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Sekai Saikyou no Maou desuga Daremo Toubatsushinikitekurenainode, Yuusha Ikusei Kikan ni Sennyuusuru koto ni Shimashita – Chapter 26

Mira part 1

The Great Library, located in the central district of Mildiana, was much larger than the library that was located in the military school.

As a general rule, common people are not allowed to take out of it. Nobles and military personnel could borrow books for a certain period of time if they followed the prescribed procedures.

I heard there were some books that looked interesting even from Julian’s point of view, and I’d like to have a look at them at leisure next time I have time.

When I looked around the reception desk, I immediately saw the figure of a female elf. She’s probably Nia.

Suddenly her eyes overlapped with the atmosphere of an elf.

The moment I showed her the coat of arms, her almost expressionless face was slightly tinged with astonishment.

“I want go to the second warehouse.”

“…… Understood. This way please.”

Nia’s unquestioning attitude beckoned me into the counter and led me inside just like that. She didn’t say a word as we walked down the dark corridor.

Shortly after arriving at the room with the second warehouse on it, Nia said, “This door has a keyhole, but in reality you can never open it without holding the coat of arms.”

“Hey, what an interesting mechanism. Is it to prevent anyone from accidentally entering?”


I held up the coat of arms of the Principal Ludio. Then the door creaked open. There was a slight smell of mildew coming from it.

“I can’t accompany you from here onwards.”


“It is strictly forbidden to take books out of the room, but before that, please be careful not to touch the books carelessly. This is a storehouse of forbidden books, where those who do not have magical resistance will go crazy the moment they see the contents.”

“I want to read it all if I have time, but now not the time.”

“…… is worthy of the Lieutenant General Lambert’s approval. You have a lot of courage.”

“I’ve been told that a lot. Well, let me in, then.”

“I will return to my regular duties, please let me know when you are ready to leave. Then, I take my leave.”

After seeing Nia off, I entered the room.

Just by looking at it, I could tell that the so-called second warehouse was only a superficial claim and that the books hidden here were very special. The books in this room were far more dangerous than the books in the room only for special students, and they were lined up as if they couldn’t be arranged.

I felt as if my consciousness would be taken away by the books that suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. It can be said that this is the main characteristic of dangerous grimoires.

It doesn’t matter to me, of course, but it’s not something that ordinary people can look at, and after all, it’s not a place that ordinary people can enter. Most of the books had something to say that was clear to see. Perhaps even a Julian-level magic user could be “swallowed” by reading that strange, black-smelling book.

This is interesting. I would like to read them all if I have time. I don’t want to leave the room until I’ve read them all.

Despite my curiosity, I naturally looked at the book on the innermost shelf.

On the spine of that book was written only “Mira”. There was nothing else like it, so that must be what the principal was talking about.

I immediately took it into my hands.
The book itself, unlike the other grimoires stored here, didn’t seem to be particularly dangerous.

“A Brief Investigation of the Mira’s Blood Tide Incident”.

Mira’s Blood Tide Incident, are the words that first appeared.

The articles were all written in ancient scripts. I decided to look at the contents immediately.

“The beginning of the event is considered to be around the year 521 of the Imperial Calendar. At that time, there was a territory owned by the Duke of Balzac’s family in the eastern corner of the Eleberia Empire. The lord’s name was Mira. She was about 46 years old at the time. She had inherited a large fortune from her husband, who had been widowed at a young age, and was indulging in lavish pleasure and debauchery. There were so many compliments about the beauty of her youth that she could not even manage to maintain relationships with a few men.”

“On the other hand, the taxes imposed on the residents were excessive and the demands for payment were severe. There were even sentences for late payment of taxes. Few people could give her an opinion about the poverty of the people of Balzac, who held such a high position in the dukedom and had joined the Senate. Mira was of a very greedy nature and was considered to be especially fond of beauty. Not only did she enjoy jewelry and paintings, but she also harbored beautiful women as sl*ves.”

“In particular, there is a testimony that she was so obsessed with the elves that she would buy them and keep them in her service, no matter how high the price, if she liked them. Sl*ves are thought to have been used mostly for s*xual purposes, but the details are unknown. However, from several former servants, there are accounts that from a certain period of time, Mira became anxious about her aging appearance. That anxiety seems to have been directed toward the sl*ves of the elves, who were as beautiful as ever, even as the years passed.”

