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Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter! Time to Become the Hero Once More! (WN) Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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MC is a reincarnator who winds up the daughter of 2 his best friends, of a group of 7 heroes and only one them figures it out over the 15 years.

This is despite the fact that MC is an impossible character killing monsters at the early age despite being “physically weak”.

Her father/best friend (sword genius) is her trainer and can’t figure out something is going on with her despite not having a “sword gift” but being accomplished from that early age. Aside from being one of the great heroes of the land he is also the local sword sensei.

As the story goes on they see events being resolved by what they correctly guess is the MC’s reincarnation, but they never put two and two together that it only happens in the MC’s vicinity.

Nobody ever asks why doesn’t this little girl want to get credit for the things she does. Stopping s*avers at the age of 7, killing a giant snake monster at the age of 10, etc etc.

Her girlfriend (almost fiancee) from her previous life winds up her guardian/landlord/teacher who is also a genius tactician, never has the slightest inkling of the connection, even when she finds out he has been reincarnated and reincarnated as a woman, and whose appearances are usually nearby her and involving things close to her. What’s more she never bothers to spy on the child she is parenting.

Her current friends never wonder about why she is always hiding abilities or just why she is so damn practiced and good at techniques that take a long time to learn.

Nobody ever bothers to wonder why the hell gods keep paying her a visit. Why she has magical disguise material.

When the one person does manage to put 2 and 2 together (not going to even complain about the piano being a renascence invention) jhe does it because the schools inventory of piano wire is low ? Seriously !!

After the first there’s a couple people in the know, but nobody actually takes it up with him just how hurtful it must be to the people he is deliberately deceiving and that no, there is no way he will actually be able to take this to the grave. (I can see one of them doing that for romantic reasons. There’s a triangle/harem deal going on. Don’t even want to think about the creep factor on that)

Finally when there is a reveal it’s an incredible anticlimax and leaves you with a rather empty feeling,


Table of Content

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