quickly!!”

“But, but, Lord Ghislain. He’s still a child. …… can’t we leave him alone?”

“The material has nothing to do with children or adults. Quickly!!”

The man obeyed that with a pained expression and silently dragged the teenager away.

“No, no, no, stop! Please stop!!!”

The boy’s resistance was too weak. He was slowly dragged away to the hall where he was unchained and restrained. The boy desperately tried to escape by crawling, but was easily caught.

Why didn’t he run and escape. The answer is simple. The Achilles tendons in both of his feet had been deeply cut. Although they had not been severed, they were no longer in a condition to walk properly.

The young elf twisted and continued to resist, but in that state it was impossible to resist the strength of the adult and he was violently pushed into the magic circle. His body was filthy with the blood and guts of the elves.

“Save, save me……Save me……”

There are green lumps of flesh in front of him, nearly five metres long and reeking with a terrible stench.

The green body shuddered, and from the middle a huge single eye as large as the head of an adult opened.

Immediately afterwards the jaws opened. Numerous long, misshapen teeth clung to the blood and guts.
The opening was instantly imminent – the severed maw of the young elf resounded throughout the vast underground hall.


The man who saw that sight before his eyes again could not help but feel a chill. It seemed that even he hated elves, no matter how much he hated, he was not freakish enough to allow such a child to be brutally murdered.

Shortly afterwards, a red drop of water dangled from the monster’s huge eye in front of the trembling man.
Ghislain collected the drop in a small bottle.

“I can’t face the Goddess. Drops. Not enough drops. Not enough drops.”

Something unexplained above the madness could be felt in the mumbling magician.

“O Goddess …… my beloved goddess …… please, guide me. Guide me. The Real Path ……”

The robed magician looks out over the vial while continuing to speak to whoever could be seen with his clouded pupils.


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