“At that time, a rumor circulated among a part of the empire that drinking the blood of the elves would make you young again, and Mira was believed to have practiced it. Not content with drinking the blood of the elves, she performed many unconventional actions such as eating flesh, taking blood baths, and using their jewel-like glowing eyes as a catalyst for magic. No matter how many times she repeated those actions, Mira was not rejuvenated. She finally killed all the sl*ves of the elves, and nothing changed even after sucking their blood.”

Rumor of drinking the blood of the elves will rejuvenate and rejuvenate. This is the same as the one that Rena said.

However, should it be said that it was true, no effect was obtained. Generally speaking, it should end here. Because at best, like ordinary human beings, it is impossible to overcome aging.

“At some point, Mira brought in a guest. The person covered in a hood and robe couldn’t even tell if he was a man or a woman, and his voice was as unpleasant as a combination of a man’s and a woman’s voices. Mira spent a whole day talking to the eccentric guest. It said that when the guest leave, Mira murmured “I’ll be young again if I have the Final Droplet”. None of the maids understood what that meant. According to Mira, the guest is a magician from a country where magic is practiced, and he knows how to make “Final Droplet”. If you eat that, you will be young again.”

“Everyone suspected that they had heard it wrong. In the end, the guest was summoned to the mansion again, and brought with him the real object of the Final Droplet. It was a red liquid in a small bottle, and Mira took it into her mouth, half-heartedly, and then something incredible happened. The wrinkles disappeared from the face of a woman over forty years old, and her skin regained its luster, turning her back into the beautiful Mrs. Mira Balzac.”

…… How is that possible. You get younger after just one sip? Even if it’s a dream, it’s not very good. That said, it was something that the principal showed me on purpose. I can’t imagine that it’s a lie.

Is the Final Droplet an object with that much power?

“When Mira saw that phenomenon, she was delighted. Of course it was, because a long-held wish had finally come true. However, the guest said that the effect doesn’t last long. It is said that if you don’t get the Final Droplet regularly, your body will age again. Mira immediately said she wanted to buy Final Droplet again. However, the guest shook his head. He said that it was very difficult to create a Final Droplet, so he didn’t have any more.”

“When the lady approached him to ask how the drops were made, the guest said, “An elf. It’s an elf. Prepare the elves.” She expressed her disappointment at that statement. She said, “I’ve already eaten the flesh and blood of elves.” But the guest said, “Don’t try to fool me. Prepare another elves. With my technique, I can turn elves into Final Droplet.”

The story continues.

“Occasionally, a caravan led by the elves stopped in the east at that time. The goods they sold were of very high quality, and they were traded at high prices. The relationship between the empire and the elves was not very good, but there were such elves who traveled to and from the empire for business purposes. Then, the elves who went around the Eastern Territory with 2 to 30 people suddenly disappeared. This happened in the vicinity of a small village in Balzac’s territory.”

“The caravan left their trade goods and wagons behind, and they simply disappeared as if they had encountered an invisible god. (Note: There was a plan to investigate the inhabitants, but there were only many decomposing corpses scattered about the village that were thought to belong to the inhabitants, and no one alive. Refer to additional information on the attached page) Since the matter became public only after everything was over, there were no details. At this point, there was still no sign of a disturbance.”

Elves disappeared and the humans died?
There is a possibility that they might be killed for keeping their mouths shut. With the power of the Duke’s family, it’s easy to destroy a small village.

“After that, the rumors about the disappearance of the elves began to spread over the years. The situation of the empire deteriorated greatly, and the large number of bandits and thieves may have had an effect on the rumors that they may have fallen victim to the murderous blades of such people. (Note. The number of missing elves at this point in time is thought to have exceeded 200) But here the decisive event occurred. It was the year 525 of the Imperial Calendar. At that time, a total of 121 elves sent to the capital from the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria disappeared as they were on their way home from an audience with the Emperor.”

“In addition to diplomacy, they were also appointed to investigate the disappearance of the elves in the center of the Eastern territories, so a letter was sent from the Queen of the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria, who was enraged at hearing about the incident, requesting the Emperor to explain and resolve the matter as soon as possible. Immediately afterwards, an investigation was carried out but the result was, to say the least, unknown. After the letter was sent, the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria dispatched an army of more than 3,000 soldiers without any notice, and the situation between the Aberia Empire and the Kingdom of Tsefte Aria was extremely dangerous.”

Is this the army of the elves that appeared in the fairy tale told by Roka?

It’s really going to be a big problem next.


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