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Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 28

Vip Guard

Upon returning to Principal Ludio’s room, I saw an unexpected sight.

“Oh, isn’t this Theo? Were you called by Lieutenant General Lambert as well?” (Roka)

“Roka? And everyone …… What’s going on?”

All of the special students except for Liz were gathered together.

“I was suddenly called over after the class was over. Unlike you, I didn’t do anything!” (Roka)

“So do I.” (Julian)

“You didn’t do anything either.”

“I didn’t do anything either. …… What a dirty space. Even Lizzy’s air is a little more delicious.” (Shaula)

The principal of the school was looking at me from his desk with his hand on his chin.

I was really impressed. What should I do?

For now, I threw back the coat of arms of the principal in my pocket. He received it and muttered, “Good work.”

“How was it, Theodore? You have all the information you need to know, don’t you?” (Ludio)

“It was interesting up to the halfway point. But was the principal the one who made it unreadable to the next critical point?” (Theodore)

“No, the book was written before I was born. And when I first viewed it, it was already unreadable.” (Ludio)

While everyone else looked dumbfounded, I continued.

“To what extent does the principal know about that incident?”

“At least I know more than that simple record. Of course, it also includes the information on the part that was destroyed.”

“What is the source?”

“…… Let me say one thing before that. There is no other reason why I have gathered all the special students here. It’s to guard the VIPs at the meeting that will be held in secret in the near future.”


“It’s like the queen of the elves is coming.”

Julian answered my question.

“Is the current Queen of Tsefte Aria coming?”

“Yes, the current Queen of the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria, Her Majesty Eynlana Kirfinisca, is going to visit the Mildiana Military Department. Originally, I’m against it, but there’s a reason why I don’t stop her.” (Ludio)

“Principal, are you serious? It’s not surprising that the queen was turned into “Final Droplet” when she came to this country.” (Theodore)

“We have been talking about the visit in letters for almost half a year. Her Majesty’s thoughts are one. She wanted to investigate, no matter how dangerous it was.”

“There is a possibility that this incident is related to an unimaginable monster. If what’s in the record is true, I’m afraid that no matter how high the fighting ability of the elves is, they won’t be able to do anything about it.”

“That’s right. And Her Majesty herself should know about it. If you want to know why, it’s because she had something to do with that incident. So you know the true identity of the source of the information, right?”

Is the current queen of the elves also about 500 years old?

If there are a few living witnesses, the value of questioning them is high.

However, she was here to solve the disappearance, so she didn’t seem to have that kind of time.

“Her Majesty the Queen departed from the royal capital of Tsefte Aria a long time ago, and it is believed that she is now in the inn town near the border of the country. From my standpoint, I am filled with the hope that she will fall ill and return to the capital as soon as possible.” (Julian)

“If she see a dragon, she will be shocked and go home, right? How about abetting the midget there to try?” (Shaula)

“What did you say. Do you want me to swallow you whole from the head up!?” (Julian)

“Wanna try? I’ll tear your stomach out. Die exposing your dirty guts!” (Shaula)

“Stop it, both of you.” (Keith)

Keith counseled Shaula and Julian’s argument.

Normally I would have thought that Roka would have stopped it, but she pondered with her hand on her chin as if she hadn’t heard the conversation.
Soon she spoke up.

“Lieutenant General Lambert-san yo. Even if the Queen of the elves came to this place, would she be so easily abducted by someone?” (Roka)

“…… Do you know anything about the High Magic Court? (Ludio)

Roka and Shaula looked at each other in dismay at the principal’s words.

“Answer a question with a question. …… I remember that I visited there before, but that’s all. I don’t really know what it’s like.” (Roka)

“Me too. It’s just a boring place to show off props related to magic.” (Shaula)

“Well, I guess so. Keith, Julian, what about you?” (Ludio)

Keith and Julian nodded.

“Yes! The High Magical Courts are the research institutions for magic-conducting technology set up all over the empire! In particular, the High Magic Court in the middle of the Mildiana City is one of the most spacious facilities in the empire.” (Julian)

“I know that too. It is called the Academic City or Magic City, and there are a lot of excellent employees. I’ve also heard that the High Magic Court has a management of magic as well as research.” (Keith)

“That’s right. The High Magic Court has the function of sensing the use of forbidden arts or magic in a certain area. For example, if a forbidden magic is used here, the High Magic Court can immediately detect it.”

