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Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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the prince is a Yandere asshat, that’s true.. And the fact that he’s a male ho is explained – apparently his libido is through the roof, and if he doesn’t get off some steam then it affects his control – he is taken as a military figure, so I assume he’s relied on to lead and combat.. If he can’t do that, wouldn’t that be dangerous?

He says so himself that he doesn’t enjoy the tasteless vanilla s*x he gets from his one night stands and intends to stop them once he hears about the engagement, but is convinced to “party” one last time…

Don’t victimise Lidi.

Lidi is NOT a virgin innocent flower – she is the reincarnation of a fully mature and s*xual woman who knows what she wants, she’s also Japanese, so not understanding cultural mentalities about how Japanese s*xuality works, can we really judge if she goes along with Freed’s antics? She ENJOYS them.

It was Lidi who wanted to bang a complete stranger in order to lose her V-card in the first place! If she forgot all about her modern knowledge about stranger-danger and stds then its on her – she KNEW her target as a famous playboy that wouldn’t take the same woman twice and was counting on it, what she wasn’t counting on was that playboy being the disguised prince.

In that first masquerade ball, Freed fell in love with Lidi – mostly her antics and “aura” since he couldn’t see her face at all! He took her to his bed and was intending on using the ritual that would give her his Flower – THINKING she wans’t a virgin! (Lidi acted like she had experience in the bedroom) Thus the ritual would have been negated since it only works on virgins and he’d be kicked off the line of sucession! He made a HUGE gamble and he totally intended to lose..

But Lidi was a virgin, so the ritual took!

We see how much of a Dere he is when he fully intends to impregnate her and carry on the Flower ritual to tie her with him – he swears to kill any man who ever touched her when he thought she wasn’t a virgin.. In his obcession, he corners Lidi with the King’s Flower and has no regret whatsoever… But half of it WAS Lidi’s fault – she did intentionally expose herself to danger to get rid of an engagement.. If she was honest and talked with her father than the minister would have stoped trying to pair her with the prince, but she chose to do things her own way.. She was NOT r*ped – and when she says she doen’t want to have relations with Freed once, he stops advancing and give her space.

lets not forget that the witch gave Lidi the cure for Freed’s “condition”… She could have, at any time so far, given it to him, yet it hasn’t happened yet – suppose the cure would diminish Freed’s libido to manageable levels.. Additionally, the witch also gave Lidi a potion to increase HER libido! Lidi accepted it and even hinted of how useful it would be!

Lidi was a s*xual aware woman in her past life, she ENJOYS s*x with Freed regardless of his cunning and traps.. Sure, that he tricked her was horrible, but wasn’t she doing the same to him by seeking to lose her virginity so she wouldn’t have to marry him?

Lidi apparently has a HUGE fetish for men in military uniforms.. It reads that she gets hot and bothered just by looking at Freed – he notices and uses her weakness to seduce her, obviously.. At any point I felt a r*pe vibe.. Sure, Freed could be a little kinder, but taking into account everything that’s happened, both Lidi and Freed are at fault for whats happening..

About Will, the childhood friend… He dug his own grave.. To the point where Lidi never once considered asking him to take her V-card, which would have been safer! He painted his image as the Stern Big Brother in her mind, wouldn’t it feel strange to sleep with your brother figure or inconvenience him so? Regardless of the fact that the two families are “enemies” Lidi’s father never once restricted Will’s interactions with Lidi, giving Will ample oportunities to be open with his feelings. It was hinted that Lidi’s dad would move heaven and earth to give Lidi happiness, so if she actually desired to marry Will, then she’d have.


Table of Content

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