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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Though, Sekrit is best girl, this is a fact, not an opinion, she’s quite literally the sole remaining reason I read this shit. I honestly forgot about Lucy (the one who was planned (I guess?) to be bestgirl by the author), after all these girls got introduced, it just seems like there’s gonna be no space for her to grow as a character, if that is even a thing (she’s the raison-d’être for Aegir’s goal after all, so it’s kind of surprising to see her missing in action to this degree). Sekrit (and arguably with Ivanna if I push it) is literally the only exception (or anomaly? considering the standard of girls in here, she’s certainly not normal) among the characters and actually has a legitimate independent thought process and a working brain and isn’t dependent on Aegir or is a s*ave to him. And Celia can die, she’s the worst, the f*cking worst, absolute piece of hot steaming garbage, probably the most useless character closely following after Kroll and Christoph, and that’s a a lot considering one is the very definition of uselessness (yet still got a harem of his own somehow) and the other is the standard dense type of shitstain that is also the very definition of useless, since he has never, never, ever legitimately fought or done something that pushed the story along in a meaningful way. All she has done is hold him back and get in his way. That’s it. Yes, Sekrit is best girl, and she should replace Celia, as she actually does things by herself, helps Aegir, is surprisingly deeply involved in the story and (that shouldn’t have to be pointed out) is able to act independently from Aegir, and heck, sometimes I wonder if she shouldn’t be the MC herself. She certainly acts like it from times to times. Love her to bits anyway.


Table of Content

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