I decided to add.

“I’m afraid that the true nature of the forbidden art written in the document is a forced transfer technique. It is a powerful technique that covers a wide area. If you use it in this town, the High Court will be able to find out where it is used and where it is going to be transferred.” (Theodore)

The principal nodded.

“As you said, It’s impossible to use those things in the city… normally.” (Ludio)

“………. Hmm? I think you certainly have a point. So, what is the connection between the High Magic Court and the Queen of the elves?” (Theodore)

“Yes, normally I would be against it, for sure. The enemy will surely make a move if they know the Elf Queen is coming. So what I’m thinking? I’ll tell you the answer. I intend to use her as bait.” (Ludio?

Everyone, except me, had a look of dismay at the principal’s unthinkable statement.

“Use the Queen as bait! You, saying that kind of thing for real!” (Shaula)

“Is this a sober statement? I think it’s a little too much of a joke.” (Roka)

“I don’t agree with that plan either! It’s too out of the ordinary, even if it’s to solve a case!” (Keith)

“…… You’re crazy, man.” (Julian)

“Hahahaha! I’ve been told that a lot. But what do you think, Theodore?”

The special students all looked at me.
I calculated and said:

“Julian, you’re right. I think Principal Ludio is out of his mind.” (Theodore)

“Oh yeah? So it’s disagreement?” (Ludio)

“No, no, I don’t care as long it’s fun. But I wonder if Principal Ludio is okay with it? Since you want to use the Queen as bait….” (Theodore)

“Since she insisted on coming even though I forbade her many times, I thought, “why not just use it?” (Ludio)

“That’s a good idea. I can take part in it. I don’t know about the others, but does the culprit behind it know that the Queen of the elves will be visiting?” (Theodore)

“I gave the information to the generals of the non-elf faction in the military department beforehand. In the end, it looked as if the secret has been leaked unintentionally.” (Ludio)

“You’ve taken the plunge. Are you sure no one can touch the Queen? Are you sure the security is strong?” (Julian)

“I’ll be on board for sure. The Military will be forced to do so. Her Majesty the Queen has strong suspicions about the Imperial Army, she intends to unveil snake out of the bush.” (Ludio)

It was Keith who cast doubt on the words of the convinced principal.

“Lieutenant General Lambert. Does the person behind the scenes include members of the Imperial Army?” (Keith)

“Oh. I guess you don’t know this because you don’t come from this place, but the number of non-elven soldiers is much greater than you can imagine. And it seems they can’t stand the idea of a half-elf like me succeeding Field Marshal who fought bravely and died in the previous war with the Zenan Dragon Kingdom.” (Ludio)

“What a….”

Keith is exclaiming.

That’s the reason why Principal Ludio couldn’t conduct a large-scale investigation.

“So, what do you think? Can you become my power? Even if it’s not for me, I don’t mind. Even if it’s not for my sake, it doesn’t matter. But if you have sympathy for the abducted elves, if you can’t see the queen of the elves fall into the hands of the villains…..” (Ludio)

“Principal, I think if you tell everyone about ‘Mira’, they will be cooperative.” (Theodore)

“Right……. I don’t really want people to know about it, but since I asked you to help me, I can’t keep it to myself. In that case, I would like you all to listen to the story with me for a while. Don’t tell anyone anything I say afterwards.” (Ludio)

After making the opening remarks in that way, Principal Ludio talked about the Mira’s Blood Tide Incident.

The same thing that was written in the simple record I was reading was told, and all of the special students listened to it with a serious expression.

I don’t know the reason why Mira was brutally murdered either. Was it because of the military’s rampage, or was it because of the preemptive actions of the elves, who were spared from being killed, to take revenge? No matter how much I investigate, I don’t know the true identity of the murderer or the reason. Is there any problem with stopping here?

I don’t know if everyone is trying their best to understand the information, but no one raised their hand.

“Then, let’s continue. Around the time of the Mira’s killing, there were white winged monsters flying in the sky at almost the same time. This is the true identity of monsters and the root cause of white-winged phobia, which is said to affect only humans and elves.”

