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Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Now, you’d think that his pathetic-ness would go away when he declared war against the enemy nation in vol 4, but sadly, it doesn’t. The author explains again and again how he is a cold heartless man and all that, and all the characters are scared of his cold side. Then things happen, and he is later attacked by the Lightning Empress, the main antagonist of the arc. I will mention that the villainess was someone who would mercilessly slaughter young boy and girls just for her pride, and she did so in front of our hero too. Her subordinates forced orphans to fight him, and the MC didn’t want to kill them. He disarmed the orphans, but the villainess slaughtered the ones who ran away using her subordinates. Yet, our hero neither kills the subordinates, nor the villainess after the fight. The author uses up pages just to describe how merciless he was and all that, but then just… Forgave a tyrant who had killed hundreds of innocent people and orphans.


Table of Content

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