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Reijou wa Mattari wo Goshomou Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Now for the spoiler parts. One complain I had seen, was that there were alot of people that love the hell out of her. So it got annoying after a while and the novelty wore off. Well as I pointed out above, this is all taking place AFTER the story is already done. It’s very well established she kept to herself in the school, not really feeling comfortable with other nobles. The few friends she had were probably introduced to her through Schieder’s (the ex-fiance) connections. She’s friends with the king, because she was engaged to his nephew for so many years. She’s friends with the elf queen, probably because of her association both with her love of the spirits and her natural disposition. The 500 year old genie, I bet she did something for him at some point that created that friendship. Basically, the story is already done, this is the after story.

The MC is adorable, cute and fluffy. She’s also slightly oblivious to the love interests around her as of this point in the novel. Which cause for some humorous situations to occur later in the novel where she’s in a magically drunken state for a week. Causing her inhibitions to relax, and her to go on a fluffing rampage with each one of the love interests, lol.

Another reviewer pointed on something else that made me think for a moment, then I realized what had happened. When Schieder finds out that everything was a mistake, it happens very quickly in the novel and he does a 180. It’s jarring, if your not paying attention. It’s because his side chapters are split up quite significantly in the novel and spread out, so you can miss it. He had been having doubts about what had happened for a while, since every single person that he talked to called him an idiot. By the time he got the information that it was a mistake, he’d already started to realize that something was wrong. So hearing the evidence, was all the proof he needed already to confirm his lingering suspicions.

Also, I’m totally team Lion here. I’m all about that fluffy Mane lmao


Table of Content

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