“What the hell is this monster?” (Julian)

“I don’t know. But it is said to have been a deformed monster that resembled an angel that is only influenced by the urge to destroy. A large army of these monsters arose in the vicinity of the Empire’s Eastern Territories and ravaged the place. …… Some of them flew to the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria, the land of the elves, without regard to subhumans.” (Ludio)

“Only the villages of the Empire and the elves are targeted? There are no rumors of that kind of monster appearing in My Lugal kingdom. But if it is a rumors of monster that only eat elves, I remember that I told Theo as well.” (Roka)

“Ho? I only ate elves, huh? This is the first time I’ve heard of it. At least, the monsters that appeared also attacked humans.” (Ludio)

Geographically, if the monsters occurred in the eastern territory of the empire, then the Kingdom of Lugal, where the beastkin live, is more closer to the southern territory than Tsefte Aria, which is located further south of the southern territory.

If they really influenced by the urge to destroy and lost their rationality, then the damage would be more concentrated in the Empire and nearby Lugal. But in reality, many monsters went out of their way to target Tsefte Aria in the distance.

What exactly was the significance of that action?

Did they happen to have a habit of preferring only humans and elves? So that’s why they don’t attack beastkin who are subhuman?

That would be understandable. However, the problem with this event lies in something much larger. That is.

“…… Principal Ludio. Is it correct that the difference between angle and the monster is ambiguous?” (Theodore)

“There is only one ‘testimony’ that looks like an angel. But, on the other hand, there are many people who say that they have heard that the testimony is only a resemblance, and that it is something completely different.” (Ludio)

“May I say extreme theories? The [angel itself] forcibly summoned by the hand of someone, and it was the intention of the person who summoned it to aim at elves. In other words, the angel was manipulated by someone.” (Theodore)

“Theodore. Please keep this speech in this place only. If such a statement is made outside, it is punishable by death at worst.” (Ludio)

“Is this because that one? Since angels are sacred and absolute things like messengers of the Great Goddess who created the empire, so they cannot be manipulated by mere mortals. Do you want me stop to insult them?” (Theodore)

“Yes, just as you can imagine. Stubborn people will freeze with their mouths open when they hear what you say. …… Just like Keith is now, …….” (Ludio)

I turned my attention to Keith, he really opened his mouth and froze. His usually tight, fearless face is ruined.

“Hey, Theodore. How despicable you are!!!! Like you said yourself, angels are the messengers of the Great Goddess of Creation! Even I can’t tolerate statements that disgrace a divine being that judges the evil and will never bow to the wicked!” (Keith)

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s my fault.” (Theodore)

Well…. I have an angel around me who has bowed to the evil. My first wife, Lumiere. I wonder what kind of face would Keith have when he was confronted with her?

That said, even though Lumiere has fallen into evil, I didn’t manipulate her, and she didn’t go crazy. It’s not pleasant for me to compare herself to that thing called a Monster.

I wiped out every single one of the angels that broke into Tenebrae, except for Lumiere.

Of course, they couldn’t be the only ones who attacked. I’ve heard stories about them while spending a lot of time with Lumiere, and it seems that many of them did not participate in the Tenebrae annihilation battle.

As a result, angels broke into Tenebrae at that time, which was the first and the last. After that, Lumiere stayed with me, so I don’t know how her former companions are doing.

When I think about it, I still think the monsters are angels. Although they boast of their great magical resistance that can’t be manipulated by normal techniques, if they are summoned using Final Droplet, which is the beginning of everything, for example, then …….

“The kingdom of Tsefte Aria, which was attacked, was either fortunate or unfortunate that they were ready to fight. It was attacked in a completely unexpected manner, but all the people who were able to fight really fought against the monsters and succeeded in destroying them despite many sacrifices.” (Ludio)

“So, did the mastermind’s plan fail?”

“I think so. That said, the true face of mastermind is needless to say, but even the purpose is still unclear.” (Ludio)

“What? Is the result unresolved?” (Roka)

“Yes. In this incident, it is not known who did such a thing and for what purpose. The matter of the most important person, the guest from Magic Kingdom, has been thoroughly investigated, but the result has not been able to solve the mystery.” (Ludio)

Roka snorted unenthusiastically.

“Huh. It wouldn’t be strange if it was a barbarian from Chiaro…” (Roka)

“That’s right. Those guys are barbaric. Not only beastkin, they are kind of people who don’t care if they kill their own people just because they don’t have magical powers.” (Shaula)

I continued to ask.

