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Risou no Himo Seikatsu Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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He doesn’t think about what he could develop, so he can have a comfortable life in the long run, no… what he brings is a power generator, an airco, a fridge, alcohol, candy, baby clothes,… I mean wtf… Why not brings some books, so you can structurally improve the situation? And if the author wanted to force this whole electricity thing, why not load your computer full of relevant knowledge?

Our protagonist however does non of that. Even when he knows his power generator is only guaranteed to work for 3 years, he still goes all in on his airco and fridge. He also clearly knows electronics break.
What he brings is just so beyond the pale s*upid, that it completely breaks all immersion. Especially when he later comes across problems he could’ve easily fixed, if he had brought some more knowledge and know how. He even had an entire month to prepare and do research…


Table of Content

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