Okitara 20nen Nandesukedo! Akuyaku Reijo no Sono Ato no Sono Ato Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia | Cyborg-tl

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Okitara 20nen Nandesukedo! Akuyaku Reijo no Sono Ato no Sono Ato Light Novel Bahasa Indonesia

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Ending Spoiler:

She did have a fiance, the crown prince. But he was taken away by Annerose. There were a group of people (Including the prince and his group of friends) who gave her secrets of the country and was imprisoned for treason (Mostly just the prince. The other fled, or got out of sentences.). Annerose fled the country and became a princess of a different country. Fioria punishes the people who involved after her 20 years sleep.

Annerose was killed and was reborn as a baby in Florence’s territory. (She was a spy for another country.) The evil witch Beatriz (she was the original person who made the poison to kill her. And she was also the previous saint?) killed herself so that Fioria can’t kill her, and offers her soul to the Evil God. (Idk if it’s like a side story part, but the evil god also didn’t want her and sent her to heaven?) Fioria also fights with the Evil God and manage to defeat him. The Evil god ends up getting reincarnating as a human, so he can experience the joys of life? (Or something along the lines of that.)

The reason why I said the ending was disappointing is that the MC disappears from the country and never comes back. The king of her country that loves her ends up living alone forever, from what it sounds like. There are rumors that she was a goddess along with God of life and God of death/evil. The countries that went against Tristan disappeared. Like she went away to deal with those countries. Her loyal companion/Fenrir, his wife, and 99 children also disappeared along with her. Lex, the butler, stays in Tristan for a year before disappearing also.


Table of Content

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