“Principal. What is the explanation about the torn pages of the book I was reading?” (Theodore)

“…… It seems that the book then goes on to describe the method of making the Final Droplet. It is said that the great storm that happened in the Eastern Territory was also real.” (Ludio)

“If the Lieutenant General’s words are true, then the place where the final droplet was made is a ruin. As for the manufacturing method…I can only assume that it was done with magic.” (Theodore)

“I can’t tell you anything more about Final Droplet. Even I said so, I don’t know how to make it completely. It because of “Great Storm”.” (Ludio)

“Because of the great storm, what does this mean? I thought that was a metaphor for occurrence of the monsters.” (Theodore)

“The great storm did happen. Something localized and incredibly destructive destroyed everything. What if it’s someone made? (Ludio)

“No way.” (Shaula)

And here I thought. Why was there a big storm?

“It’s to hide the existence of the Final Droplet, the production method, and the attack of the monsters, right? Moreover, it was ‘carried out by the main body of the Imperial Army.” (Julian)

“You’re right. And it happened mainly in the vicinity of the ruins of the place – the Balzac territory. In that area, they have been rebuilt as if there were never any ruins in the first place, and now there are even small towns there.” (Ludio)

“Please, please wait a moment, Lieutenant General Lambert. There was a big storm, but even the room deep underground was destroyed, right? Does this mean even the room deep underground was destroyed?” (Keith)

“Think about it the other way around,” he said. “In order to destroy the evidence of what was underground, they created something called ‘The Great Storm’ and uprooted and destroyed the entire area around it. By doing so, the “Mira’s Blood Tide Incident”, which started with the disappearance of elves, was forced to fade away. In the future, there will be no one left who knows about it.” (Ludio)

“And am I correct in assuming that it was Lieutenant General Gustav Ritter who caused the great storm?” (Theodore)

“Yes, I think he has arrived. He has arrived to the method of making the final droplet and the truth of the monster attack. The last thing he wants to do is to prevent the truth from becoming public even if he has to destroy his own country’s territory. I don’t know to what extent the entire Imperial Army was involved at that time.” (Ludio)

After Principal Ludio finished speaking, no one said anything for the time being.

“That was the general picture of the Mira’s Blood Tide Incident. And then, that tragedy was about to happen again. I’ll say it again. Please lend me your strength.” (Ludio)

“Huh, Lieutenant General Lambert also has a bad personality. Since we’ve heard this much, we can’t refuse even we want, right?” (Roka)

“I like a girl with a bad personality, but I really don’t like elf men no matter how bad they are.” (Shaula)

“I’m sorry. Aside from other special students, you both are outsiders…. right now.” (Ludio)

Roka smiled at the principal who subtly reinforced the last word.

“If I refuse here, not only will my life be in danger, but I may also lose all the help given to my country. All right, I will do my best to help. But I can’t die in this place, so I will run away if I really feel that I am in danger.”

“I am the same as Roka. Because I’m both her escort and sl*ve. So I can’t trade it with my life on the line.”

“Oh, I know that. I’m not going to make you guys do something dangerous.” (Ludio)

After the beastkin girls gave their consent, Julian said.

“It sounds like we from the empire can be used at will and it doesn’t matter even if we die, doesn’t it?”

“Hee, you know it all too well, Julian. Of course It does. Please go to the front line and give everything to solve the case. If you die there, that’s the end of your power.”

“Ha. Interesting. Yeah, I’m in.”

The principal seemed to know exactly what Julian’s response was.

“So, Keith. How about you? You are the only one present who is a nobleman of the Empire. Can you consider it?”

“…… I have something I must protect. I can’t die in this place.”

“Surrender then?”

“I accept. I am the son of the Lermit family who inherited the sacred flame. I don’t intend to die in vain. And although I don’t know what the Final Droplet is, but some people have created that kind of thing and want to abuse it. I can’t allow it! I intend to participate in the mission with all my heart and soul!”

“I think that’s what you would say.”

If it is Keith, who has a strong sense of justice, it is impossible to remain silent after hearing such words.

“So that’s all the people present participated? But, Lieutenant General Lambert. How about Liz? Why don’t you call her?”

“I have my own plan. By the way, about this time. She doesn’t know about the Queen’s visit. Please don’t let her know.”

“Leave Liz? Ha…it’s so boring.”

After that, we were taught about the visitation place and the police configuration of the Queen of the elves.

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